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  1. admin

    temp not displayed in file name

    That is a Canon only feature. Nikon cameras do not have an internal temperature sensor so there is no way to get that value.
  2. admin

    SL2 will not connect to BYE

    This is a Windows error. Try downloading again... maybe directly to your desktop instead of the default download folder. Keep us posted.
  3. admin


    Uh, ok. Not much we can do to help without any additional info. The T3i has been working for years now. Do you get an error message? Does Windows see the camera? Did you try another USB cable? Did you try another USB port? What version of BYE? Did it ever connect with that camera? Which Canon drivers are you using in BYE when connectiong the camere? Canon/Canon215/Canon2010? Regards,
  4. admin

    SL2 will not connect to BYE

    You need to download 3.1.17 in the pre-release section.
  5. admin

    D5600 Connection

    USB cable deteriorate over time... good quality cables like TetherTools will last longer and they have slightly bigger strands usually and better interference protection. Try a less expensive cable at first if you have one and buy the more expensive one only if you have issues with the less expensive generic cable.
  6. admin

    Expired Licence

    Hi, I just archived your first trial/. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a second trial key. Regards,
  7. admin

    Transfer BYE existing account/license to new PC

    You don't need to remove it form the other PC. You can install BYE on more than one PC with the same key.
  8. admin

    Unable to Connect Nikon D600

    Be it as it may, It's Nikon's SDK. The have improved the most current SDK (called Nikon in BYN) dramatically in recent years to the point where even older cameras will now connect... it was not the case a few years ago... hence the need to be backward compatibility by including the Nikon2015 SDK version in BYN.
  9. admin

    Unable to Connect Nikon D600

    Did you try with the Nikon drivers (not Nikon2015) when you connect the camera with BYN. Does Windows see the camera in Device Manager? Did you reboot the PC to see it it makes a difference? Regards,
  10. admin

    Won't start exposures

    Well.... if your computer is going to sleep everything stops. You need to make sure it doesn't go to sleep this goes the the hard drive as well, you need to make sure they don't sleep.
  11. admin

    Z7 / Z6 Compatability

    I'll download the SDK and go from there. I may ping you for a test or 2 in the new year. Regards,
  12. Oh, I missed that. Can you please post this a feature request in the Feature Suggestion Box forum. This is where I go when I some time to spare. This way it won't get lost in the forum as a regular thread. I'll read the ASCOM documentation they have.
  13. I got your PM. In the future post things here in the forum. PM's not public and provides no continuity for the community as a whole. Everything you sent me seems related to the actual manufacturer of the sensor... this is not useful as the Pegasus device had complete control over it. If the Pegasus device does not allow to periodically write the current data to a file there is nothing that can be done. Can the Pegasus write this to a file periodically? If yes what is the file format, this is what I need.
  14. This should actaully by the in the "Feature Suggestion Box" box forum. Send me sample file of what the Pegasus units write and I'll see if I can help you configure the text file delimiter for it. Regards,
  15. admin

    BYC swap to BYN possible?

    email sent.

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