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  3. Thank you! On my way outside now Can't wait to get this underway, as it's a perfectly clear night here in Kitchener-Waterloo! Appreciate the quick turnaround
  4. Sure, I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a 2nd 30-day trial. Regards,
  5. Hi there, I finally upgraded my camera to a model that has LiveView and was wondering if I could get an extension to the trial as my first attempts ended prematurely as I found out my D80 had no such feature. Thank you in advance, --Aleks
  6. Sure, I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a 2nd 30-day trial. Regards,
  7. Can i get a new free key or extension to the free month ? My laptop crashed and i had to reset it a day or so after i loaded BYE and i only now have gotten around to reloading my astro software and BYE is saying my trial license has expired. I never got to use it !!!!!!!!!!! I know i can buy the key but i am not willing to pay for it without taking BYE for a test drive first.
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    Can you please provide the full version number? Saying latest version is not sufficient as I found in a lot of cases when people say this they don't actually have the latest version. Does it do this for only one image and all images that you try to load? Also, when you drag that same image (from Windows Explorer) into BYE's image area, does it load? Regards,
  10. On the d5300 the exposure rate of live view can be altered between 1/4000 sec to 1/50 sec. The ISO can be any value, 100 to 12800 or the extra Hi 1. The way to do it on camera is not straight forward but not difficult. Go menu- shooting menu- movie settings- manual movie settings- ON. Now when you use live view and change ISO the image will lighten or darken depending on chosen value. The same with exposure setting, but only up to 1/50sec. If you switch LV off a higher exposure than 1/50 can be used, but that value is cancelled if LV is used again and returns to 1/50 sec. Switch off manual movie settings to go back. Before using BYN or any capture software, i would for the purpose of frame and focus with bat mask, switch manual movie settings on, bump up ISO so i can see an image on screen, frame and focus, then switch manual movie settings off, change ISO to imaging value and set exposure to bulb where an intervalometer did the rest. edit to say- just been trying manual movie setting ON when connected to BYN and i can get full ISO range on liveview, and without turning manual movie setting OFF, the capture plan works as expected. Hope this helps Richard
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    Hi when i try and load a previous image from my last session it comes up with a report of Invalid Image, using either a CR2 or TIFF frame any suggestions please. Thanks in anticipation Bruno Ps this is the latest version & my camera is a1100d.
  12. Bright stars can be saturated without the image being over-exposed.
  13. It would be nice if you can determine if you are over-exposing or saturating images by hovering the cursor over bright stars and getting a RGB readout.
  14. As per the instructions on the download page you need to add it in your cart and proceed to checkout to get a software key. This is the only method the activation server can create a key.
  15. Are you still i business,if so I do I go about purchasing Backyard Nikon? I down load it but no activation code for it Augie
  16. I just uploaded RC8 with the M50 support in the pre-release section.
  17. Hello, I read on the forum that the M50, is working in the pre release of BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC8. This is the error I get the latest download. Can I get a version of RC8 to test so I can purchase BYE? Thank you. 13:27:37 Licensed to Warmnfuzzy 13:27:37 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC7 13:27:57 Attempting to connect camera... 13:27:57 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:27:57 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS M50 13:27:57 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 824474153. 13:27:57 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 1042(412) 13:27:57 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 13:27:57 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON
  18. Link to upgrade instruction is on the website page footer.
  19. My version of EOS (1.1.0) does not have a license number, instead it is a snippet of code that goes in the same folder as EOS. How do I upgrade this since your instructions for upgrading from version 1 calls for a license number several digits long? Kirby Benson Las Cruces, NM
  20. It's (now) in the pre-release section: https://www.otelescope.com/files/file/80-backyardeos-3118-pre-release/ It looks like there is also an unreleased RC8 build that works with the M50, but I haven't seen a link. I'd love to see an M5 build, but my reading of the EOS Utilities manual seems pretty clear that remote control of the M5 (and older) mirrorless is unlikely. Now all I need is Magic Lantern support for the M6mkII, and I'll be out of things to hope for. grnbrg.
  21. I've got my camera on the way, any chance you could send me that download link as well?
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  23. Thank you, I'll look into those items one by one.
  24. wow, thank you. I'll try to apply most changes you indicated in the next release. Danke
  25. admin

    EOS-M support

    M50 is working with RC7 as per user report below.
  26. With BYE 3.1.18 RC6 connected to a T5i I basically confirmed what the OP reported OP's Item 1) a) Added rows do not have a column for Aperture while the original rows do. b) When the Aperture column is present the shutter column is too narrow to completely display the selected value. This makes it inconvenient to confirm the selected speed since both 1/10 and 1/4000 display the same data "1/…". Also as the OP posted Bulb is displayed as "B...". The column widths do not appear to be re-sizable nor does it appear possible to resize that panel by making the Image Center narrower and the Capture Plan Center wider. c) When I have added rows to the Capture Plan Center and I reset the capture plan, the data in the added rows is reset, but no Aperture column is added when a lens is attached to the camera. OP's Item 2) When no image is loaded, the Zoom- button changes the zoom factor to the same percentage as the Zoom Fit button. The Zoom+ button provides a higher, but nonsensical value. There do not appear to be tooltips for the Zoom+ or Zoom- buttons as well as the Rotate 180, Flip Horizontal, or Flip Vertical buttons. Mouse wheel behavior is inconsistent with regard to Zoom+ and Zoom- functionality. Rolling the mouse wheel away from the palm causes the zoom factor to grow by increments of 10%, but rolling the wheel toward the palm causes it to immediately grow to the Zoom- value. Another issue with the zoom factor. Clicking on the 100% button and then rotating the mouse wheel toward me changes the zoom factor to 75%, 50% and then 25%. At this point the image is both shorter and narrower than the available space. Clicking on the Fit Zoom causes the image to fit to the available space, while keeping the aspect ratio intact. The image grew significantly larger to fit the available height, but the zoom factor dropped from 25% to 24%. My item 3) BYE is not restoring the window size at startup. It remembers the previous session's window location, but not the size
  27. Backyard EOS V3.1.18RC6 with CANON 700D on Win10 64 bit. 1) If a camera with lens is used, the Capture Plan Center list shows the column 'Aperture'. If you click 'Add row', then a) the new rows do not have the column 'Aperture'. b) The space for the column 'Shutter' is too small to display 'BULB', only 'B…' is displayed. This is because the new column 'Type' needs some space. Therefore the width of the Capture Plan Center must be enlarged. c) Question: Should 'Reset' also reset the added rows? 2) In the Image Center there are new buttons for zoom+ and zoom- If no image is loaded and you click the zoom- then zoom factor is set immediately to 273%. The same happens if you use the mouse wheel (also in the older version V3.1.16) If at least one image is loaded, all is ok.
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