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  1. Battery Percentage

    astroman133 nailed it. The bars you see *are* the actually segment reported by the camera, it does not get any more detailed that this. It's even worst with older models where they only have 3 settings; 100, 50, and 0 percent.
  2. Settings revert everytime you open BYEOS

    I still think this is the issue... I suspect maybe the old icons are still on the desktop and these are pointing to the old installation and there he may me running the old install still. To the OP. Please delete all icons on the desktop and run the application from clicking on the actual application .exe from the install folder. If this works create new desktop shortcut icon from there and that should work. Keep us posted.
  3. Canon 6d to ByEOS wont connect

    Ummm... can the issue be the actual physical usb connection on the camera itself? If you use the same cable as you do with the T3i and the 6D is not even detected by Windows then the connection is probably not taking place so I would inspect the 6D camera body and make the usb port is solid (no loose and not de-soldered from the main camera board). Make sure there are no dust particles in the usb port on the camera, maybe something lodged in there and is preventing the connection. Step #1 is to have Windows detect the camera.
  4. Settings revert everytime you open BYEOS

    This has been discussed several times already here on the forum. This is caused by a Windows update messing up with folder security profiles. The easiest way to fix this is to install BYE in a new folder and you should be fine. Regards,
  5. Canon 6d to ByEOS wont connect

    this is still not clear. "6d wont connect to computer" What does this mean? Does windows see the camera in device manager? Is this what you mean? Please specify the latest you got yesterday; i'd like the actual version number you downloaded and installed; it should be 3.1.16.
  6. D810A Failed Connection

    Keep us posted.
  7. D810A Failed Connection

    This is most likely a VM config issue. Does Windows even see the camera in Device Manager?
  8. Canon EOS 800D

    Télécharge la dernière version 3.1.16.
  9. Canon EOS 800D

    Version 3.8? Cette version n'existe pas?
  10. Canon 6D log history

    Use CANON for the 6D.
  11. Canon 6D log history

    A powered hub a irrelevant here, the issue us the amount of data that goes on the usb cable at once, I'm pretty this is the root cause. Plug the camera directly into a computer usb port and see if this makes a difference. If yes we found the root cause.
  12. Canon 6D log history

    The log files should be at the same location. Now, the 6D produces larger image files, much larger than the T3i. I'm pretty sure your issue is realted to USB issue. Are you using a USB hub? How many devices do you have connected to the hub?
  13. Canon M5 connection?

    No plans, blame Canon. They butchered the entire M lineup by removing tethered shotting capability on these models. Not even EOS Utility can do it.
  14. Canon M5 connection?

    It's not supported. Please read all camera supported here. https://www.otelescope.com/store/category/2-backyardeos/
  15. Link the filter wheel setting to filename

    Unfortunately it is now there at the moment.