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  2. Thanks Guylain. Not the answer I ideally wanted of course, but at least I know the score now. Steve Pattinson
  3. Thanks for the fix Guylain , I'm going to try it the evening.
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  5. This has been discussed many times here already. Please see this post I made yesterday, it contains a link with a fix. I will lock this thread to make sure we all use the same thread for continuity of the issue. Please reply in the thread below if you need to continue this conversation.
  6. I'm afraid all Nikon will do poor with planetary recording, none of the Nikon Models provide a 1:1 pixel resolution in live view like most Canon do
  7. Setup: - Canon EOS 400D - Windows 7 - BYE - last release 3.1.11 Issue : 23:59:54 Attempting to connect camera... 23:59:54 Canon drivers 'Canon215\' initialized. 23:59:56 400D-XTi CONNECTED! 00:00:34 Imaging session started. 00:00:41 Imaging session completed successfully 00:01:01 Imaging session started. 00:01:03 L'accès au port 'COM6' est refusé. 00:01:03 Imaging session cancelled 00:01:03 L'accès au port 'COM6' est refusé. 00:01:04 Imaging session cancelled This occure since upgrade to 31.9 - Any idea ? regards
  8. Hi Rick, Thanks for your reply. My fear is that the Nikon does not behave in quite the same way as the Canon unfortunately. Rather than a a cropped portion of the image as you describe, I think it may just be magnified. Certainly my attempt to image Jupiter was disappointing using this mode, although I'm pretty new at this and not yet able to fully assess how good the seeing conditions were relative to optimal conditions. I'll certainly upgrade to 2.0.4, although I did look through the notes and there didn't appear anything relevant to this issue. Thanks Steve
  9. Steve, I am not a Nikon owner, but I know that Nikon does not present the 5X zoom in quite the same way that Canon does. I would suggest that you just try imaging at 5X zoom. Here is what Canon does...Planetary imaging with BYE uses LiveView frames to build a video. The camera downscales the image to fit on the LCD display. This is what BYE downloads. The term 5X Zoom is confusing since it is really a portion of the full resolution image that is cropped, without scaling, to fit on the LCD screen. This means that the 5X zoom gives the best possible resolution image since the image is at the full resolution of the sensor. You might want to consider upgrading to BYN 2.0.4 to get the numerous improvements and fixes.
  10. Hi, I'm using a Nikon D300 with BYN 2.0.1. Assuming I'm not mistaken, when using the planetary imaging mode, BYN utilises the "live view" mode which restricts the resolution to that of the camera back panel, that being 640 x 480. With the current telescope and eyepiece combination I'm using (eyepiece projection), Jupiter is currently about 220 pixels across at the full resolution of the camera, but in live view mode, Jupiter is only 36 or so pixels across which is too small to show much detail. Whilst there is not much I can do about this, I'm wondering if the 5x mode available in BYN actually results in a useful increase in resolution compared to the 640x480 live view, or merely digitally blows up the image 5 times with no increase in effective resolution. If someone can enlighten me on the actual effect of the x5 mode with the D300, I'd appreciate it. Thanks Steve
  11. Ah yes, I see. That means I can still use astrotortilla effectively. Many thanks!
  12. You will need both cables, the USB for normal operation and the serial for BULB. Images will be downloaded via the usb cable.
  13. There is one thing I'm unsure of though, if you could please clear it up for me. Assume I have one of these 32-bit cameras up and running on a good 32-bit machine. Will images show up on the preview in BYEOS after acquisition, or will they be stuck inside the SD card of the camera? Considering the connection is made with a serial cable and not usb, it should be the latter right? Thank you
  14. If Canon repeat history it can take 6 to 12 months for them to release the SDK :(.
  15. When will the new Canon 77d model be supported? The T7i is essentially the same camera and both were recently released.
  16. I will lock this thread because it is a duplicate. Please reply to the thread below, it's the same issue and I think I was just able to resolve it.
  17. Ok, I think I got it. Basically I made the port for the MBox configurable and it will only scan the configured port to verify if the MBox is available... leaving all other ports alone. Please try this download, it has both BYN/BYE serial cable port denied bug fix. This is not an official release, just a preview build with this bug fix. If it works use it but as soon as I release it officially this link will disappear. Regards,
  18. Last week
  19. Does the Canon EOS Utility behave the same way as far as using 5X Zoom goes?
  20. I just looked at your account. Why are you trying to enter a trial key??? You have a purchase key, use your purchase key and you won't get this error. Regards,
  21. License validation errors are due to typing errors when entering the license code or Identifier (your O'Telescope username). Rather than typing the license code, use copy/paste. Also make sure that the Identifier is entered in all upper case, just as you see it above.
  22. What version did you download and what version does it says on the validation screen where you enter your key? Regards,
  23. send me the log files.
  24. HI, just can't get it to validate. Keeps telling me: license validation error! Trial version not valid. Please download the latest version of backyard eos. I did, multiple times. Keep getting same message. I deleted the files and re-downloaded . Samething, what am I doing wrong.
  25. Yes. Same results. After clicking the 5x button, the program locks up for 15-16 seconds then resumes, but I get no 5x zoomed picture. As I said, the only thing that does work, is if I put the camera's live view display in 5x using the camera's zoom button, then clicking on the 5x button in BYE after the 15-16 seconds lock up, the 10x button appears and I can then do 10x recording in BYE. It works this way all the time. Must be an issue with my computer. I even downloaded a previous version of BYE and get the same results. I'll use it this way. Thanks for all your help.
  26. Yes, upgrade to BYE version 3.1.11. Support for the 5Ds was added only recently.
  27. This is great news! I'm glad you found the root cause. Once you have a test build, I'll be happy to try it out.
  28. Got it, thank you!
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