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  1. admin

    Weather information

    The weather center still works and the data can still be added to the file name.
  2. Pause is irrelevant.... it all depends on your computer's ability do to multi-tasking and cpu cycles. As I said, BULB timing is dependent on your computer.... the bottom line you use bulb for long exposure and a few millisecond variations on 1+ minute is irrelevant. For less than 30 seconds you use TV and never look back.
  3. admin

    Weather information

    The best way to get weather data when you don't access to a network/internet is to use a local device like this one.
  4. All bulb exposures are timed using your computer. Small fluctuation is caused computer cpu cycle and Windows Timers. This said, why are you not using TV exposures when imaging < 30 seconds. It's more precise and TV duration are controlled by the camera, not the computer.
  5. admin

    License key

    Here on the website 24/7. Big blue menu at the top "My Purchases -> Orders"
  6. no, USB connectivity is the only one that works. Why do you need HDMI?
  7. Wow, this is a first. Glad you got it to work and thank you for sharing your research/solution.
  8. Reinstall in a separate folder and try again. I'm running out of ideas.
  9. Maybe, but I find it odd that the event of a drag/drop image in the image area is not even fired. There is nothing special about this event vs other events. I'm stumped.
  10. I got your log file, but I think you sent the wrong one. There is no evidence of a drag/drop image in the log file you sent. When an image (CR2 or JPG) is dropped in the image area the log file logs should show this line, even before attempting the load the image. The lack of this entry indicates you sent the wrong log file. 2021-02-22 12:00:19,757 [26] INFO - Loading 1 drag/drop image(s)...
  11. I have just tried with 3.2.2.RC2 with both .CR2 and JPG and both loaded just fine. Do you get an error or does it simply not loading?
  12. Your key is valid, I just tried it. The error is on your side. Make sure you download the latest 3.2.1 from the download sesion.
  13. There is only thing that works... go to page one of this thread are read the green answered post with images. All the steps are there.
  14. No update. I need a physical camera on hand to resolved. If anyone lives near Ottawa Canada and is willing to lend me his/her Nikon D780 or Z5 I should be able to fix it. I have exhausted every avenue I possibly could without have a physical camera on hand.
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