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  2. BYE will give you all possible ISO the camera makes available through the SDK. BYE caches those values, so if you change a setting after the cache is built, it will not show up. To fix this... Disconnect your camera from BYE Change the required in-camera settings that will give you access to the high ISO. In BYE, goto settings -> advance settings and clear the cache Make sure the camera dial is set to M Connect your camera to BYE The cache will rebuild itself If the high ISO is available through the SDK it should show up. Regards,
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  4. I answered that question. BYE can only display the ISO values that the Canon Software Development Kit (SDK) provides. You did indicate that it would be helpful in trying to focus on dim stars. My suggestion was to only focus with the brightest stars.
  5. I did not ask how to focus. My question is whether or not it is possible to get Backyard EOS to display the ISO values that are provided by the camera when the camera is set to extended ISO value?
  6. LiveView is not "video shooting". BYE displays the ISO values that are provided by the Canon SDK. LiveView exposures are only a few milliseconds in duration. Only the very brightest stars are visible as small dim dots. It is not possible to see dim stars. If you need to focus in dim stars then you should use Snap images that have a longer exposure.
  7. Hi, I have an older EOS 70D and noticed in the canon forums that ISO has a boost function (12800/H) for video shooting, which apparently extends ISO to 25600. In the camera settings, this is found in settings 3, under max ISO. Is there any way for Backyard EOS to access this higher value during frame and focus? This would be useful for focusing on dim stars. Andy
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  9. Thanks for your help, the problem is resolved. I found that reducing the brightness of the LCD screen made the stars much easier to see in the F&F mode.
  10. BackyardEOS does not currently support FITS images. Since BYE is integrated with ASTAP, it should only provide an image that ASTAP can use for platesolving. My previous advice was directed at how to reduce noise in an image by reducing the ISO which brightens the complete image including signal and noise. I am not familiar with ASTAP, but you may be able to configure it to better reject noise.
  11. I’m shooting through a Skywatcher ED80. Interestingly enough, I’m able to solve a fits image taken with Sequence Generator Pro and the same camera and scope. I believe I have BackyardEOS set to Canon Raw. Should I be using FITS with BackyardEOS and ASTAP or is that setting unrelated to the ASTAP integration? -Steve
  12. If you are unable to solve the image with ASTAP directly, then BYE will not be able to magically make it work. You may be able to reduce noise by keeping the camera as cool as possible (for example, use a "fake battery" A/C adapter). Are you shooting through a lens or a telescope? What ISO are you using?
  13. Indeed I have, in hopes that someone in either forum may have a bit of knowledge specific to the dependencies of the two applications. -Steve
  14. Have you asked about this on the ASTAP forum?
  15. Hi All! Is anyone successfully using ASTAP and BackyardEOS with a Canon T3i? I have the applications installed and talking, but am not able to get a successful solve. I opened an image directly in ASTAP and the image is extremely noisy, which I suspect is tripping ASTAP up. Is there a setting in BackyardEOS or ASTAP that I’m missing? Any help or thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated. -Steve
  16. If you are too far from critical focus, you will not see any stars.
  17. Hi, yes I do see an image on F&F and the focus control works OK indoors even though I'm still getting the error message in the log file. Last night I couldn't detect any bright stars. With my Canon 1100D, I was able to easily detect Antares, Sirius, Alpha Centauri, etc as a dim dot which is all I needed to focus correctly.
  18. danielaustin, You replied to an old post with a seemingly unrelated question. If you are having an issue, please create a new thread and be sure to include the version of BYE that you are using and the camera model that you are using. Thanks!
  19. I should have said, that the error message that you are seeing is likely not be contributing to the ability to see the star. To test you could test the camera and lens with BYE at the kitchen table. If you set LiveView autofocus to the 1-point AF option, do you see a LiveView image on the BYE F&F screen?
  20. Yes, you must have LiveView enabled in the camera for Frame & Focus to work. If you put the lens in MF mode and manually run it through the full focus range do you see the star at some point? The correct focus point should be at infinity. LiveView exposures are very short and the camera's autofocus circuitry is unlikely to work when the image is mostly black or nearly so. Even a bright star will be just a dim dot.
  21. Thanks for your quick response, it's appreciated. The 800D is not a new camera so I'm presuming someone may have come across this before? It has 3 LiveView autofocus modes - Face+Tracking (as you've mentioned), Smooth Zone and Live 1-point AF. Changing to these other 2 modes doesn't seem to make any difference, I get the same error message. Apologies for asking a dumb question, but I presume that you must have LiveView enabled in order for BYE to work?
  22. Some of the newer cameras have "smart" LiveView autofocus modes that are not compatible with the Canon SDK and BYE. Unfortunately the Face+Tracking mode is one of those modes and is the default. Use the camera's menu to choose the various modes to see if one of them will allow LiveView to work with BYE.
  23. Hi I've been using Backyard EOS for a while now and it's been very successful when hooked up to my Canon 1100D camera. I've now got an 800D and when running the software, I get the following statement in the log file "Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed!". I'm not able to frame and focus, yet all other functions of the software work for this new camera. The AF is set to ON and the software is controlling the focusing. However I'm not seeing a bright star in the frame and focus mode to allow me to finetune the focus. Any ideas as to what I may be doing
  24. No. However, BYE and BYN have an externally-callable API that could be used by ASPS to take a picture to be used for platesolving. This is how AstroTortilla worked.
  25. Please don't use bold, that is considered shouting. As mentioned above, BackyardRED is installed with BackyardEOS. To start BackyardEOS, you need to click the BackyardEOS icon, not the BackyardRED icon! edit: the manual is available as .CHM and PDF in the installation folder. You can also click the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the application. If all else fails, you can download the manual from the download section here on the website.
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