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  1. thanks for letting us know.
  2. No, not possible. If the USB was not completely plugged the camera would not even be connected to BYE.
  3. Did you restart your computer? Anyone logged into the site should be able to download 3.2.0. Here is a direct link. Let me know if you still can't download. \
  4. This is an install issue. Re-install and you should be fine. Alternatively, if re-installing does not work, you can download and install 3.2.0 in the pre-release section, I have made a few changes in the installer in an attempt to address these installation issues. Regards,
  5. okay, I will send you an email with instructions.
  6. Please post in the BackyardEOS forum in the future. I will move your post there. Please be more specific. We need the full version number of BackyardEOS you are using. Please clarify, do you have the 600D or 800D? Your messate says 600D but your log clip shows 800D.
  7. That account has a key in it dated April 2015. Do you still have access to the email w_archard@roadrunner.com? If yes try the reset password.
  8. Do you have a @roadrunner.com email? Try that one.
  9. You just specified your username and password in your previous post. This is a public forum! I removed your password from your post. Only keys purchased before January 2015 are online. Keys purchased before then were sent be email. Not sure when you purchased yours.
  10. I will also add that it is not with the account "warch67" that are are using to post this thread. You need to login with the account your purchased to see your key and identififer under "My Purchases -> Orders".
  11. You can login to the site with your email or username, they are not the same. This may be what is happening, just a guess though. All this information, including your key, is under "My Purchases -> Orders". The identifier (user name) is case sensitive. Regards,
  12. 3.2.0 is in the pre-release download section. I have not charged a dime for upgrades in 10 years. Regards.
  13. This is true up until 3.2.0 pre-release, where telescope slew was added, along with plate solving, in the Premium Edition. But for the current production 3.1.18 the above statement is still accurate.
  14. BYE uses the ASCOM MoveAxis command to move the mount using slew arrows. The code below s what is used in BYE to a slew. The first line reads the current tracking value... then it performs the move, and the finally clause towards the end (which is always executed) resets the tracking to the previous value (from line one). This should reset tracking. I'm not why your mount stays in non-tracking mode but I can confirm the tracking is being reset to ON after the move if it was ON before the move is issued. var isTracking = Telescope.Tracking; try { if (Telescope.CanSlew && Telescope.CanSetTracking) { Telescope.Tracking = true; switch (direction) { case TelescopeSlewEnum.Up: MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes.axisSecondary, 1 * speed); break; case TelescopeSlewEnum.Down: MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes.axisSecondary, -1 * speed); break; case TelescopeSlewEnum.Right: MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes.axisPrimary, -1 * speed); break; case TelescopeSlewEnum.Left: MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes.axisPrimary, 1 * speed); break; } return true; } } catch (Exception ex) { LogError(ex); } finally { Telescope.Tracking = isTracking; }
  15. If you want BYE to leave the image quality alone go to Settings and set the image quality to "In-Camera". Use the camera menu to set the quality and BYE won't ever change it anymore. Regards,
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