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  1. All invoices are set to expire after 7 days in unpaid. Yours fell in that bucket since it's been over 1 month. It's been re-issued.... and is valid for 7 days.
  2. This is a monitor color calibration issue at your end. BYR does *not* alter monitor colors, it simply adds a red semi-transparent borderless window. If you don't get the same color from the red transparent window it means your monitors are not properly color calibrated.... at least 1 is not.
  3. What do you mean no way to toggle this setting?
  4. I got the .CR3 file. Not what I need, unfortunately. I need the one that fails in BYE. I need one with the RA and DEC in the filename where BYE reports a fail but ASTAP actually solves it. I know these files do get deleted as they are transient... however, try to monitor the BYE download folder and make a copy while it is momentarily there. Send me that copy.
  5. Can you sent me a copy of your .CR3 image file?
  6. You also need to make sure the port number in BYN is the same as in Sky-X. You may need to restart BYN after making any changes in BYN because the TCP server is started at application Startup. However, you say you have no option in Sky-X to connect to your D810.... at this point you should contact Sky-X.... this maybe the source of your issue in the first place.
  7. 2.0.11 was released in 2019. Please download the latest and try again. Keep us posted.
  8. That was a good test. Keep us posted.
  9. I tested the Z6 personally, so I know it does work. I wonder if you have another software that connects to the camera when it is first connected to the PC. Only one software can connect to the camera at once.
  10. I see some activity on the server in trying to activate your key, and the server is processing it properly. For this reason, I suspect it could be an installation issue. Can you please re-install, making sure you download the latest, and try again? Thank you for not posting your key here on the forum.... yep.... some do that Keep us posted on your progress please.
  11. I think this is different. It looks like it is solving according the ASTAP result.... but BYE still reports as fail. I'm going to wait and see the additional logging to a better diagnosis.
  12. Can you try this download. I made a minor change and added some logging. Send me the new logfile. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlkpoKUiQwwzmbsC6tu2fzazPz8_1Q?e=YV5bfz
  13. ummm... this is interesting. I'll look at the provided ASTAP .wcs file against what BYE looks for to confirm a pass or a fail.
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