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  1. It's a trial and error for ISO versus shutter speed. However, for planetary make sure you use 5x zoom. This gives you in most cases a 1:1 pixel resolution, meaning 1 pixel on the sensor = 1 pixel on your image. It is the best resolution you can get in planetary mode. Your camera is a USB2 camera, so a USB3 cable won't do anything to increase throughput. Regards,
  2. Is that what you are using to get your reading? http://knightware.biz/sqm/readerpro.htm
  3. There are no keyboard shortcuts.... but this would be a good item to add in the feature suggestion box forum... this is where I go when I have some spare time
  4. admin

    Supported Nikon cameras

    The D5300 is supported.
  5. admin

    Supported Nikon cameras

    Go to the store product page and then scroll down and select the camera tab.
  6. Password changed and email sent.
  7. Just login with your "ChrisB68" username. Do you need me to reset the password?
  8. What was the answer that fixed your problem?
  9. Confused? You created 2 accounts with 2 different emails... one in 2015 and one in 2019. You purchased with one of the account your created in 2019... so it is perfectly normal that you need to login with the account you purchased to see you keys. Regards,
  10. This is a function on your PC, not BYE. Your internal PC clock is probably throttling the data throughput to save power over time. I think if anything can be done I would think it would/could be in the BIOS setting of your laptop ~ just a hunch though. Regards,
  11. This is correct. The idea is that you should be relatively close to focus. If not the triple arrow buttons will give you the biggest jump, then to refine with the double and then single arrow buttons for fine focus. Regards,
  12. That is were you enter new keys, no matter the edition you have. Your new purchase should be on the website in "My Purchases -> Orders".
  13. If your trial key has not expired yet you need to click the padlock icon in BYN in the upper right corner and enter your trial key there. Regards,
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