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  1. If you need to maintain wifi connection with your home network, you might want to consider getting a small USB wifi dongle so that you have 2 wifi networks on your laptop, one to your camera and one to your home network. Caution: I do not officially support wifi because I have found over the years to be somewhat unreliable at times. If the Canon SDK looses connectivity to the camera, even for 1 millisecond, the camera will disconnect and all bets of off as far as where BYE is concerned. Regards,
  2. The date used in the file name is a timestamp at the start of the image exposure. All other dates are either coming form the camera itself or windows at different time during the image download, file creation, or what ever other event is used by either the camera and/or computer. The only date BYE stamps the file with is the file name; beyond that nothing is done. Thanks for the detailed report, it's always nice to see how quickly users are able to turn the table and be productive almost right out of the gate. Regards,
  3. It's confirmed then; it can't work with BYE. Looks like canon has butchered the M6 just as they did the M1 to M5.
  4. First thing first. Try your M6 with EOS Utility. Can you take BULB images in EOS Utility with your M6? If yes we have a fighting chance of making it work. If you can not take BULB images in EOS Utility and your M6 it means Canon has butchered the SDK implementation of the M6 just as the did with the M1 to M5. Keep us posted please.
  5. admin

    ISS Transit

    Yes, have fun with it and blame him, lol. The underlying issue is that W10 updates will often replace the entire windows install folder (or a large majority of it) and this triggers the "this is not the same computer" event in the licensing schema and it causes the license key to be re-validated.
  6. Are you referring to the M6 or M6 Mk II? There are not the same. The M6 Mk II is supported with the latest 3.1.18 pre-release which can be downloaded from the download section pre-release section. These are the Canon mirror less camera currently supported with the pre-release EOS R EOS RP EOS M50 EOS M6 Mk II The EOS M1 to M5 are definitely not supported, and never will be because Canon butchered the SDK by preventing BULB exposures over USB. The EOS M6 may be possible since the M6 Mk II is now supported. EDIT: If the M6 is closely related to the M1 to M5 we are out of luck... but if it is more closely related to the M6 Mk II we may have a fighting chance. If you have an M6 try it with EOS Utility and see you you can take BULB images with the M6 and EOS Utility. Regards,
  7. There is no setting. That counter (25 / 180) is *always* displayed during the image capture. If you are taking 60 second images this number should be displayed for 60 seconds. I suspect that you may be taking 180 very short images. The only way this number would be flashing would be when taking short exposures of only a few seconds. How long are your exposures? Regards,
  8. This does seems like an odd Windows behavior. Did you try on another PC just to see if Windows show the correct file size there? If it does at least now you'll it's specific to the windows installation on the other PC and your assessment of it being caused by a Windows update may be correct. Also, can you restore your PC to a date where you know it was working? This would also give you another clue if it was a Windows update issue.
  9. admin

    ISS Transit

    This is so cool, thanks for sharing that picture! EDIT: Some windows update will cause the license to be re-validated. I suspect this is the cause for having to re-validate your key.
  10. Rick, in your experience, does most ASCOM driver provide that list ordered by fastest to slowest speed? Your suggestion makes sense, I just need to figure out a few things (like dithering speed) before making the call to plunge or not. Also, what if the mount supports the move axis command but that list is empty (is that even a possibility) or only has one value? I guess a one size fits all would be to somehow allow the user to select from that list and keep the percentage to scale that speed sort a speak. For Jim, that would give him all 3 speeds to choose from a list, and with the percentage set to 100%, would mean the Genimi ASCOM driver would always set the Gemini slew speed to the appropriate value. I'm I reading this right? I'm not saying this is what I'll be doing, or even a timeline, I'm merely trying to understand the command flow at this stage so that any decision taken is an informed one. Regards,
  11. I just looked at the Driver.cs file from that github repository and the switch statement at line 1331 is where the Gemini ASCOM driver changes the slew speed. The Gemini ASCOM driver will *ALWAYS* change the rate to either slew/center/guide according to this code below; this is a Gemini specific behavior. What is your ideal outcome Jim? Is there one that you prefer the mount to be set to once the MoveAxis is complete?
  12. Please start a new thread in the future as this thread has been marked as solve by the OP. The D3100 will not work as you found out. The D5100 should work, in fact I have one and it does connect. Does windows even see the D5100 camera?
  13. Oh, and to answer your questions in your email... The trial is NOT the pre-release. BYE comes in 3 editions and is defined by your software key. Trial Edition Classic Edition Premium Edition. The trial edition IS the premium edition but will only work for 30 days. Aside from that the Trial edition is the same as the premium edition. A pre-release is NOT an edition.... it's a download of the next version that is not yet release that people can try with their current software key. It does not matter if your software key is the trial, classic, or premium key... your key will work a pre-release. Because a pre-release is NOT an edition (trial, classic, premium)... you only need to download it form the "DOWNLOAD" pre-release section and use your *same* key. Click "Download" from the website top menu bar, then click on the "pre-release" section on the right option panel.
  14. Ok, I think I found the account.... is it "yamada" with your pec....@gmail.com account?
  15. Please DO NOT reply to forum posts by email. You must post directly on the forum to ensure the conversation remains public; this way other users may benefit from the conversation and outcome. I need to know that account you used to purchased and gets locked as you say. Without this I can not find the account to unlock it. Regards,
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