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  3. There is not setting number. That counter (25 / 180) is *always* displayed during the image capture. If you are taking 60 second images this number should be displayed for 60 seconds. I suspect that you may be taking 180 very short images. The only way this number would be flashing would be when taking short exposures of only a few seconds. How long are your exposures? Regards,
  4. BYE 3.1.16 Premium - Camera 1100D Hi - The Progress Center only displays the reducing number of seconds. This is duplicated in the Abort wheel. It would be so useful to actually see how many images in the batch have already been taken. If I glue my eyes to the screen, it sometimes flashes this information in these windows but I have to look carefully to catch it. I have seen a picture in the manual which does show something like 25 / 180. There must be a setting somewhere which will let me see this.
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  6. This does seems like an odd Windows behavior. Did you try on another PC just to see if Windows show the correct file size there? If it does at least now you'll it's specific to the windows installation on the other PC and your assessment of it being caused by a Windows update may be correct. Also, can you restore your PC to a date where you know it was working? This would also give you another clue if it was a Windows update issue.
  7. Hi, did you ever get an answer or fix to this? I now have he exact same issue - can view and copy my 5dmk3 .cr2 files from my CF card through a card reader or through EOS utility, but explorer just shows them as zero byte local disc files. Not sure if this was as a result of a windows 10 update or after I installed EOS utility, but its really annoying!
  8. I have had BYE ask to re-enter my username when I tried to use it while traveling away from home...I had thought it was due to changing the PC's local time zone. Neat video Aaron! Next time you forget your password, just change it. When logging in, click on "Forgot my password" and it will take you through a process to reset the password. Once complete you can then see your license.
  9. admin

    ISS Transit

    This is so cool, thanks for sharing that picture! EDIT: Some windows update will cause the license to be re-validated. I suspect this is the cause for having to re-validate your key.
  10. AaronSmall

    ISS Transit

    Guylain, Wanted to say thanks again. I was able to capture a ISS Lunar Transit using Planetary in BYE. Zoomed in nicely and had it running at ~15 fps a few minutes beforehand. My daughter actually saw it on the screen and then I was able to look in the capture folder (I was saving JPGs instead of AVI) where I ended up being a little disappointed when I saw a small black dot cross. Turns out it was only a bird (my daughter told me it was not where she saw it). Only wish we could get RAW but I understand the limitations of the liveview method. Had only one glitch. When first booting up the laptop after set up, BYE asked me to validate my license. Never had done this since many moons ago I was stumped. I panicked after it didn't take my password(s). My daughter even set up a wifi hotspot and I tried to find the password on the website. I finally READ THE DIRECTIONS and typed in my username (DUH) where it let me in. Then it wouldn't connect to the 700D. I shut down. Waited 10s. Restarted BYE and then it connected and we were in business. Didn't keep the logs (I think). Weird behavior but I luckily had 15 minutes to spare. See attached animation.
  11. I believe that it is common for the Telescope.AxisRates method to return the rates from slowest to fastest for the requested axis, but you should expect that the rate objects could be in any order. Don't forget that each rate is actually a range of rates from a minimum value to a maximum value. In the case of the rates for the Gemini driver, the min and max values are the same. This means that only 3 rate values are valid. It is possible that the AxisRates for a given axis could be empty. This should only occur if CanMoveAxis for that axis is false. Also, 0.0 is always a valid rate, since calling Move Axis with a value of 0 returns to either sidereal tracking or not, depending on the Tracking flag. The three rates for the Gemini mount are not slew rates; they are for MoveAxis calls, although the fastest speed may also be the rate at which the mount slews. I would be extremely surprised if setting the speed to Center (20X sidereal) would affect the speed at which the mount slewed across the sky to a new target. It does, however, make sense to do frame and focus jog moves at 20X. I really think that it will be confusing for people choose percentage values for the MoveAxis speed when those values can map to invalid axis rates. Giving them only a selection of valid rate values seems likely to cause less confusion. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Rick, in your experience, does most ASCOM driver provide that list ordered by fastest to slowest speed? Your suggestion makes sense, I just need to figure out a few things (like dithering speed) before making the call to plunge or not. Also, what if the mount supports the move axis command but that list is empty (is that even a possibility) or only has one value? I guess a one size fits all would be to somehow allow the user to select from that list and keep the percentage to scale that speed sort a speak. For Jim, that would give him all 3 speeds to choose from a list, and with the percentage set to 100%, would mean the Genimi ASCOM driver would always set the Gemini slew speed to the appropriate value. I'm I reading this right? I'm not saying this is what I'll be doing, or even a timeline, I'm merely trying to understand the command flow at this stage so that any decision taken is an informed one. Regards,
  13. Right now BYE displays a percentage that is changed via the up and down arrows, but the code could be modified to use a list of valid axis rate values that a user scrolls through with the up and down arrows. The displayed values would be numeric rather than descriptions like Guide, Center, and Slew (which are specific to the Gemini driver). That type of approach could work for all drivers that support MoveAxis calls, BYE would just need to figure out a few valid rates (like a slow rate, a fast rate, and an in between rate) for the user to select from.
  14. When I was looking through the code I was searching for the MoveAxis commands. I should have been looking for Slew, Center and Guide. To answer your question, ideally the same as the Gemini Telescope.NET app. Guide, Center and Slew. Maybe three radial buttons - G, C, S. I am not sure how this would impact other ASCOM mounts and how you can implement a One-Size-Fits-All interface. http://download.ascom-standards.org/drivers/GeminiTelescopeInstaller(
  15. I just looked at the Driver.cs file from that github repository and the switch statement at line 1331 is where the Gemini ASCOM driver changes the slew speed. The Gemini ASCOM driver will *ALWAYS* change the rate to either slew/center/guide according to this code below; this is a Gemini specific behavior. What is your ideal outcome Jim? Is there one that you prefer the mount to be set to once the MoveAxis is complete?
  16. The Gemini-2 code is in several locations at GitHub. I don't know how the Speed Settings below correspond to MoveAxis. One key GitHub Gemini-II location is... I can't locate ASCOM Gemini Telescope.NET. https://github.com/PKAstro/Ascom.Gemini.Telescope/tree/master/GeminiTelescope
  17. BYN uses the Nikon SDK to manage communication with a camera. The Nikon SDK is provided by Nikon. The problem with the 3X00 models is that Nikon does not support them in the SDK. If they did, BYN would most likely also support them.
  18. Please start a new thread in the future as this thread has been marked as solve by the OP. The D3100 will not work as you found out. The D5100 should work, in fact I have one and it does connect. Does windows even see the D5100 camera?
  19. The tricky part is to make sure that whatever speed is used for calls to MoveAxis is in the list of valid Axis Rates for the driver/mount being used. In a previous post, I described one approach that could be universal to accommodate drivers/mounts with one continuous range of rates, multiple split ranges of rates, multiple discrete rate values. I would suggest that Guylain consider something similar. He just needs to think about it in the context of BYE/BYN.
  20. I have both a Nikon d3100 and d5100. I cannot get either to connect to the Nikon backyard software. Can you give me some ideas on what might be going on? I followed the instructions on the failure notice. I noticed that it seems the d31XX which I assume is the same as my d3100 won't work with this application. Also, I was trying to find the logs for this, I cannot find a file folder named "my pictures". I did find a file folder for backyard Nikon in my program files. I'm running windows 10 on my personal HP laptop at home.
  21. I tried to contact the ASCOM Telescope.NET developers but was unsuccessful. One key developer passed away. Not sure the best approach for the Speed button.
  22. Oh, and to answer your questions in your email... The trial is NOT the pre-release. BYE comes in 3 editions and is defined by your software key. Trial Edition Classic Edition Premium Edition. The trial edition IS the premium edition but will only work for 30 days. Aside from that the Trial edition is the same as the premium edition. A pre-release is NOT an edition.... it's a download of the next version that is not yet release that people can try with their current software key. It does not matter if your software key is the trial, classic, or premium key... your key will work a pre-release. Because a pre-release is NOT an edition (trial, classic, premium)... you only need to download it form the "DOWNLOAD" pre-release section and use your *same* key. Click "Download" from the website top menu bar, then click on the "pre-release" section on the right option panel.
  23. Ok, I think I found the account.... is it "yamada" with your pec....@gmail.com account?
  24. Please DO NOT reply to forum posts by email. You must post directly on the forum to ensure the conversation remains public; this way other users may benefit from the conversation and outcome. I need to know that account you used to purchased and gets locked as you say. Without this I can not find the account to unlock it. Regards,
  25. According to your logfile from May you selected the default Nikon driver in BYN when connecting and it worked fine. Does Windows see the camera?
  26. Hello, what specific settings should I use in the camera to successfully connect to BYNikon? I am trying to connect my 1v3 but I get camera not found.
  27. I'm confused. What is locked? I looked at your profile and I do not see any BYE Premium license key under the account you are using to post this message. Can you please elaborate a little bit more on your issue? Thank you.
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