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  1. Guiding with PHD via ASCOM

    No. Forget BYE for the moment and forget dithering for now. Concentrate on guiding and for this you need PHD only. Get confortable with this first. Keep it simple and only takle one new item at a time. Once you are confortable with guiding and you got this going then and only then you should introduce dithering.... and this is where BYE will come in handy. So for now forget BYE and forget dithering. Focon only on guiding with PHD and to keep things simple I would use the ST4 cable so start with. Hope this helps.
  2. Guiding with PHD via ASCOM

    You are trying to guide only for now, not dither, correct? If this is the case BYE is irrelevant. BYE does not guide. These are 2 methods of guiding, ST4 and pulse guiding via ASCOM. You need to pick one. The advantage of pulse guiding over ST4 is that you have one less physical cable... this is pretty much it. You seem to be at the start of your astro journey. Keep it simple. Use the ST4 cable to start and understand the basic process of guiding first. Hope this helps.
  3. Download BYEOS after hard drive replacement

    Login to the website with your account and download from the website directly. The download link is in the top menu bar https://www.otelescope.com/files/ Your key is in "My Purchases -> Orders". Also in the top menu bar. https://www.otelescope.com/clients/orders/ Regards,
  4. Yep, trials keys will only work work with the release. Glad you figured it out.
  5. BackyardEOS 3.1

    C'est sans doute une permission dans Windows. Assure toi d'avoir tous les permissions pour le répertoire BackyardTEMP. (voir la fenêtre de paramétré pour son emplacement).
  6. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    Glad you found an alternative... gremlins
  7. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    Yes, unrelated. The unhandeled error is actually a .net error, not a BYE error. BYE just catches the error and logs it. The error originates from the .net libraries. Is your computer up to date, including the .net framework? Your real fatal error is the camera throwing the error after 4-5 hours. The unhandled error is a non fatal and your plan continues so for this reason I'm 100% positive they are unralated.
  8. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    <<GEEK TALK ON>> Yes, very bizarre. It is a simple check to see we are in the UI thread and if not an invoke is initiated... which .net guarantees that the control will now be updated in the UI thread. However, in this case .net pukes on the invoke claiming it is not on the UI thread post invoke. It does not make any sense. <<GEEK TALK OFF> However, I do believe this cross-thread issue has nothing to do with the original camera busy error which is the real issue here. The cross thread issue is a nuisance for sure but it is not a fatal error that would cause the camera to puke (sort a speak) after 4-5 hours.
  9. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    I just thought of something. Try introducing a 2 second pause between images. I'm curious if this will make a difference in the long run. If the camera is truly busy this may (or may not) make a difference. Just a thought.
  10. my free trial has been de-activated

    I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that creating a second account to request a second trial will get your trial deactivated. Create a third account and all bets are off... banned for life.
  11. my free trial has been de-activated

    It's been deactivated because you created 2 accounts and 2 trials. I also see that you have just purchased so I guess this is a moot point now.
  12. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    Okay, this error is a cross thread error/bug... I would need to know what happens before the InvokeRequired (SynchronizationContext) FAILED! but in all honesty the app is invoking all the right .net commands to update the UI in the UI thread from a background thread. This is a non-fatal error and non-related error IMO... it just means that some control in the UI could not get updated... most likely the progress wheel in the upper right corner. At this point I would recommend that you re-install BYE in a separate folder and see if this makes a difference. I don't think it will but I'm running out of ideas
  13. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    Did not get anything still. Put it on dropbox or the likes and send me the link, maybe this will work.
  14. Planetary video will not allow me to change exposures

    This has been discussed here several times. Nikon cameras to no work the same as Canon. In BYN you need to pause live view, make your changes, and resume live view. This may not work on all models. If you don't get the full list of shutter speed go to settings -> advance settings and clear the cache, then restart BYN.
  15. Camera Error after 5 Hours

    I never got it

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