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BYE Connection via SkyFi




I posed this question to Simulation Curriculum makers of the SkyFi ( http://www.skysafariastronomy.com/products/skyfi/index.html) Wireless Telescope Controller,  " Can I use SkyFi to connect BackyardEos( on my computer) to my camera via SkyFi's USB port?"  . Bill Tschumy replied to me:  


    It depends upon whether BackyardEOS can be set up to talk to an IP address and port rather than the more standard serial connection. If it can then this would likely work. Most apps cannot do this unless they were designed for it.

    It looks like BackyardEOS is Windows only. We have some comments on our site for how to use a Virtual COM port to use SkyFi. See the bottom of this page.


    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer



Is BYE capable of doing this, and is it an easy process to accomplish.  Right now I am running 1 cable from my computer to a usb hub, into which I plug my Canon 450d and the autoguider.  I'd really like to get rid of that 1 cable.  


Thannks, Kevin

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I do not know for sure, but I would guess that BYE would not work.  This is because of the quoted comment that most programs won't work with SkyFi unless they are designed to.


BYE uses, and must use, the Canon SDK for doing any and all connection and communication with EOS cameras.  It probably all depends on whether a SkyFi-connected camera can be found by the Canon SDK and whether the connection differences are transparent to the SDK once the camera is connected.

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I am considering the pruchase of the SkyFi unit for telescope control using Sky Safari,  and thought that it would be great if it would kill 2 birds with one stone.  Now Sky Safari can also work with Bluetooth.  Would BYE talk to my camera that way?

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BYE does not talk to the camera, it talks to the Canon SDK.


If the Canon SDK allows it then BYE should work.  However, I doubt that it will.  It has been my experience that the connection between the SDK and the camera is very finicky even with a hard wired USB connection.



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It's likely that the 6D might be the ONLY Canon DSLR for which Canon is working on Wireless Connectivity for their SDK.

Or at least that is what I found while searching the Canon Sites for their SDK Intentions...  

But then, they don't seem to have followed through to the point of Releasing such an SDK...

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As far as I know the 6D has wifi but not for tethered shooting.  Not even EOS Utility can do it.  This is based on feedback I have received from users who have a 6D, I don't have one so I can not confirm this 100%.

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