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  1. Does Windows see the camera in Device Manager? Does it connect to EOS Utility, Canon's own software? Keep us posted.
  2. How can you copy&paste if you have have no orders in "My Purchases -> Orders". The account pselaphid was created on December 22, 2019. You did not purchase with that account. You have more than one account. Login with the account you purchased and you key should be there. Regards,
  3. admin


    All downloads the o'telescope website are virus free.
  4. Download the latest copy of BYE and do NOT type your key in, use cut&paste to prevent keying errors. Your key and identifier are stored here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". Regards,
  5. admin

    Exposure time

    I moved this thread in the BackyardEOS forum.
  6. admin

    Exposure time

    I moved this thread in the BackyardNIKON forum.
  7. I believe some older Canon models do work using the User Define dial mode. This is because with those older models the Canon SDK is not looking for the physical dial position to establish if a command is possible, but rather it looks at the actual internal/firmware value, and for this reason, it does work. I do not believe Nikon has implemented the U1 and U2 the same way in their SDK. I could be wrong though, have you tried it? I suspect it would fail, but if Nikon somehow implemented it in a way similar to some Canon cameras, it may work.
  8. This has been implemented some 10 years ago. I would suggest you do a quick scan of the settings dialog windows in BYE to get a general sense of the features available. Go to settings and set dither n-frame in there.
  9. Si vous avez fait l'installation de 2.1 dans un sous-répertoire différent de 2.0 il ne devrait pas avoir de conflit. Au plaisir,
  10. I just archived your trial key. Go ahead and add it again to your cart and proceed to checkout for a second 30-day trial. Regards,
  11. Trials require internet connection at every app start up, purchase keys do not. Software is not useless, you would need to purchase a copy to benefit from app startup with Internet connect. Alternatively, you can start the application while you are at home and minimize the application, put your laptop to sleep. Travel to your dark site, maximize the application. If you do this, I would recommend you start 2 or 3 additional BYE instances and minimize them all as a safety blanket in case you need to restart the application.
  12. Just go to the download menu at the top of this page and download again.
  13. In you first post you said you got an error, what is the exact error message you get?
  14. You port issue could be related to your computer firewall. When you first started/enabled server in PHD, did accept all firewall warnings? If not that could be your root cause. As for sluggish ISO, nothing has changed there in years. If you've been using 3.1.5 for a long time, and you've never experienced this, and not you do, this would be my first indication that this is not software related. What about your USB cable, how long is it? Are you using a USB hub?
  15. BYN, just like BYE, receives a notification of a new image being available in the live stream and an in-camera memory pointer is provided to grab that image. If this is truly the case, it would mean that the Nikon SDK would be publishing an event of an image being ready more than once for the same image.
  16. This is odd. How do you confirm there are identical?
  17. admin

    software key.

    You never requested one under account "ciderbryan". Did you add BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON in your cart and proceed to checkout? Once you do, your key will be stored here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". Regards,
  18. admin


    Well.... if you are posting this with your account Lunar66Man, you are already logged in on the site. Click your username in the top-right corner, then select "account settings" and change your password there.
  19. admin


    Did you install the Ra software on your new laptop?
  20. The file is read every 5 minutes, not when it is updated. This said, if PuTTY has a handle on it, BYE may not be able to open the file and read it.
  21. admin

    BYN and ASCOM

    ummm.. one clue for me was when you hit the slew button in BYN.... when it automatically changed from MAX to 1x in you ASCOM driver.... did you also notice that the mount went from not tracking to tracking? This could be the reason it went back to 1x. It's been my experience over the years that most telescope requires that it is tracking for the MoveAxis to work, and for this reason, I set tracking before issuing the MoveAxis command. I wonder if iOptron is the opposite? var isTracking = Telescope.Tracking; try { if (Telescope.CanSlew && Telescope.CanSetTracking)
  22. That has been fixed a while back. Download the latest and that should do the trick. Keep us posted.
  23. Asked and answered several times. The short answer is no. Not because I don't want to enter that space, I do, but time is my enemy. It's difficult to manage personal/work life balance, let alone embarking in the development of a new project.
  24. I just added click the advance mode to the instructions above - thanks for the recommendation. Correct, TELESCOPE DIRECT assumes that your telescope is pointing at the target you want, and as you said you won't need to hit slew in that case. Correct, DISPLAYED IMAGE will take the RA/DEC from that image and use it as RA/DEC for the current image plan. This is almost the same as TELESCOPE DIRECT, however, because the image will be tagged with the telescope RA/DEC.... resulting in the same coordinate being used. You're better off using TELESCOPE DIRECT in this case. DISPLAYED IMAG
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