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  3. I'm locking this thread. My position has been stated and has remained the same for 7 years. This is not open of discussion.
  4. You are in no different position than someone who has been using a camera that works with on old version of BYN but is removed from support by a newer version because the camera maker dropped support. Camera makers drop support for old models every year. Independent software developers are at their mercy, as are end users.
  5. But you have said that it does indeed work for you! Otherwise why would you have purchased a permanent license.
  6. but i bought the product for my d80 only to be told later it is not supported. how is that fair?
  7. We are not going in circle, I remain firm on the fact that they are 2 separate products, this has been the case since inception 7 years ago. If you want BackyardEOS you need to purchase it. I can and will offer a 30% discount.... but I will NOT transfer a license from one to another.
  8. Jon, I am not affiliated with O'Telescope. I am a user just like you, but I have used BYE since 2010. The license is yours. You have it. It cannot be disabled or invalidated. You also have the software. There is no way for O'Telescope to prevent you from using what you have purchased and currently have in your possession. You have said that you are able to connect BYN with your camera, so it appears that it works for you. I believe that the D80 was removed from the supported list due to a combination of factors. Some were reported by users and also due to Nikon dropping support
  9. Thanks. Got it back. primefocus
  10. we are going round in circles here and you seem unwilling to assist. I am sure you are able to stop the license key I have for the Nikon from being used aren't you? Is that not possible? I purchased it for the Nikon D80 in May (after trialling it) and you told me much later in September that it was no longer supported. Normally you get 12 months from the date of purchase and if the product is defective or not fit for purpose you can get a full refund. All I'm asking is to switch to using EOS.
  11. The desktop icons are shortcuts. You can simply create more shortcuts. There should be no need to reinstall the software.
  12. Yesterday I tried to move the three BackyardNikon icons on my desktop to a folder to save room. When I did I lost everything but the "RED" icon. Question: Should I try to uninstall the application and replay the program that is still in the downloads area? Or just replay if I can't get it to uninstall. Note: the program worked perfectly before I screwed it up. Thanks! Jim Dickson jim_dickson16@yahoo.com
  13. ZWO calls their focuser an "Electronic Automatic Focuser", however that is a poor name since there is nothing automatic about it. The focuser does not automatically adjust the focuser to maintain critical focus during use. This requires an application to measure and re-adjust focus between images. BYE and BYN do not have this capability.
  14. admin

    ZWO EAF routine

    It's BackyardNIKON, not Nikonbackyard. It's a matter of brand recognition and getting the name right is important to me. Nothing personal, but I will call it out each time for consistency. There is no auto-focus routine in BackyardNIKON. The preomium version has the ability to connect to your focuser via ASCOM, and it will allow you to control it while you watch the focus metric (FWHM or HFD). Regards,
  15. Using the ZWO EAF via Ascom with Nikonbackyard, does the program carry out the autofocus routine? Thanks, and ciao from Venezia.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Keys are forward compatible, so 3.1 keys with 3.2 is not an issue, but the reverse is and for this reason, I left it as 3.1 when generating keys.... this way a purchase key will work with 3.1 and 3.2 just the same. For trial, you need to use the latest 3.2.x. Try re-installing, the invalid class error is odd.
  18. Please do not double post. I gave my thoughts in your post to the BYE Forum.
  19. Any Trial license that was issued when BYE 3.1 was the latest release has expired due to being more than 30 days old. The current release is 3.2.2. An "Invalid class" message could be due to an installation or permissions issue. I believe that other users have figured out how to make BYE work with Bootcamp. Make sure that you have the correct .NET version, as well as other pre-requisites, installed. Guylain can tell you what they are. You also need to be sure to expose your USB ports to Windows and to not shut anything down, in either the Mac or in Windows, after so many minutes of idle t
  20. Hi, I'm trying to run the trial version of BYE on Windows 10 through Bootcamp. I can install it fine but when I enter the licence key and identifier I get the message 'Invalid class' and nothing else happens. I've copied and pasted directly from my order so I know it isn't a problem with that and I'm sure others run through bootcamp. Is bootcamp the problem or am I missing something? The trial says its for 3.1 and I'm using version 3.2 as it says use the latest and when using the 3.1 version it says it's an invalid key. Thanks for any help.
  21. Hoping someone here can help. I've followed these steps but when entering the licence key and identifier I get the error 'Invalid class'. The licence key is definitely right and the identifier uses the same case as my username. Thanks for any help.
  22. Last week
  23. They are sold as separate products, that is not going to change. If you want BYE you need to purchase a copy. What I have done in the past is offer a 30% discount, and I'm extending the same courtesy. Let me know, and I will create a store coupon for you to use at checkout. BTW, you can still use your D80 if it connects, I haven't removed any code towards it and do not plan to.... but because Nikon stopped supporting it after Vista I'm unable to provide any support anymore.... but if it works for you and does connect, you certainly can continue to use it with your D80. Regards
  24. How do you definitively relinquish the BYE license in such a way that you could no longer use the software?
  25. Also, I purchased the license in May. You told me Sep 5th that D80 had been removed from the supported list.
  26. Why can't I just relinquish the Nikon license and switch to the EOS license? You're not losing anything.
  27. Jon, The threads that you started last year showed your investigations into getting your D80 to work with BYN. Apparently you abandoned your thread from the Feb-Mar 2020 timeline. Admin asked you a question that you never replied to. Then in September, you indicated that you got it working and asked about where to get a shutter control cable. That info was provided to you at that time. And then again. I re-read the threads and did not see anywhere where you were told that the BYN would work with the D80, just things to try. BTW, the Supported Cameras table for BYN has been
  28. I totally understand that it's not supported (now) and you can't support it. I'm just asking to switch the license since this was not made clear when I purchased the Nikon version.
  29. Still not supported... and the rationale is that Nikon stopped its support with Windows Vista. I can't support something that the manufacture stopped supporting 10+ years ago. It is still in that application because the SDK still allows connectivity... but I no longer support them. Hope this makes sense. Regards,
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