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  1. Sure, I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a 2nd 30-day trial. Regards,
  2. Sure, I just archived your first trial key. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a 2nd 30-day trial. Regards,
  3. admin


    Can you please provide the full version number? Saying latest version is not sufficient as I found in a lot of cases when people say this they don't actually have the latest version. Does it do this for only one image and all images that you try to load? Also, when you drag that same image (from Windows Explorer) into BYE's image area, does it load? Regards,
  4. As per the instructions on the download page you need to add it in your cart and proceed to checkout to get a software key. This is the only method the activation server can create a key.
  5. I just uploaded RC8 with the M50 support in the pre-release section.
  6. Link to upgrade instruction is on the website page footer.
  7. Thank you, I'll look into those items one by one.
  8. wow, thank you. I'll try to apply most changes you indicated in the next release. Danke
  9. admin

    EOS-M support

    M50 is working with RC7 as per user report below.
  10. Awesome. Another mirrorless supported. I'm quite stoked at Canon for finally letting BULB over USB for their mirrorless cameras. So far the Canon mirrorless EOR R, EOS RP, EOS M6 MkII, and EOS M50 are working Thank you.
  11. Yeah, another one done Thank you.
  12. Any news on this? Anyone with a Canon EOS RP that can try the latest pre-release and confirm (or not) that it is working? Thank you
  13. admin

    EOS-M support

    Try BYE 3.1.18-RC6 in the download pre-release section. Try to connect your M50. It won't connect but it will output some numbers in the log file that I need to operate the camera. For clarity, please start a new thread. EDIT: As per astroman133's post, I may have to wait until the SDK is available. EDIT #2: There is a new SDK13.11.0 availaible since October 1st. I'm downloading it now and I will upload 3.1.18.RC7 later today. Try it your M50 with RC7 then send me the log files at support@otelescope.com and I'll take a look. Regards,
  14. CR3 is a new format and exiftool is not supporting them at the moment so exif is what it is based on what exif tool can extract out of it. I'm glad that the M6 MkII is fully functional. It's a nice change from the the earlier M# models. Regards,
  15. I just sent you a download link to try with your M6 MkII. Please report your findings here on the forum.
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