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  1. Is this a work/school computer?
  2. Hi, there is an error EDS_ERR_STREAM_OPEN_ERROR in the log file when the image is being downloaded. This is a camera error. I suspect your antivirus may be stopping the download. Try to whitelist BackyardEOS and see if this makes a difference. Regards, ----- 2021-10-24 16:34:51,105 [11] DEBUG - TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(Not supported) Duration(0.0) Iso(1600) Quality(IMAGE_RLF+) Mirror(0) SaveTo(PC+CARD) ... 2021-10-24 16:34:52,985 [Main] DEBUG - ObjectEvent_VolumeInfoChanged: (inRef=104264112) 2021-10-24 16:34:52,985 [Main] DEBUG
  3. Which antivirus are you using? Can you turn it off and try to validate? I'm curious to see the antivirus is preventing the creation of the license file.
  4. Are you keying in your key manually or cut&paste from the website?
  5. All you get is "not found"? That is the full message you get?
  6. If it used to work and no longer works without having upgraded BYE that the issue is not BYE, it has to be elsewhere. I would start with a camera factory reset. I suspect an in-camera setting has changed, and the reset should confirm this (or not). Keep us posted
  7. Send me the full log file. https://www.otelescope.com/forums/topic/893-how-to-submit-log-files-for-troubleshooting-an-issue/
  8. It's not unnecessary validation! Account information (username/password/software key) are your private data. There are some software packages out there to keep track of such data, as pointed above. Good luck with cracked software, I hope you have a good antivirus software and that you aren't concerned about having your credit card compromised by these low-life jerks (yes jerks, and I'm being modest).
  9. RAW files will differ in size slightly from image to image. This is partly because a JPG image is embedded in the .CR2 files and JPG do differ in size from image to image. The RAW data inside the .CR2 is unaffected by this.
  10. If you get both the JPG and RAW it's because you have it setup like this. If you only want RAW goto settings and select RAW only for image quality.
  11. What do you mean not the same height and width? The file byte size variation is not indicative of width of height.
  12. admin

    Trial Key

    Go to the store and add a trial in your cart and proceed to checkout.
  13. Hi Oleg, I replied to your mount purchase request by email on Sept 30. Please check your spam folder and confirm reception. We'll go from there. Regards,
  14. Can you post a print screen showing the histogram location?
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