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  3. Hello, I am just now getting into shooting flats, and have a flats generator on order presently. Does BYN have a mode that auto selects the proper exposure times for flats? I have a few different imaging scopes and will eventually be doing Narrowband as well. How can I determine the optimal brightness setting for shooting the flats? Thank you! Suresh Sreenivasan
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  5. Send me your order number at support@otelescope.com and we'll take it from there.
  6. Hello, I purchased Backyard EOS 3.1 Premium edition on 9/2/2017. Since then I have lost access to the email address associated with my account and therefore cannot reset my lost password. I am looking to get my email changed to my current email. I have my original order number, transaction ID and other details related to my order. Is there any way I can be assisted with this? Thank you
  7. admin

    Plate solve.

    Your key and identifier are both located under "My Purchases -> Orders" here on the web site. If you still have issues please contact my directly using the contact us form on the website and I'll look into it. Regards,
  8. This is an installation issue. Please re-install and you should be fine. Alternatively you can install 3.2.0 from the pre-release download section. I did change a few things in the installer to fix those issues.
  9. astroman133

    Plate solve.

    You tried "various identifiers"? The correct value for the Identifier field is the Username of the account on this site that was used to issue your license. Since you are presumably trying to validate your license for the BYE 3.2.0 RC pre-release you need to go to the My Purchases area of your profile and copy the permanent BYE license key to the Clipboard and paste it into the license field of the Validation dialog and then enter "Nelson" into the Identifier field. Note that the Identifier field is case-sensitive.
  10. Sorry, what do you main by "Loaded v2 on my Windows 10 desktop and it worked perfectly". Do you mean BYE 3.2.0 RC? BYE is not a 64-bit application and so it should install and run correctly on any system 32-bit or 64-bit that has the pre-requisite software. You may need to install .NET 4.0 on your XP system.
  11. I am not sure what "parameters" window you are talking about. Do you mean the "Settings" window? Ii is just a guess, but I would say that your installation of BYE had errors so it is not completely installed. I would suggest re-installing it to a different folder.
  12. Hi everybody, I installed the latest version (3.1.18) . My Os is Win7. But when I try to open the parameters window, a popup appears with the following text :" Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the zpplication will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If youclick Quit, the application will close immediately. Object reference not set to an instance of an object The toggle between night and day screen dont work, blocked on night screen. Can you help me? My log name : ptrcktrcht52 Best regards Patrick Trochet
  13. You should be able to download any versions from the website download section.
  14. Hello Success !!!! or nearly? Loaded v2 on my Windows 10 desktop and it worked perfectly. Next problem is my astro laptop is XP and therefore 32 bit windows. So I will attempt to reinstall 3.1.18 and try again. Or I can steal my wifes laptop which is Windows 10 . I know why I was sure I needed a serial as my previous camera was a 350D. All those years fiddling with two cables😒. Looking forward to going out again in my orange tinted urban skies. Thanks for all your help. #
  15. Hi, I'm also using a Nikon D5300 with the BY ( last version) trial edition and a have the same issues as Coenie777. Could I please try the older version 2.0.10? Thank you, greetings from Belgium!
  16. Nelson

    Plate solve.

    Hi thanks for the reply but I am not able to get past the page where it asks for my licence key and identifier. I have put in the licence key but have tried various identifiers but keep getting the message ‘could not find recognisable digits’ can you help Please?
  17. astroman133

    Plate solve.

    Nelson, Plate solving is a new feature in BYE 3.2.0 RC which is available from the Pre-Release section (Got to the Downloads page and select Pre-releases from the right side menu).
  18. Barry, If you are installing BYE 3.1.18, you may be seeing a problem with the installer that has been noted in several other posts where after a seemingly successful install, that the drivers screen is empty. Sometimes the fix is to re-install BYE to a new folder. Other times it is to install the version 3.2.0 pre-release which uses a different installation program. Also, at the point where the drivers should be displayed, the program has not yet tried to detect or connect to your camera, so you should get the same message even if the camera is not connected. You are seeing a bad installation, not a faulty camera or cable. If you can see the camera in File Explorer, then the USB cable and camera must be working to some extent.
  19. Nelson

    Plate solve.

    Hi I have looked on the users manual as well as connecting everything in order to see if there is any mention ofPlate Solving. Can’t find it if it is there, but can I plate solve in Byeos?
  20. OK Chaps I have taken on board you advice. I have updated my version of BYEOS to the latest and attempted to connect camera with usb. First got no digic drivers, reinstalled after getting rid of old versions of BYEOS. Have drivers but get message 'Canon digital drivers not found reinstall software'. If try without camera get same message. I believe therefore that camera is not connecting to PC. Can see camera through File explorer and view memory card but nothing else. My thoughts (not always relevant) are USB cable not working or camera problem. any thoughts on way forward gratefully accepted. thanks for your time Barry
  21. Last week
  22. Remember: You can always setup on your Desk or Kitchen Table - DSLR+Lens connected to Laptop. This will allow you to get comfortable with any specific aspect of BYE that is new to you. (Just remember that you have to switch the Lens to Manual Focus...)
  23. Thank you for the advice and the help. I'll look forward to an easier and event free imaging session soon as the moon starts rising a bit later. Never thought to use Tv exposures. It will be experimented with, although only rarely do I shoot less than 30 seconds. In this case I didn't want Venus to overwhelm the Pleiadies.
  24. Very well explained. Thank you much.
  25. No, this is wrong. DO NOT purchase a DSUSB cable. You do NOT need any other cable other than the regular USB cable that came with the camera. This is my 3rd time saying that all you need with the 450D is the camera supplied USB cable. I don't know how to make this more clearer. Regards,
  26. Hello again Thank you for your prompt relevant answers. If I am right it seems that things have changed in the years that I have not been using my telescope/canon set up. When I started I dont think there was a DSUSB solution for the long exposure bulb problem with the Canon, therefore I needed a serial cable. Looking at the table as suggested by Guylain it would now appear that the best solution is a DSUSB cable. Sorry to be a nuisance but could you confirm this before I purchase the DSUSB cable. Thanks again for your help, using my telescope again in this lockdown situation is proving a great anxiety relief. Barry
  27. Thanks, for me that would be a useful addition wich hopefully won't be much work to implement.
  28. Je l'ai reçu. Je vais essayer de le revoir ce week-end. Merci.
  29. I guess that it kind of makes sense that disabling bulb timing in the camera allows BYE to control the shutter for long exposures. Lower end Canon models do not support camera-timed BULB exposures. With external (BYE) bulb shooting, BYE tells the camera to start the exposure and then after some interval that BYE knows to stop it, so it makes sense that any timer setting in the camera would be ignored and unchanged. Now that you have sorted out what was causing your issue, I would suggest that if you are shooting exposures less than 30 seconds, that you use Tv exposures where BYE tells the camera to shoot, for example, a 20 second exposure.
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