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  3. Glad that you are working. Thanks for getting back to us.
  4. dont know what i did differently, all is fine!
  5. Time exposures are only up to a max of 30 seconds. For longer than that you need BULB mode.
  6. havent tried since due to the weather, trying tonight. Will let you know
  7. I was able to take long exposures with my Nikon 810, now i acn only take timed exposures up to 30 sec-- i must have changed a setting somewhere but when i choose "Time" it just strats something but doesnt allow me to close the shutter what do i do?
  8. That was it! The tricky part was that the program wasn't asking me to select a driver. I needed to go into advanced settings and check the box so it would ask me which driver I wanted to use. It working now. Thanks! Tom
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks for the responses!! Tried the "Force use serial cable". Did not change anything. Again, as long as it works with bulb mode...I'm good... But... s3igell....great suggestion!! I had not tried any other shutter release packages since I made my usb-rs232 release cable. I had played with MUP a little bit in other modes just to see how it functioned but not since making the cable. I tried another package that does provide the MUP pulse and it does work. The package only provides shutter control but it does work in any mode. Most of the time I will be using BYN in bulb mode because of all the functionality it provides....but in those cases where I want the MUP functionality for exposures less than 1 sec., (which won't be very often once the eclipse is over) then I still have pretty much all options available. You are correct about the metering (though you already knew that!). Your comment got me doing some testing for my own information and if I cover the lens at the beginning of the MUP, then uncover before the exposure starts, I get a long exposure. That won't be an issue... So, thanks again for the responses. You comments and questions got me where I wanted to be..... Billgriz
  11. The Canon210 driver/SDK that you were using in your post above is for the very old (DIGIC II) cameras that Canon has dropped from the latest version of the SDK. You need to use the driver/SDK labeled "Canon" to connect with the T6s. If you still get the same error then it is likely that you are the first BYE user to try to connect the T6s. Guylain needs to incorporate the device and model info that you provided into BYE in order for you to connect. He is currently in Europe growing his business, but he typically is able to quickly provide a beta release for you to test with. Please be patient, I am sure that he will respond.
  12. I can't seem to get BYEOS to work with my Canon T6s. The camera works fine with EOS utility. I stopped EOS utility before running BYEOS. When I click connect I get this: 09:55:32 Licensed to tlveik 09:55:51 Attempting to connect camera... 09:55:51 Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized. 09:55:51 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS Rebel T6s 09:55:51 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 3470492101. 09:55:51 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 4294967294(FFFFFFFE) 09:55:51 Generic model 153 assumed! But I can't do anything after this. Windows 10, 64 bit. BYEOS version is 3.1.11 How do I get this going? Thanks. Tom
  13. Perhaps Bill should test MUP Functionality on the Camera in non-Bulb Settings without using BYN - just to confirm whether the DSLR does indeed perform MUP in any other Capture Mode. My older Canon's (400D, 550D) only support MUP in Bulb. This is by Design. In the Camera Designer's Defense: Since a DSLR is designed to be a Stand-Alone Device, and all of the Metering and Focusing Functions REQUIRE the Mirror to direct the Incoming Light onto the Metering and Focusing Sensors, there just is not a Logical Case for them to have extended MUP Functionality into Modes other than Bulb/Manual.
  14. Oh, in that case go to Settings -> Advance Settings and enable "Force use Serial Cable". Will will force BYN to use the serial cable event for non-bulb images. Who knows, it may work. Regards,
  15. There has been 2 reports of this so it can not be a coincidence. I have not been able to reproduce it myself so it is hard to fix for this reason. This is a bug for sure.
  16. I am not sure where you got the idea that the Canon EOS Utility is a prerequisite for BYE, but that is not the case. It is not needed, but may be helpful as a troubleshooting tool if you have problems connecting BYE to your camera. The only prerequisite software for BYE is the .NET 4.0 CLR, which is already on all Windows 10 systems. There is also a low-level driver that must be present, but it should also be part of Windows 10.. Of course, you may want the ASCOM Platform and drivers for your devices (mount, focuser, filter wheel, etc) if you plan on getting the Premium version of BYE and expect to control your equipment from BYE..
  17. Well, perhaps Mirror Lock appears to work for BULB exposures because you have configured BYN to use the DSUSB cable, whereas it uses different logic for timed value exposures. In any case, it is what it is, since it the functionality is not actually supported by BYN. I'm actually surprised that you can even set a value for Mirror Lock since Guylain has said, since the initial BYN release, that it is not supported.
  18. Ok, let me modify my statement. The mirror lock works as expected when using bulb mode (with camera MUP setting). I was doing additional testing this evening and as long as I used bulb mode (with shutter via usb adapter to com 1), the mirror lock functioned. All other controls functioned as well. I could go all the way down to bulb minimum of 1 sec and sequence was correct. Did several plans of 5 exposures and 2 plans at 10 exposures. All were correct. All exposure times used (1sec, 10sec, 35sec, and 200sec) also appeared to be correct. But.....When I tried to use mirror lock in any other mode, then it did not work correctly and program display was erratic. That explains my earlier comment about having issues that suddenly cleared up. Appears to have cleared up when I went to bulb mode. So, I don't have an answer as to why it works in bulb, but it does (and I'm not complaining!). My hope was that it would work with shorter exposures but that is not the case so benefit may be less noticeable. My firmware is 1.04 (With "Stareater" Hack - no other mods) but I have also tried it with factory 1.05 with the same results. Screen cap showing quick test.....5 exposures in plan, 5 exposure thumbnails. Sequence on screen is "Cable Init"/"Anti-vibration"/"1 of 5"/"Busy-Downloading"/"Pausing" repeat for next exposure. I do hear the mirror come up at the beginning of anti-vibration then shutter open/close at the end of the anti-vibration countdown. Mirror drops after the exposure completes. Even moved the camera during the mirror up phase to ensure it wasn't exposing. Regards! Bill G. An additional thought.....When using MUP, the camera will automatically expose if the shutter is held for 30sec without a second shutter activation. Is it possible that BYN modifies that delay to the programmed value in the plan? Then it would work with only one shutter activation.....just a thought.....
  19. Thanks for your comment. Here I was thinking that I must be the only one seeing this.
  20. OK ce n'est pas grave, je peaufinerai en manuel, merci en tout cas au moins ta réponse est claire et nette ;-)
  21. Ok, thanks man..
  22. Hi, I want to use my BYE trial version on a Windows 10 laptop tethered to a second hand Canon 450D that I am still to receive but need some clarification of what software/drivers I need to run it with BYE. Is EOS Utilities all I need? I was just going to download the disc contents including EOS Utilities which I read I need for BYE from the Canon site but just found out that I apparently can't do that for Windows 10 from their site. Could someone please clarify what software I need for BYE in Windows 10 and where to get it from? If my 450D does come with a disc containing the software can I just save the contents of that disc to a USB (my laptop has no disc drive) and install it that way, or would the disc contents not be compatible with Windows 10 anyway? I have never done this before so any advice is appreciated. OZZY
  23. Possible oui, prévu...pas vraiment; manque de temps. C'est une fonction compliqué et sans compromis.
  24. Wonderful, It does work now for my T1i and my 6D with the advanced setting EOS utility unchecked Thank you very much to Astroman133 and BYE Problem solved Michel
  25. Michel, You may have disconnected the EOS Utility, but it is still running in the background. You can look at the Windows Task Manager to see if this is so. You can either kill EOS Utility or change the BYE's Advanced Setting to not check for the presence of the EOS Utility. You should remember 2 things...First, Windows may be configured to automatically start the EOS Utility 2 when you plug the camera into the PC and turn it on. This may not be what you want. Second, it is OK to have the EOS Utility 1 or 2 and BYE both running at the same time, as long as you do not try to connect both of them at the same time.
  26. Hi, I just downloaded the EOS Utility 2 So when I want to connect my T1i to BYE v3.1.3, BYE tells me to close EOS utility and so I do, then try to connect again and BYE keeps saying to close EOS utility 2, it is like BYE 3.1.3 doesn't see that EOS utility is closed. Before I used EOS utility 1 not EOS utility 2 and I didn't have this problem. The problem I am having now is that I lost EOS ultility version 1 when I downloaded EOS utility 2 EOS utility 2 is version 2.14.1 for windows Can anyone help? Thank you Michel
  27. no, I did not change anything in that control in the latest release.
  28. BYN has no code to activate the mirror lock for any cameras. ML requires that 2 open shutter commands be sent and BYN will only send one. If your camera somehow works with ML it means the firmware is somehow doing the operation... But I suspect it does not and because it requires 2 shutter operations I think you will get only 1 picture for every 2 pictures in your plan.
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