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  3. Apologies, I did pay under a different account (AndrewPearce). I have now signed in under that account and still cannot see the key under "Account Settings". Regards Andrew
  4. You created account "lp6916" December 22nd 2020. You added a premium edition in your cart, but you never paid. If you have purchased using another account you need to log in with that account, and then you should see your key. Regards,
  5. Hi All My old laptop has died and I have another one and I wish to install BackyardEOS on it (transfer across). I am a premium subscriber. The manual states that the activation key is stored online in my client area. However I can't seem to find that. Could some please point out where that may be. Thanks Andrew Pearce
  6. Yesterday
  7. To avoid looking through an eyepiece, you would need to replace the eyepiece and diagonal with a camera and adapters. To control the telescope from BYE, you would need to use ASCOM and an ASCOM telescope driver for your telescope. BYE/BYN and ASCOM are both Windows only so neither would work with an iPad. INDI is like ASCOM, but runs on Linux and macOS, but not iOS. Sky Safari runs on iOS and with SkyFi can wirelessly enable several mounts, however not your Vision mount. EOS Remote is a free app available from the App store for controlling Canon EOS cameras that support WiFi co
  8. admin

    Telescope to Ipad

    BYE/BYN is software to control Canon and Nikon cameras. I'm not sure you will get the traction you require to control your telescope from an iPad in this forum. Most will have a mini PC (mostly Windows mini PC) close to their telescope with full control over their astronomy gear. Then they would use remote desktop software live AnyDesk (or others) to remotely connect into that PC. Regards,
  9. Banjoman

    Telescope to Ipad

    Thanks Aaron. How about some adaptor that will allow me to hook up my Iphone directly to the telescope and I could see that display? Is that at all possible?
  10. Last week
  11. Banjoman, BYE/BYN is a .NET program so it does not run on iPad. I don't know of another Canon/Nikon viewing program that runs on iOS.
  12. Banjoman

    Telescope to Ipad

    I have a old Vision VT-50 telescope in unused condition. Do you have a way I can connect it to my Ipad so I can view what the telescope has in focus. It is hard for me to use the eyepiece that came with it. Thanks
  13. Hy Had same problem on a dell with windows 10. The RC workt for me also.
  14. The SDK is available, I'm downloading it now. I'll try to compile it over the weekend and then upload something in the pre-release section this weekend.
  15. When the Z6-II can be supported is first in Nikon's court, so to speak. They need to release a new SDK that supports the camera. Then BYN has to incorporate support for that model into a new release. Then they will need a volunteer owner of the camera to thoroughly test BYN with the camera. All that can take a few months.
  16. Thanks, I totally missed the note at the top about the serial cable. Is there any idea as to when the Z6-II will be operational in BackyardNIKON? I have been playing with my D750 and love the app. I watched the tutorial video, all 2+ hours. Perfect. I am not overwhelmed learning a new program. Excellent program. Thanks
  17. Please read the camera support grid for each of these models, see link in the footer. Z6-II = not supported currently D200 = special instructions in the camera grid.
  18. I am currently testing the BackyardNIKON trial to verify that all of my cameras will work. Nikon D750 = Works flawlessly. Nikon Z6-II = Will not connect. Memory cards are empty, Camera is set to "manual". Tried Nikon and after market USB cables. Does not connect. Camera is on latest firmware 1.02 Nikon D200 = Will not connect. Memory cards are empty, Camera is set to "manual". Tried Nikon and after market USB cables. Does not connect. Camera is on latest firmware A:2.01 & B:2.01 The software simple says it can not connect and to make sure it is turned on, the memory card
  19. Trial will only work with most recent version. You'll need a purchase key to validate on an old computer like this. There is no way around this for the trial.
  20. Yes, I’ve got the camera driver (it’s an old EOS). the .NET framework and runtimes installed. BYE installed fine as well. I just get stuck at the license validation screen. I realize this is probably beyond what’s supported anymore...
  21. Um, version is 3.1.3. It is very old and I believe that any Trial license that is less than 30 days old will only work with 3.2.1 or the pre-release version of 3.2.2. I do not know if it will even run on XP. You would need a low-level driver for the camera, the required version of the .NET framework and some required C/C++ runtime libraries from Microsoft. Hopefully, the admins will confirm this.
  22. It’s v3.1.3. I’m on Windows XP and that seemed to be supported I think?
  23. I'm trying to run a trial of BackyardEOS on an ancient computer (don't ask but it's necessary!). The computer has an internet connection but I can't get it to connect to validate my license. I'm guessing because there are all sort of security certificate issues when trying to access the web with an out-of-date OS. Here's the error: "License activation error! Internet access is required to activate a trial key." Is there anyway around this limitation?
  24. Thanks a lot. It was the LENR that was still enabled. Switching it off did the trick.
  25. You anti-virus software may be interfering with the download. Temporarily disable it or whitelist BYN. Another possibility is that Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR) is enabled in the camera. This must be turned off when using BYN.
  26. Just installed the trial version. I can connect camera and it's taking exposure. But the image file can't be downloaded? How to fix? Cable issue or USB port? part of logfile: 17:30:07 D610 CONNECTED! 17:30:24 Imaging session started. 17:31:28 Imaging session cancelled 17:31:28 Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds 17:31:29 Imaging session cancelled 17:31:42 Imaging session started. 17:32:46 Imaging session cancelled 17:32:46 Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds 17:32:48 Imaging session cancelled 17:34:22 Ca
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