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  1. admin

    License fault error!

    That key has been activated 10 times since September 8th using at least 5 different IP addresses. The server automatically deactivated it as a result.
  2. admin

    License fault error!

    Do you get a more detailed error message?
  3. admin

    D810 Issues

    Just set it in BYN should be fine.
  4. Oh, I think I understand now. You want a tiny JPG image stored with your RAW image for quick viewing in Windows when you are browsing your image folder in Windows. Is this correct? If yes then the feature request should be "The ability to save a small JPG along side the RAW image for quick viewing when browsing Windows image folder". This would be very easy to implement.
  5. admin

    D810 Issues

    Good point on the serial cable. You don't need one with the D810. If you get error with the D810 it can be one of these... 1) You accidentally selected anything but "Camera USB" in the Cable pulldown in the capture plan section. 2) You went to Settings -> Advanced Settings and checked "Force use serial cable" 3) You have in camera mirror lock enabled as astroman133 suggested. You need to turn it off. Keep us posted.
  6. admin

    D810 Issues

    What do you mean by "however the exposure times were off"? Is the timestamp on the image file wrong or is the image duration wrong? If WIFI is enabled on your camera you need to disabled it. You are set to take both RAW + JPG image, set it to RAW only and see if that works. Does it work when taking not bulb image?
  7. While BYE doen't allow those settings there is a workaround. In BYE, go to Settings and set the image quality to "In Camera". On your camera, using its menu, set the desired image quality. Regards,
  8. admin


    Please read the EULA paragraph 2; scroll down and select the EULA tab. https://www.otelescope.com/store/category/2-backyardeos/ However, there is a limit of 5 activation on trials keys during the 30-day trial period. Hope this helps,
  9. admin

    Capture Plan Exits Nikon D5300

    I was also about to suggest this. Please try RAW only and report your findings.
  10. admin

    Capture Plan Exits Nikon D5300

    Is this a new error? Did it work in the past?
  11. admin

    Window changes when BYN is minimised

    Which version of BYE are you using? You can't change the order as of now.
  12. Will there ever be a version of BYN that will support focus assist? It will be a total game changer..

  13. admin

    Connection issues intermittently

    Okay, I need more info... your comments are too general to help at this stage. What camera model? What version of BYN are yo using? Which Nikon drivers are you choosing in BYN when connecting your camera? Nikon or Nikon2015?
  14. admin

    Connection issues intermittently

    You should also try a different USB port on your computer/laptop. If this is a laptop and you have usb ports on both sides tyr one form the other side as they are most likely on different USB Bus inside your computer and this may actually make a difference. When the camera is not connection... does Windows even see the camera?
  15. admin

    D5100 won't connect using DSUSB

    Glad you got it to work.

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