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  2. EDIT: The short answer is yes. Your camera gives a 640x420 live view image. BYN is limited to what the camera provides. If your camera was able to provide a full sensor live view image at full sensor resolution that is what BYN would give it you. But because the camera gives a maximum 640x420 live view image this is what BYN gives you. BYN does live view only, not movie mode. Hope this makes sense.
  3. The question I had was if 640x420 was the best that BYN can produce.
  4. Don't confuse resolution with image size. They are not the same thing. Exposure values have nothing to do with resolution, my post above was only to illustrate that you can image the eclipse. It made no reference to resolution. Read this post I made not so long ago explaining resolution is not to be confuse with image size image size. Regards,
  5. Not sure if I can relate exposure values to resolution. BYN produces movie or image which is 640x420. I was just asking if that resolution was fixed or there was a way to enhance that. The camera itself can record at 1920x1080, 60 frame per minute. I am trying to decide whether I should tether and use BYN or should I just record using the camera.
  6. No, that is not what I said. You can do it. You have 25 lines, set the first 12 in incrementing exposure value, #13 to the full eclipse, and the following 12 decreasing exposure value. It's not perfect but this should give you an idea. I experienced a full eclipse in the mid '70 when I was about 10 years old. This is the best memory ever... observing. If I would go see the eclipse this year I would go to observe, not image. But that is just me. Regards,
  7. LiveView is intended to display on the camera's LCD screen so the frame size is limited to tie size of that display. BYN talks to the camera through the Nikon SDK library. This means that BYN can only control what the SDK allows it to control.
  8. So you are basically saying that BYN cannot be configured to capture higher resolution than 640x420? And yeah, for higher resolution then still photography is the way to go. You can still image the eclipse and observe it at the same time since most capturing can be automated. Thanks for the response.
  9. If you want full sensor you need to take images. Eclipse... the best memory IMO is observing... trying to image it is cool too, but if you have a single issue you'll miss it and you'll hate yourself for it
  10. I am planning to do single exposures for the eclipse. I am shooting too many pictures throughout the event (nearly 100) to shoot in planetary mode.
  11. Hello, I have never done planetary imaging and am getting prepared for the August solar eclipse event in Oregon. I am trying to figure out what a good approach to capturing the best image would be. I know I need to do a video, and I can do it either in-camera or I can use BYN. I know one advantage of using the BYN might be that it records to the compouter whereas internal recording takes place on the media card which could limit the recording time. When I tried BYN it looks like the captured images are at 640x420 resolution. Is this the norm in planetary imaging? Can the resolution in BYN be adjusted? I am using a Nikon D750 with a lot of pixels on its sensor and it seems such a waste if I can't take advantage of them all. I will be attaching that camera to an 8-inch SCT (2030mm focal). Thanks. Farzad
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  13. In any case, if it works like that (only PC) it suits me fine. Thanks Hope an OSX version
  14. Interesting, I know some Nikon model will not allow to save to card, only PC, but it's interesting that the actual capture fails. I wonder if I can prevent this in code. Thank you
  15. Oh maybe found something if the save target is PC : OK Cam + PC : KO Cam : KO
  16. Well, this user also sent me a nasty private message. In that message he posted his key and long and behold he messed up the key when typing it in, he added a number in there which obviously failed during validation. 2 nasty posts on the forum and 1 nasty private message for an error he made. I understand that people get frustrated at times when it is not working, but writing nasty posts on the forum and sending nasty private messages is NOT the way to go about asking for help and this will get your future posts moderated. If I'm not sleeping it is almost guaranteed that I will be reading new posts here on the forum at least once every hour if I'm close to a computer... and I will reply. With technology today a computer is almost always nearby. Regards
  17. Just a test with a lens and the clip filter, sometimes the error occurs later, maybe i'm wrong in any setting !?
  18. Some Nikon clip filter will force you to move the mirror box in up position to install the clip filter and the clip filter housing will hold the mirror up. Not sure I approve this design but this is how some work. I suspect this is the one of those filters. Regards,
  19. Sebastien, I am a Canon owner and I have a couple of clip filters. They do not change the operation of the camera in any way. I am not sure why you are saying that "only liveview shooting is available". LiveView images are very short exposures, only a few milliseconds long. LiveView shooting is only useful for solar system objects like the Moon and bright planets. Deep sky objects are too dim for such short exposures.
  20. Glad you got it to work.
  21. I'm a new user and really love this app My issue : I just received my clipfilter for the Nikon D800. but how could i shoot stars/dso when cam is in liveview mode ? mirror is lock off with the filter, onyl liveview shooting is available. Thanks Sebastien NEVERMIND : now it works..... not sure wh,y the guy between the chair and the keyboard is tired
  22. Lets figure this out. I have just tried your key and it validated just fine. Please make sure your copy your identifier correctly, it is case sensitive as per the instructions on the key activation screen. If you get a key or identifier error then I'm 100% sure that you made a typo error typing it in Please be courteous when asking for support.
  23. THis is bull shouldn't be this messed up....seriously.
  24. I don't thing it is the cable. Send me the log files.
  25. HELP! I just bout the classic version license and when I go to install it with my user name and License key it says my key or identifier is in error. I WANT MY DAMN MONEY BACK if someone from support cannot help me!! W**?!?!
  26. it stopped again, I'll try to find another cable.
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