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  4. admin

    Activation Request

    All keys are available 24/7 here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". We do not send keys by email. Regards,
  5. O'Telescope does not send you an activation code. Instead, your Trial license key is available to you whenever you login to the web site with the account that you used to get the license. Simply click on My Purchases and Orders at the top of this page. Be sure to use Copy and Paste to transfer your license key from the browser window to the BYE License Validation dialog. Oh, and to foil license "cheaters" while using the Trial license you must have an active internet connection so that BYE can validate your license. Once you enter your purchased Classic or Premium license key into BYE you no l
  6. Hi Could you please resend acivation code for 30 trial please ...I carnt remember were i put it ... So Sorry Ian
  7. The SL3 is a newer camera, and if you are running Windows 10, the low-level Canon driver is already installed with Windows. With older versions of Windows and older cameras, you had to install the driver from the software kit that either came on a CD with the camera or you downloaded from Canon. When users needed to install the CD software in order to get the camera to work with the PC they often chose to install Canon's EOS Utility, which is a general purpose camera control program. The problem is that Windows could automatically launch the EOS Utility whenever the camera is first detected by
  8. Please be courteous when asking for help, no one assumes you're an idiot. We're all here voluntary trying to help. Camera communication with the software is simple, it just needs the USB cable connected to the computer... but... Windows must recognize the camera first. If Windows does not see the camera as an imaging device it can not be seen by any software. It needs to be seen in Device Manager first and if it does not we need to figure out first. s3igell has a few good pointers in his post above.
  9. 1) BYE connects the Camera to the PC via USB - hence the reminder to turn OFF Wi-Fi via the Camera's Menu 2) New Canon DSLRs are "partially supported" by generic Windows 10, but need Driver(s) to be Downloaded for the exact Model. These Drivers are usually Installed via the CD/DVD which comes with the DSLR or else by visiting Canon Support website and Downloading the Software Package. In both cases, Installation also loads a Canon program called "EOS Utility". This "EOS Utility" has some useful features including proving that the Camera is Properly Connected via USB, BUT it directly Bl
  10. Sorry for not being specific but I did say that the log was being recorded in my Windows. Was not that specific? And why have an error message if it does not mean anything? I believe is just the way I say things. Not sure what you mean by Is the camera listed in device manager in Windows. I did check the device manager and the camera is not listed. The camera is on. The USB port is working. At any rate I am a complete novice at this and I am trying to learn. Is camera communication with this software really that complicated. Why not assume I am an idiot and just tell whether or not a Canon EOS
  11. The EOS Utility is a generic error, it's not telling anything specific. Sorry, but statements like "I believe..." are never good in a problem statement where we need facts to troubleshoot. Is the camera listed in device manager in Windows?
  12. 1) Make sure EOS Utility is not running. This is the error message I am getting when attempting to connect the camera. Yes the camera has Wi-Fi. I have turned it off. No luck with that approach. And yes I believe that the camera is communicating with the laptop because the error log is being saved in Windows.
  13. 1) Make sure EOS Utility is not running. This is the error message that I get when attempting to start the app. I really do not know what the EOS Utility is or where to find it in the camera. I have looked and nothing seems obvious to me. Also I did turn off the Wi-Fi and still no luck.
  14. admin

    Web site issue

    Thanks Rick. This is fixed now.
  15. astroman133

    Web site issue

    Clicking on the BYE Supported Cameras link in the page footer launches the BYN Supported Cameras page.
  16. Last week
  17. Does Windows even see the camera? Does the SL# have Wi-Fi? If yes please disable it.
  18. Hello I just downloaded your free trial of Backyard EOS with the intention of using with my Canon Rebel SL3. The software will not connect to the camera. Can you help?
  19. admin

    Web Site Feedback

    Hi Rick, good thing the platform I use is pretty good at exposing all CSS. I was able to reduce the padding and gained some good screen real estate. Does it fit now?
  20. admin

    Web Site Feedback

    Noted, they did increase the height of the page header. I'll look into it; I have a few more urgent items to address first. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. In general I like the new web site, except that the Application support page is too tall to fit on a 1920 x 1080 display in the new Microsoft Edge browser. I have to scroll to see and select the Suggestion Box forum. It seems that there is enough whitespace to move the forum items closer together so there is no need to scroll the page.
  22. It is exactly for this reason that I do no officially support anything but wired connection. The Canon SDK is very fragile and any loss of connection, even for a single millisecond, will cause the camera to disconnect. Some have reported Wi-Fi to work well while some have abandoned it for a more robust wire connection.
  23. I "think", its an issue of a weak WiFi signal. I have a mesh and the 90D doesnt appear to move to the strongest signal. I've now created a AP for outside use only and connected the Camera to that. I will try again later
  24. I'm using a Canon 90D , so haven't tried wired. Will looks for a cable
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