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  1. Duel cameras time out!

    Okay, I see the timeout in the log files. Let's take a step back, you're doing to many things trying to make it work and from what you have posted earlier you do not yet understand the role of the slave and master instances. I think you have configured camera2 as a slave to camera1 and camera1 as a slave to camera2. If this is the case you've created and round robin loop. The slave is just that, a slave. You connect one camera to that slave instance and forget about it after that. Don't mess with it's capture plan. Connect the camera and forget about it. Just take note of the port number you have set in the settings window for that slave instance, I think you have it set to 1502. DO NOT MESS WITH THE DUAL CAMERA BUTTON IN THE CAPTURE PLAN OF THAT SLAVE INSTANCE.; IT NEEDS TO BE DISABLED in the slave instance. The master is just like your normal BackyardEOS. This only difference is that takepicture commands taken with this master instance will be sent to the slave instance as well. On the master instance, you program your capture plan and you enable DUAL camera. In the dual camera window you make sure you set the port number equal to the port number you have set in the slave instance (1502). Regards,
  2. Duel cameras time out!

    There is an intentional 3 second delay between both exposure to manage data on the usb port. This is also explained in the manual
  3. Duel cameras time out!

    Did you read the manual? Does Duel camera need to be checked in both master and slave BYN screens? NO Will the slave follow what the master is doing? YES, that is the purpose. Do I need to input the ISO capture details in the slave 1502 camera? NO, YOU DO NOTHING WITH THE SLAVE CAMERA OTHER THAN HAVING IT ON AND CONNECTED. If I want the slave to do everything the master is doing then why can I make the slaves capture plan different on the 1502 camera?? The slave capture plan is ignored.
  4. FX mode or DX mode shooting option.

    No problem, thank you for the update.
  5. BYN buzzing at me!

    Ok, stop right there! Dual camera ASSUMES similar setup. If you have a camera with and lens and one without all bets are off. Don't do that. Dual camera tries to send the same camera command from the master instance to the slave instances, so if the master does not have a lens and the slave does and it won't know what to do with the aperture. You need to have similar setup.
  6. BYN buzzing at me!

    Page 47 in the user manual as Rick said... very good description on how it works.
  7. Is there a way to see exactly why BYE stopped taking subs?

    That is exactly what happened. This ButtonPlus_MouseClick(btnAbort = 'Abort') log message requires a physical/manual user intervention to be logged. The abort button was pressed, that I'm 1000% sure about this given the log file provided. Thank you Rick for pointing it out. Regards,
  8. Is there a way to see exactly why BYE stopped taking subs?

    Are you sure sent the correct log file. This log file is nice, you even manually disconnected the camera.
  9. Debunking dithering!

    There is no dither scale option in BYE?
  10. FX mode or DX mode shooting option.

    Well, you know what you have to do, right? Hint... I can find a way to hide in the luggage compartment
  11. BYN buzzing at me!

    I'm sorry but there was no attempt to actually connect the camera in that latest log file. To remove all confusion... delete all the log files... all of them. Then start the application and connect the camera and take a single image in "Image Capture" Close the app and send me that log file.
  12. BYN buzzing at me!

    yes, sorry.
  13. BYN buzzing at me!

    Did you changed any of the advance parameters in BYN? If yes go back and set them to default. Also, is it possible that you have mirror lock enabled? If yes disable it and try again.
  14. BYN buzzing at me!

    Not possible, if you have no lens the camera should never throw the out of focus error. Some Nikon cameras also have an AF button on the camera body, set that to manual focus too. Let's remove the lens out of the mix. Then repeat your test and send me those log files.
  15. BYN buzzing at me!

    Try a factory reset on the camera.

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