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  3. T1i D/L issue

    Thanks for letting us know.
  4. T1i D/L issue

    Cam 1 & Cam 2 are two different modded 500D's. To update, the Obsv 'puter is running V3.1.19. After testing on all other 'puters it worked just fine..went back out to the Obsv just now, hooked up the one that had the "issue" (Cam1).. and it now functions as nothing ever happened...10s 12,800iso snap..OK without disconnect...360s 1600iso light, OK..completed that just fine... Perplexing to say the least...perhaps the battery contacts were/are a bit dirty? (will have to check)..and removing & reinstalling a battery a few times helped? If the issue returns, will add to this post..yet am going to use Cam2 for now...yet the chance to use it might be awhile due to mother nature..
  5. D810a connection dropping mid sequence

    I don't think a powered hub will do anything here because the camera is not powered by the hub, it has it's own power source. But, having to many devices connected to a hub pushing data into it will saturate the data capacity of the hub and the camera SDK will see this as a camera disconnect because it can't see the camera momentarily. Even a drop of 1 millisecond will cause the camera to disconnect. If anything, try with the camera connected into it's own computer USB port as a test and see what happens.
  6. D810a connection dropping mid sequence

    I was connecting via unpowered hub to Intel Stick pc. The computer and camera do not power down or off so the first reply got me thinking. Definitely a low powered pc. I purchased a powered hub to see if that helps. Will let you know how it goes. cheers
  7. T1i D/L issue

    WHOA.... A f/3 the photons are all mine. Get it line
  8. Last week
  9. T1i D/L issue

    Going Outside - better for your health than Going to the Bar!! I've got a Clear Sky Clock for the local "Semi/Somewhat-Dark'ish Site" for tomorrow night. I think I'll join you outside... So, don't suck up all the Photons!!
  10. T1i D/L issue

    LOL, I'm not in my game this week... I've misread a few posts... good thing is it's Friday... and it is a clear moonless night... seeing is not that good but it's clear... so I'm going to be outside all night
  11. T1i D/L issue

    No, the OP has 2 T1i cameras (Cam1 and Cam2). He also has 2 computers (one in his observatory and the other for use in the field). Apparently Cam2 works with both computers but Cam1 only works with one computer. When Cam1 is connected with the Observatory computer it apparently fails to provide an image to BYE and BYE times out after 129 seconds. Other factors are that when a camera is used in the Observatory it is powered by A/C power rather than a battery. When in the field the cameras are powered by batteries. Also, the "field" PC is running a much older version of BYE (3.0.?). I hope that I have that right! If so, then the next thing that I would try is to run the camera with the issue (Cam1???) in the observatory as normal to confirm failure then try it again when the camera is powered with a fully-charged battery.
  12. T1i D/L issue

    By Cam1 / Cam2 you mean the executables, right? They are identical, this is odd... but they both have their how config file. Keep us updated.
  13. T1i D/L issue

    I will get around to trying the one w/the issue on the Obsv 'puter (XP), EOS utility (and verify what version of BYEOS is on that machine). Trying to clairify: 1. Cam1 worked fine on Obsv XP 'puter till this disconnect thing appeared. 2. Cam2 was hooked up with the same USB cable to powered hub on the same 'puter & works. 3. Cam1 was then hooked up to an XP machine (that used to be in the Obsv) and worked w/ BYEOS v/3.0.0 & worked w/ the EOS utility on that 'puter. 4. (This was just done last night) Cam1 was hooked up to a W7 PRO HP Laptop (for field use) and worked w/BYEOS v/3.1.16. Did a 10s, 12800iso snap shot in frame & focus, then a 360s/1600iso "test" in imaging. Cam1 (the one with the issue) completed both. This was using a regular camera battery. The Obsv setup has a 110v step down battery (Canon Factory) power supply, and was used to test Cam2 with success & worked fine w/Cam1 till this issue. Since Cam2 worked when trying on the Obsv 'puter, have left it there for now. Will update when I find out more.
  14. Maddy

    your computer needs to be 32 bits. you need to install the drivers that came on the cd with the camera. Usually, Installing the software EOS Capture as it was called then may also install the drivers.
  15. Maddy

    Canon no longer supports DIGIC II cameras like the 20Da. For this reason they have never released a 64-bit low level driver for them. This means that if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, there is no way that you will be able to connect BYE to your camera. If your version of Windows is 32-bit then all you need is a 32-bit kernel level plug-and-play driver. Then in BYE you must select the "Canon 210" version of the SDK to use for managing the camera. The camera is so far out-of-date that getting a driver could prove a challenge. You may be able to install the Windows XP driver on a newer version of 32-bit Windows, perhaps as new as Windows 8, but I am not sure. Some people have been successful, and some have given up. O'Telescope cannot provide that driver since it belongs to Canon.
  16. Maddy

    How to connect a 20Da and run EOS? Does the computer need drivers for the camera? The camera shows up in Device Manager and indicates it has no drivers installed.
  17. Unabe to open

    Oh, I see. It is related to browsing the O'Telescope website, not the application itself. Makes more sense and this is in no way related to the application no starting. Thanks for checking.
  18. Unabe to open

    I figured out where the OP is seeing that "message". It is what the Task Manager displays in the task list when viewing the Applications tab...I see the same thing while looking at the Task Manager applications list while browsing to this site. It would be the Processes tab that might list some orphan instance of BYE. In any case, rebooting should fix it. Unabe to open is the title of this thread. The rest is the site and the browser. The same string is shown in the IE tab for this site. Unfortunately, none of this has helped the OP to discover why he does not appear to launch BYE successfully.
  19. Unabe to open

    I don't even know that this could even mean. Unable to open-BackyardEOS-O'Telescope-Internet Explorer. I can think of nothing that would have this time of error running the application. The application is in not way shape or form tied to Internet Explorer. There must be someting else here... and I'm starting to think that the apps starts fine... but when it tries to call home for the license validation the internet call is blocked and the process is halted... and perhaps the above error shows up in task manager.
  20. Unabe to open

    >> do I have to have a previous version to be able to download the new version? No, but I am sure that you mean "install" rather than "download".
  21. Unabe to open

    Hi, no I have not tried that yet, I will try it after lunch.
  22. Unabe to open

    Did you try rebooting the computer?
  23. Unabe to open

    Hi again, I have looked into task manager and there is a message there that says :- Unable to open-BackyardEOS-O'Telescope-Internet Explorer so I have wiped all from the computer and tried reinstalling but find that I am having the same problem, do I have to have a previous version to be able to download the new version? sorry if it sounds daft but I am running out of ideas.
  24. Unabe to open

    It is possible that the app is lurking in memory with no window displayed. I will also say that it can take BYE up to 20 seconds from when you launch it until it first appears, so be patient.
  25. Unabe to open

    Before you do... open TaskManager and see is you have a task running called BinaryRivers.BackyardEOS.Start. Is your Windows 7 up to date?
  26. Unabe to open

    Hi, the app does nothing at all, so maybe the problem is at my end, I think I will completely wipe all and start again and let you know tomorrow how I have got on.
  27. Unabe to open

    If the installer ran without error, then there is likely nothing to gain by downloading it again. Can you please provide more detail about why you are saying that the "app fails to open"? Do you get some kind of error message, or does nothing at all happen after you launch the app?
  28. Unabe to open

    Thanks I will have a good look at it and if need be I will download again and let you know. Just a quick thank you to all for being so quick in your replies.
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