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  1. BYN does not guide so this is not a relevant question for BYN. As far as I know no guiding software uses a DSLR for guiding. Remember that DSLR live view is not as sensitive as a ccd sensor so even if a guiding software would allow guiding with a DSLR I doubt that it would work given the lack of live view sensitivity. Regards,
  2. admin

    I try this once more

    Well, I don't think you need to do anything because I think you have another account with an email ending with "@online.no". If this account is yours you already have a purchase key for BackyardEOS Premium. Just log in with that account and go to "My Purchases -> Orders" and your key should be there. Regards.
  3. admin

    Select camera

    Go to Settings -> Advance Settings and check "Ask for camera drivers".
  4. Please try 3.2.0 pre-release, I changed a few things in the installer.
  5. This is an install issue. Reinstall and try again. This has been mentioned several time already!
  6. This is an install issue and has been discussed several times already. Re-install and you'll be fine.
  7. admin

    3.1.18 upgrade

    This is an install issue. Please re-install and try again.
  8. admin

    NET. 3.5 not installing

    Ah, that makes sense, good point.
  9. admin

    NET. 3.5 not installing

    Why are you trying to install .NET 3.5? It's not needed for the latest version of BYN, it uses .Net 4.5.x. Which version of BYN are you trying to install?
  10. admin


    Glad you got it to work.
  11. admin


    You probably have it set to the wrong one then. Go to Settings -> Advance Settings and check "Ask for camera driver" option. You may have to restart the app.
  12. admin


    Which Nikon drivers are you choosing in BYN when connecting your camera? Nikon or Nikon2015? You need to choose Nikon with the D810A.
  13. admin


    If it was working fine till last night and no longer working something has changed in your setup/computer. Working fine till last night I presume you mean with 2.0.11? Regards,
  14. admin


    Try re-installing. I personally tested the D810A with version 2.x. Please provide the full BYN version number. 2.0 and 1.0 is not sufficient to provide any meaning full help. What is Nikon 810A premium edition?
  15. admin

    ZWO Anti dew

    Give them a few days at the very least, all of China is under tight constraint right now with most of the country working from home due to the corona-virus. Regards
  16. admin

    ZWO Anti dew

    This was actually the right thing to do, glad you did. Only they can rectify the issue and can only do so if they are made aware of the issue. What was their feedback?
  17. admin

    ZWO Anti dew

    Not that I'm aware of. Do you have a picture to share?
  18. This looks like an install issue... install again and report back if you get the same issue.
  19. Aside from Face+Tracking... do you have a card in your camera? If not make sure the camera is set to allow taking images without a card. The error from the camera is very generic... it throws a "Capture Error: General camera error." 2020-02-14 17:34:42,615 [OnStateEventHandler] DEBUG - StateEvent_CaptureError Fired! (inParameter=36107) err=(Capture Error: General camera error.) 2020-02-14 17:34:42,631 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO - Capture Error: General camera error.
  20. This is why I need the log file. I don't think we can assist any further without the log file. Indeed, if the OP had live view activated for an hour this may have damaged the camera. As you pointed out most camera will automatically shutdown to prevent physical damage to the camera. I suspect this may be what it happening.
  21. Open the app and click the padlock icon in the upper right corner, enter your new key there.
  22. Why can't you send the log file? I can't help you beyond this point without them. I think your hard drive, or usb ports, or both, are going to sleep after a period of time. I suspect this is the root cause. I need the log files. Regards,
  23. Trial keys also have a limit on the number of times it can be activated on top of the 30 days, though that only happened a few times in 10 years and more prone on VM. I have just archived your current trial key. Please go ahead and add it again in your cart and proceed to checkout for a second 30-day trial key. Let me know if you have any issues with the second key. Regards,
  24. Did you try a re-install? If not please re-install in a new folder and try again. If it crashes again, please send the full log file and I will take a look.
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