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  1. Not in 3.1.7... but I've been working on this for the past 3 weeks... it turned into a major refactoring of the capture plan UI. The next release should have some significant application load time performance to it. Too early to tell how much but there will be a positive difference. Regards,
  2. No chance at all. the 3DX was released in 2008 it is not supported by the Nikon SDK.
  3. Makes sense. I'm moving this in the feature suggestion box forum. This is where I go for ideas when I have spare time. Regards,
  4. I have a few features on the go now and they are not ready for release. Once this is stable I should have a beta release that should include the 250D. I'm about 4 to 6 weeks away from a beta release ~ this is just an estimate but it seams realistic at my end. Don't worry about the trial limit, I'll grant you a second trial when the time comes... just ask and quote this thread Regards,
  5. You have a newer camera and you got this message because your camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. It should be supported in the next release. Regards,
  6. The temp folder is a hard requirement and by design. TEMP folder MUST be on a local drive = guaranteed availability DOWNLOAD folder can be anywhere... including and external drive or even a network drive = no guaranteed availability. BYE needs guaranteed folder to store items at run time. It's all about speed in planetary recording. Less code = faster code. The images are dumped/saved with as little of code execution as possible between the image capture and the file dump. This is a fair question though, I guess I would have to run some test and the difference will probably be negligible that it would work too. However, I have learned over the years that changing any code that is working for another version of code is also apparently working may not work in some unforeseen scenarios and this leads to new bugs Regards,
  7. Or better yet, not rename the file and do a straight move. The files would be named "000001.jpg" to "999999.jpg" in the download folder instead of "Planetary_1600iso_1056x704_20190622-14h57m50s_000001.jpg" but that may be just fine because the download folder name where the images are being moved to is already called "Planetary_1600iso_1056x704_20190622-14h57m50s" so renameing the files is more or less a duplicate process, meant only for consistency... but it is by no mean necessary to rename them. I've already fixed this; it will be in the next release.
  8. Ok, I looked at code and this is not a straight move, the files are being renamed in the process and a move command does no do rename in the process. so the files are being copied. Perhaps I should rename the file first in the temp folder and then move the files; I'll look into.
  9. Is your download folder and temp folder on the same physical drive?
  10. It's turned off by default because it there a few side effects using it and these non-intrusive side effect where causing the true beginners / non computer savvy some issues from time to time. One of these side effect is that the background worker process will only use 1 CPU core and therefore takes a bit more time to do tasks that benefits from multi-threading computing but in your case it seems like the side effects bring you a great disk i/o advantage. Another non-intrusive side effect is that the background worker will keep running for a few minutes after you close the app to make sure it is done processing it's task buffer. Regards,
  11. There is more to it than that under the hood but I get what you are saying. Are you using the background worker? See advance settings to see if it is enabled or not.
  12. I briefly looked at the log file and looks like a non-critical error. To confirm this... Are you saving JPG / AVI / or both?
  13. That looks like a bug. I'll examine the log file and hope fully something will jump at me. Is this a repeating issue or a one off?
  14. This is for a dual camera setup if you're using 2 cameras. This is documented in the user guide. If you only have one camera you can use either / or. They are identical, it's the same program,they just point to different saved configuration. Regards,
  15. admin

    No Key Received

    You need to get your trial key by adding the trial version in your cart and proceed to checkout... the process is free and you don't need to enter any credit card info. It's just that the license server is tied to purchases and for this reason you need to add a trial in your cart and checkout. Keys are never sent by email. They are stored here online under "My Purchases -> Orders". I hope this makes sense. Regards.
  16. Correct, start the app in the house before going outside. To be on the safe side you can start a second instance and leave it minimized. This can be useful if for some odd reason you need to restart the app Purchase keys do not require internet access. Regards,
  17. No progress... but I would need a favor from anyone who has one. Can you take BULB images with the EOS R in EOS Utility software? Traditionally Canon has butchered their mirror less cameras and this was not possible in the past. If you can try it and confirm if BULB is possible in EOS Utility. If yes there is hope for the EOS R camera. If not then the EOS R has been butchered like its predecessors and I won't be able to make it work.
  18. Envoie-moi un courriel a support@otelescope.com et je t'envoie un coupon. Merci.
  19. Mais j'ai donné 30% de rabais a l'achat de la version premium dans le passé. Si tu est preneur je dois créer un coupons rabais pour utiliser dans ton panier.
  20. Non, ils sont vendu comme 2 produits différent.
  21. I don't get the 12 seconds thingy either. It does not make any sense
  22. BTW, I did look at your log file and your camera got disconnected from your computer - that is the root cause. 019-06-14 14:49:04,006 [OnDirItemRequestTransfer(217804232)] INFO - WARNING EDS_ERR_COMM_DISCONNECTED : EDSDK.EdsDownload(imgRef, dirItemInfo.Size, stream) You need to figure out why it disconnected. Bad cable? Cable snag? Bad/empty battery?
  23. 3.1.3 was released in 2015; it's more than 4 years ago. Please download the latest version and report back if you still get the same behavior. Regards,
  24. Your post is confusing, sorry Does it work without Long Exposure enabled? I can't tell from your post if you tried this or not. BTW, long exposure noise reduction is a myth that people seems to think they need. Creating a dark library is much more efficient and gives you more time to take more light frames. Regards,
  25. EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! is a CANON DRIVER error. Re-installing will almost always fix this.
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