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  1. admin

    Licence Key

    For future reference if someone reads this thread is 6 months... all keys issued since 2015 are available here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". You must be logged in with the account you used to purchase.
  2. I may have replied too soon. I see you have the Classic edition, and you are trying to upgrade to Premium edition. I just applied the coupon to your invoice. You can complete the upgrade now. https://www.otelescope.com/clients/orders/
  3. Please read the upgrade instructions carefully. You have BYN 2.0.9. You don't need a coupon. Your 2.x key works with any versions since 2015. Just download the latest, use the same key. Regards,
  4. The zoom location is provided by the camera. It looks like for some reason the real location reported by the camera was no longer in sync with where BYE thought is was. Very strange.
  5. This is pretty odd for sure. Did you by any change touched the camera button to move the zoom location during that session? I can't see anything off the top of my head that could cause this.
  6. You did not specify the version of the software, say you have the most current is not helpful/sufficient. You did not specify the camera model you have. Hard to provide advice without these 2
  7. Do you have an SD card in the camera? If yes remove it and set the camera to allow taking pictures without a card. If it works, this could be indicative that your sd card is stating to fail. It's odd that loop is working.... this said, try a normal play (no loop) but add a 2 to 3 second pause between exposures. Keep us posted.
  8. It's also here on the website in the download section under documentation.
  9. It's in the install folder.
  10. Is there is setting on the R5 that allows you to shoot without a lens? If yes enable it. Also, do you have a card in the camera? If not you need to set your camera to allow it to take photos without card. Please provide the exact error message you get.
  11. Finally got to this. You have Windows set to English, but somehow you have your decimal represented by a comma instead of a period.... and when BYE cast bulb duration into a number it assumes that you choose 90,000 seconds instead of 90.000 seconds.
  12. No, i need a Z6ii for testing.
  13. BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON are DSLR specific software only. I will need to look elsewhere for the moment
  14. The process is generally simple. You need BYE Premium Edition You need to connect your mount to BYE via the ASCOM controls You need to tell BYE where the ASTAP.exe file is located. You need to enter your object RA/DEC coordinate in BYE if you have Carte du Ciel or if you use Telescopius you can have BYE get the RA/DEC from those source BYE does not read these from Stellarium at the moment This is not an issue because planetarium is only used to get the RA/DEC coordinates, not for plate solving, and not for centring either Enter
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