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  1. admin

    User Interface resizing issue

    This looks more like a graphic driver issue; never had this reported before. Do you a QHD monitor or another type 4k'ish monitor where the graphic driver does a lot of gymnastic to render a difference size. As a test, do you have another computer to try and see if you get the same behavior?
  2. admin

    Can`t connect to camera (6DmkII, Win10), 3.1.17 RC3

    Probably a driver. Glad it works now.
  3. admin

    BYE Trial Extension

    Please be courteous when asking for help! What is the error you get?
  4. admin

    Lunar imaging

    This is not possible with BYE/BYN. As s3igell said you;ll need to switch to sill images to get the sensor full resolution.
  5. admin

    validation issues

    Delete this file and try again: c:\users\<<username>>\appdata\BackyardEOSv31-license.txt. The folder appdata is a hidden folder so you may have to set windows to show hidden folders/files. Keep us posted.
  6. admin

    validation issues

    That key as been deactivated and will remain deactivated. Since this is a public forum with RRS feed capabilities who knows how many users have now received that key in their feed. I have a zero tolerance for this. If you want to continue using BYE you will need to purchase another key. I have not yet banned your account, I was waiting for you to reply here. If you purchase another I will let your account active. Regards,
  7. admin

    validation issues

    YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED AND YOUR KEY HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED!!!! Let this serve as a reminder that a software key is your private data and should never be shared, let alone posted on a public forum!!!
  8. Pas un bogues, plutôt par design. Vas dans les paramètres choisi l'option "In Camera" pour la qualité d'image. De cette façon BYE ne le changera jamais.
  9. admin

    Nikon Z6

    Not supported yet. I have a pending request at Nikon for them to send me a camera for testing. This can a few months. Once I have a camera to test with I should be able to make it work. Regards,
  10. admin

    Cant Validate BYE Trial Version

    Which version did you downloaded? Specific version number please. I ask because trial keys will only work with the latest release. For BYE that should be 3.1.16 or the pre-release 3.1.17.rc3.
  11. admin

    Frame focus Not working

    So it's working now?
  12. admin

    Support for Mirrorless Canons

    Crap, I replied to the wrong post, my previous post was meant for the Nikon Z series cameras to which I have a pending request with Nikon for 2 loaner cameras for testing. Unfortunately I don't have this connection with Canon so I can not get cameras for testing... I need to buy them and this is not necessarily feasible. Good catch.
  13. admin

    BYE Trial Extension

    Sure, I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again in your cart. Regards.
  14. admin

    Support for Mirrorless Canons

    No testers needed, what I did does not work and I can't do nothing without a camera to test. I contacted Nikon and they will be send me a camera for testing.... but this can take months before they have one available from their loaner pool.

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