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  1. Ok, been wanting to remove this validation for a while now... and I just did. Please download 3.2.1.RC4, that validation is a thing of the past.
  2. Odd, I see from the server logs that you have also downloaded the 3.2.1 release candidate, do you get the same error?
  3. Looks like your anti-virus or firewall may play a role in all of this. The call to the server is a simple REST API call and the servers is always on 24/7.
  4. Looks like your firewall or antivirus is preventing the call to the server to validate the key. You may have to disable them momentarily for the activation process.
  5. admin

    Trial extension?

    I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again to your cart and proceed to checkout for a second 30-day trial. Regards,
  6. You have created multiple accounts with multiple trials. This is a violation of the license agreement.
  7. You have too many variables here for a proper diagnostics. If the log entry "OnDeviceOnImageReady(1,type[1]) fired" is not present if means the camera is failing to indicate that an image is ready for download after an image has been taken and sadly there is not much anything can be done in this case. Are you taking both RAW + JPG? I would recommend only RAW. Is your camera set to go to sleep after x minute of inactivity? Is your PC or USB port (or anything in the connection path) set to go to sleep? Aside from that you need to simplify your setup to properly troubles
  8. I'm almost tempted to drop AVI and only stick with JPG. It's the same quality and does not require any additional CPU power to create the AVI. The only advantage is a single file instead of potentially thousands. Aside from that JPG all the way IMO.
  9. 7 years... cool... and thank you for your loyalty Don't save AVI, save individual JPG. It is the absolute same quality out of BYE, no difference. On top of that, the sum of all JPG images with be smaller than the single AVI.
  10. Agreed, it's a hit-and-miss... one of these days I'll just have to bite the bullet and change the entire settings sub-system. In the meantime this is a good workaround.
  11. I'm also an administrator on my PC and I had to change the permission and give write access to "users". This is by no means a permanent solution, but a workaround. I'd be interested to see if it works with write access granted to "users".
  12. You need to change the permission on the folder where BYE/BYN is installed, not the .exe.
  13. Here's a workflow for doing this. I checked the "Modify" option for "Users" for the folder where BYE is installed and is worked after that. As mentioned above, this should not happen, but it does. This workaround will allow BYE/BYE to save settings again.
  14. admin

    Focuser Connection

    actually you do, the only focuser connection has built-in is through ASCOM. Can you elaborate on your workaround?
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