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  3. Thankyou for your comments, didn't thin k it necessary to trial it first because of all the positive feedback to the software and was unaware there would be any issues.
  4. LiveView Planetary Imaging isn't even "Small", but rather a 1024x560 or 1024x680 (depending on DSLR Model) Image derived from the actual 5x-Zoom LiveView Feed to the back of the Camera. BYE uses this because it produces a 1:1 Pixel Ratio output from the Sensor, and supplies it multiple Frames/Sec without actuating the Shutter or Mirror Box. "Small JPG" images would be a heavily interpolated Image where each Image Pixel would be the blend of 20-30 Sensor Pixels - losing all the Fine Detail desired from Planetary Imaging.
  5. Thanks a bunch! That explains the Small (the only possibility when shooting LiveView) and also how to avoid it when not in Liveview. Appreciate you taking the time to help a noob.
  6. LiveView images are small JPGs. BYE cannot control that. BYE sets the imaging quality based on how you have set the Quality value in the Image Capture area of the Settings dialog. Choices are "In-Camera", "RAW", "RAW+JPG", and "JPG". If you select "In-Camera" BYE does not change the setting before imaging. The value should then be what you have set in the cameras menu for Image Quality. From my testing this is not affected switching between Frame & Focus, Planetary, and Imaging.
  7. During planetary sessions, my image quality sometimes reverts to Small in the BYE window. Only way to set it is on the camera (that I can find). If BYE is doing all the work, do I even need to worry about that setting?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Does Windows see the camera in Device Manager? Does it connect to EOS Utility, Canon's own software? Keep us posted.
  10. First, there is only one installer for BYE. It is only when the installer is run and the program is installed that you can apply the license key to activate the features of the Trial, Classic, or Premium licenses. The developers offer a free fully-functional Trial license. Why would you purchase a Premium license key without trying the software with a Trial license first? I have been using BYE with my 700D for several years now. I have never had a problem connecting BYE to the camera/ Your description of "it will not connect" could have several causes. The camera is broken
  11. l have downloaded Backyard EOS Premium and my 700D Cannon will not connect to it, cheers Ian
  12. That would seem to be a question for your Filter Vendor, or for Optolong themselves, or ultimately for Canon. O'Telescope / BackyardEOS has had no part in any of that Engineering this Filter Design, nor any reason or opportunity to do Real World Tests. BYE is only Software that utilizes the Canon SDK to enable Camera Control during AP Imaging Sessions. It cannot do anything that Canon SDK doesn't Allow. Hence, BYE can't Break Your Camera. And in reality, BYE will have no way to know if the Mirror Box is Open or Closed - it only Assumes the Successful Operation of the triggered Exposur
  13. Look in the "My Purchases" above.
  14. How do I re-install the trial version of Backyardnikon? While resolving computer problems, I deleted the program and I also lost the product key.
  15. How can you copy&paste if you have have no orders in "My Purchases -> Orders". The account pselaphid was created on December 22, 2019. You did not purchase with that account. You have more than one account. Login with the account you purchased and you key should be there. Regards,
  16. The version downloaded was 3.2.2, and yes, I copy/pasted my key, and it inserted into the necessary box. Also, I just checked "my purchases/orders" and it says "no orders to show." Not sure what to make of that. Receipt for 2016.
  17. Last week
  18. What is the version number? Please provide all 3 parts, like 3.2.2. Saying that you have "the latest" will mean something different in a year or two when a new user is looking through the archives for a solution to their problem. If you find your license under My Purchases -> Orders then you are logged into the correct account. Copy and paste your permanent license key from the web site into the BYE validation dialog and type in the username that you are logged in with as the Identifier. The Identifier is case sensitive so make sure that it is in lower case, like your username. I
  19. admin


    All downloads the o'telescope website are virus free.
  20. Download the latest copy of BYE and do NOT type your key in, use cut&paste to prevent keying errors. Your key and identifier are stored here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". Regards,
  21. astroman133


    What do you mean by "it"? Some antimalware software is overly cautious about software that it does not recognize. False positives have happened before. Why are you trying to install an old version?
  22. ridgesoar


    when i try to download 2.1.0 it says that there is Malware attached and advises not.
  23. After a long period of not using BYE I downloaded the latest version, copied my license key into the box (premium, 2016) and typed in my current logon ID. Still getting validation error message. Please advise. Thanks!
  24. admin

    Exposure time

    I moved this thread in the BackyardEOS forum.
  25. s3igell, Yes I get that part about the optical impact of the filter. I am really wondering about the mechanical part of how BYEOS works when the camera is permanently holding the mirror up. If you are shooting manually and you turn mirror lock up mode on, the first push of the shutter button flips the mirror up and the second push of the shutter button takes the exposure. That way the picture is taken without any mirror flap which can be an issue in some special cases. From what I understand, BYEOS never programs the camera into mirror lock up mode. However, the mirror is permanently
  26. Let us know of your Impressions as you use your new L-Pro Filter. As long as your Light Pollution doesn't have a large component of the new Full-spectrum LED Street Lights, you should see great results. You will likely need / can perform longer exposures, given that the Filter blocks a significant amount of light from certain portions of the visible spectrum. You will also likely have moderate White Balance issues - but these are readily addressed in Post Processing. Good Luck...
  27. s3igell

    Exposure time

    In any case, the same use of the Shutter pulldown for Short Exposures works with both Canon and Nikon DSLRs.
  28. You said that the camera was a D450. Nikon models have a letter, either 'D' or 'Z' before the number. Canon's have the letter after the number, so your model might be a 450D, AKA the XSi.
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