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    Extension of trial

    I just archived your first trial. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a second 30-day trial key.
  2. admin


    We can't help if you don't tell us what camera model you have, they each have their little intricacies
  3. Yes, go to the download section and select pre-release from the right pane menu on the download page.
  4. That is your mistake. If you entered the RA/DEC manually then you should NOT select "acquire RA/DEC from displayed image (via platesolve)"... you did this manually. Instead, click "center" and BYE will follow the workflow I describe in my previous post.
  5. ...also... I see you have the acquire RA/DEC from displayed image (via platesolve) selected. In this mode (and only if the displayed image was acquired by BYE/BYN) the right arrow to the right of this selection will trigger the image solve process for the sole purpose of finding the true RA/DEC coordinates and once the image is solved these coordinates will be updated on screen / image plan.
  6. There is no direct "solve" button in BYE. The plate solve is part of the center workflow. You need to click the center button. The center workflow will... slew to your RA/DEC coordinates take a picture solve the image sync the telescope start again at step #1 if number of 'attempt' and/or 'pixel distance' parameter are not met.
  7. All RC's (Release Candidates) can be downloaded from the Download menu at the top of the website, then select Pre-Release from in the right pane menu. Regards,
  8. Try this... Make sure you have your telescope connected in BYE Make sure your camera is connected BYE. Enter the RA/DEC of the target you're imaging (same place where you selected ASTAP) Click solve center. Please make sure you download and install 3.2.1.RC3. I added more login and fixed a bug. Regards,
  9. Try this Uninstall all versions for BYE Delete all BackyardEOS install folder inside "Program Files (x86)" Delete all "C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOS*" config folders. REBOOT Re-install 3.2.1.RC3 and try again.
  10. Yes, that is exactly where it is. This is how .net user config file works.
  11. Where did you re'install 3.2.0?
  12. I got your latest log file, The issue is that EQMOD is not synching the mount when the sync command is sent. 2020-10-17 20:27:17,228 [23] DEBUG - Solved coordinates (J2000): 2020-10-17 20:27:17,228 [23] DEBUG - +-- RA : 23h 49m 31s ::: 23.82536534 2020-10-17 20:27:17,228 [23] DEBUG - +-- DEC: +42° 37' 08" ::: 42.61893423 2020-10-17 20:27:17,229 [23] DEBUG - Telescope current coordinates: (J2000): 2020-10-17 20:27:17,230 [23] DEBUG - +-- RA : 20h 41m 26s ::: 20.69067621 2020-10-17 20:27:17,230 [23] DEBUG - +-- DEC: +45° 17' 01" ::: 45.28362751 2020-10-17 20:27:17,230 [23] DEBUG - Syncing to coordinates: (J2000): 2020-10-17 20:27:17,230 [23] DEBUG - +-- RA : 23h 49m 31s ::: 23.82536534 2020-10-17 20:27:17,230 [23] DEBUG - +-- DEC: +42° 37' 08" ::: 42.61893423 2020-10-17 20:27:17,703 [23] INFO - Syncing Telescope completed. 2020-10-17 20:27:17,719 [23] INFO - Telescope properties after sync. 2020-10-17 20:27:17,720 [23] INFO - Telescope SkyWatcher driver,EQ6 Series current properties. 2020-10-17 20:27:17,720 [23] INFO - +--- Epoch : J2000 2020-10-17 20:27:17,720 [23] INFO - +--- RightAscension : 20.69045019 : 20h41m26s 2020-10-17 20:27:17,720 [23] INFO - +--- Declination : 45.28360605 : 45°17'01" <<<<===== should be 42.61893423 2020-10-17 20:27:17,721 [23] INFO - +--- Altitude : 80.46334790 : 80°27'48" 2020-10-17 20:27:17,721 [23] INFO - +--- Azimuth : 293.10365879 : 293°06'13" Please take a look at this thread, you may have EQMOD not setup properly. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/326449-sync-not-working-on-eqmodcdc/
  13. Are you sure you installed in a new folder? There is no other reason for this, that I'm 100% sure. Settings are stored in a config file... under appData user folder.
  14. It's a Windows folder privilege issue, most likely caused by a Windows update. Re-install in a new folder and you should be fine.
  15. No, as far as I'm aware the focus motor can only be engaged through the SDK with the mirror is up, therefor liveview.
  16. admin

    Dither settings

    If it ain't broken don't fix it In any case, this might help you to understand.
  17. Glad you found the other account with your purchase key. I will merge both your account into one to prevent future confusion.
  18. I don't understand what you are asking. Please ask a clear question. There is no purchase under account "jurgen".
  19. When you install BYE it creates 2 desktop icons. Each icon have its own config file. Use one for the 60Da and the other for the Ra.
  20. admin

    3.2 key

    Ah, this is not the same thing then. I just archived your first trial. Go ahead and add in your cart for a 2nd 30-trial key. Regards,
  21. admin

    3.2 key

    What you have in your purchase from last year is a trial key, it's expired. There is no purchase key under account Atrawick. If you purchased you did under another account. Login with that account and your key should be there.
  22. Do you have the site location properly setup in your ASCOM driver? Are you close to the meridian when this occurs? Please download the latest 3.2.1.RC2 and try again, then send me that log files.
  23. I'm sorry, but the August update has nothing to this with this. The behavior you are describing is not a software behavior, it is a camera setting behavior. As suggested by astroman above, this is typical behavior of in-camera noise reduction.
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