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  2. Log onto the O'Telescope web site with the same username that you used to purchase the key. Scroll to the top of this page and select My Purchases -> Orders from the menu bar. Your license key will be displayed. Use Copy and Paste to transfer the key from the web page into the BYN license validation dialog to avoid any typing errors.
  3. Hi, I am a legally register user/owner of Backyard eos for both Nikon and Canon. I just downloaded the latest 2.1.2 software. It's asking for my registration code. I cannot find, and when I launch the older version it flashes too quickly. So: My name: Joe Mezzafonte email: Jmezzaf@verizon.net User name: JoeM Can you email me or tell me how to retreive my Key. Thank you
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  5. OK, the "drivers" in question are really versions of the Canon Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is a software library from Canon that allows 3rd party apps like BYE to control their cameras. From time to time Canon releases updates to the SDK where they add support for new models and drop support for old models. BYE provides 2 versions of the SDK. One is the most recent version at the time of a BYE release and the other a very old version (2.10) that allows BYE to try to support very old camera models that Canon no longer supports. I have BYE installed in this folder -> C:\Progr
  6. okay ive gave this a go, admittedly im not the best on computers but even tried installing onto a external and the same problem it wont pull up the list of drivers to select. the .net frame is version 4.5 eos utility isnt a problem is it with conflicting programs ?
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  9. It's still install issue, try a separate folder as indicated above. Also, please ensure your computer is up-to-date, including .net framework 4.5.2.
  10. Try re-installing to a different directory.
  11. just tried and no luck, i wiped all backyard eos before reinstalling. Also when i click on settings the program crashes. The install is version 3.2.2 and my operating system is windows 7 camera canon 60d
  12. This is an installation issue. Try re-installing.
  13. im trying to connect my camera but when the box comes up when clicking connect (the part when it says select camera driver) its completely empty ??? the camera does work and is able to be remote connect in the eos utility so its not camera or cable issue. anybody know how to fix this please ??
  14. Pegasus Astro: USB Cables
    After popular demand and as the astro-market lacks of:

    Branded / good quality
    short length

    of USB2 and USB3 cables we are delighted to announce that we offer (in cooperation with Delock) the following types of USB data cables.
    We focus on short cable lengths in order to avoid “cable spaghetti”.


    $5.11 USD
  15. Pegasus Astro: Adapter M72 Male (Takahashi thread) to M54 Male

    Adapter Thickness: 8.0mm
    Thread M72 Takahashi: Pitch 1.0mm / 4 mm length
    Thread: M54 Pitch 0.75mm / 4 mm length

    $40.92 USD
  16. Pegasus Astro: Adapter M54 Male to M42 Female

    Total Nosepiece Length :35mm
    Adapter Thickness : 1.5mm
    Thread: Pitch 0.75mm / 6 mm length
    Includes inner hole for 2” filter thread (M48)

    $25.57 USD
  17. Pegasus Astro: 

    Prodigy Microfocuser Telescope Adapter for GSO RC 8''
    Prodigy Microfocuser
    Prodigy Microfocuser is a robust clear 3-inch robotic focuser which allows you to precisely and remotely control the focus of your telescope setup.

    Its sturdy mechanical design ensures that Prodigy Microfocuser can lift up to 10Kg of equipment, dead accurate and flexure free. Focuser has a 25mm of draw tube travel and a clear aperture of 76mm / 3”.

    The full 3-inch focuser drawtube accepts different types of telescope adapters such as Celestron SCT Edge, GSO RC types and refractor types.

    Prodigy houses 2xUSB2 switchable ports and 2x12V switchable power outputs that provide electric “juice” to your equipment close to the focuser (e.g Filter Wheel, Guiding camera etc).
    Clear aperture of 3 inches
    Prodigy Microfocuser has a clear aperture of 3 inches or 76mm. Its drawtube can travel up to 25mm

    Adjustable rotation
    Focuser allows adjustable rotation / precise orientation on both sides. This helps you to easily fit the microfocuser to your telescope and also place your camera with the desired orientation.
    Innovative design supporting highweight loads
    Prodigy Microfocuser is not a Crayford neither a Rack & Pinion type. Its innovative mechanical focus design provides very high load support and accuracy with zero maintenance. Prodigy Microfocuser can easily lift up to 10Kg (22lb) of imaging equipment with zero flex

    Zero Motor Backlash
    Embedded stepper motor design ensures a smooth, low noise and backlash free operation. V-Curve points during automatic focus procedure are dead accurate.

    Available Adapters for telescopes
    Prodigy Microfocuser can accept different types of telescope adapters. The adapter can be securely mounted and aligned on user’s preference.
    Industrial grade USB Hub and Power Ports
    At the side of the focuser you can locate:

    2 x switchable USB2 ports
    allowing the connectivity of equipment close to your focuser such as a Filter Wheel, a guiding camera, a motorized OAG etc.
    2 x 12V switchable Power outputs
    Each output (2.1mm) can output up to 4Amps

    A neat feature to tide up your USB and Power cables.
    Each of these ports, USB or Power, can be switched ON/ OFF via the supplied software.

    Temperature Probe
    An external digital temperature sensor input is located on the side of the focuser. A digital temperature sensor is included in the package. The probe can be placed near the focuser so the exact temperature of the focuser / environment can be seen through the supplied software or ASCOM driver.
    Expansion Port / Manual Focus (optional accessory)
    Prodigy has an expansion RJ45 port on the side of the enclosure.  This port allows the connectivity of our “upcoming” hand controller for this product.
    Standalone program available
    Prodigy Microfocuser can be operated by our standalone software.
    (Only available for Windows OS).
    Firmware upgrade support
    Firmware supports re-programming via the USB 2.0 connection using upgrade software ((only available for Windows), for future upgrades which may become available. We constantly receive feedback from our customers and keep updating the firmware and software with new features.

    Prodigy Microfocuser weights 1.5Kg / 3.3lbs

    $76.72 USD
  18. Pegasus Astro: 

    EZY Focus Hand Controller for UPBv2 and Prodigy
    The EZY Focus Hand Controller is a perfect match for your Ultimate Powerbox v2 or Prodigy Microfocuser. This little device allows precision control of your motorized focuser. It also ensures a vibration free focus routine!

    Digital Encoder with a Push button
    The rotary knob simulates the knob of your focuser. Rotate the digital knob and easily focus! Precision can be achieved when you press the knob inside. Speed is reduced to 1:10 just like the fine focus knob of your focuser! Click it again to switch to coarse focus.

    Pushbuttons to Focus IN and OUT
    Two additional buttons “<< and >>” allows you to move the focuser IN or OUT by the exact and preconfigured step count you have set in the EZY Focus menu. Every time you press the button an audible beep confirms the motor movement.

    Can work simultaneously with PC motor operation
    Just plug the hand controller in the EXT port of the Ultimate Powerbox v2 or Prodigy Microfocuser and enjoy precision in manual focusing without vibrations. No need to remove the hand controller when you use your PC to control the motor. Both can work in parallel and sync motor position in screen.

    Organic LED display with Red Film
    A 1.3 inch 128 x 64 pixel Organic LED (red film) screen is used for the device. It will ensure that your night vision will be unaffected.
    Large fonts, Legible letters displaying motor position, motor position presets and settings menu
    Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
    EZY Focus has an embedded high accuracy temperature and relative humidity sensor. The Ultimate Powerbox v2 automatically uses this sensor discarding the stock UPBv2 sensor.

    EZY Focus and sensor is discovered in the Ultimate Powerbox v2 software and displays readings just like your stock sensor.
    Bright adjustable red LED light
    A large red colored LED is placed in the front of the device, allowing you to use the “EZY Focus Hand Controller” as an astronomical map red light. LED’s brightness can be configured from the device menu.
    Compact size
    Dimensions: 113mm x 46mm x 25mm , Weight 90 grams

    In the box
        EZY Focus Hand Controller (with detachable lanyard)
        RJ12 to RJ12 cable (1.5m cable length)
    Compatible with
    Ultimate Powerbox v2
    Prodigy Microfocuser

    $102.29 USD
  19. Goto "Settings" -> "Advance Settings", then check "Ask for camera drivers".
  20. Upon connecting I selected "Remember my selection and don't ask me again." and selected D7500. Now I want to change it but can't figure-out how. When I look under "Settings", I don't see it there. When I look in "BinaryRivers.BackyardNIKON.Start.Camera1.exe.config", I don't see it there. When I look in "BinaryRivers.BackyardNIKON.Start.Camera1.exe.user.config", I don't see it there. Where is the config stored? SOLVED Well I stumbled across a users guide in the BackyardNIKONv2.1 folder and found this on page 22: "You can always reset this setting in "Setti
  21. good thought Rick. I'll try that. just windows weird again. chuck
  22. You just replied to a 6-year-old thread that was resolved in 2015. Please start a new thread with your specific issue, otherwise any conversation and help provided will get lost because this thread has been marked as solved already.
  23. hello, i have a d700 and just dowloaded the BYN trial. D700 connected via regular usb to pc, windows 10. Live view is not working on BYN. Is this a trial BYN issue? I Tried BYN as i need live view. Can you tell me if i buy full version if live view will be ok with my d700? Regards
  24. Je ne comprend pas, j'ai télécharger le logiciel et on me demande un code d'activation ?
  25. Les clés logicielles sont émises instantanément et automatiquement lors du processus d'achat, il n'y a aucune intervention manuelle dans la création des clés logicielles et dans la livraison des clés logicielles. Toutes les clés sont disponibles ici sur le site 24/7 dans la rubrique "Mes achats -> Commandes". Merci
  26. Google "how to change windows folder permissions"
  27. Bonjour, Pourriez-vous me donner mon code d'activation pour le logiciel Backyard Nikon V 2.1 que j'ai acheté par votre site internet ! merci ! Patrick Teyssedou patrickt@enter-net.com
  28. You won't find a setting for this in BackyardEOS because it is a Windows permission issue. If it used to work, and now it does not, something has changed on your computer/environment.
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