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  1. BYE will give you all possible ISO the camera makes available through the SDK. BYE caches those values, so if you change a setting after the cache is built, it will not show up. To fix this... Disconnect your camera from BYE Change the required in-camera settings that will give you access to the high ISO. In BYE, goto settings -> advance settings and clear the cache Make sure the camera dial is set to M Connect your camera to BYE The cache will rebuild itself If the high ISO is available through the SDK it should show up. Regards,
  2. Please don't use bold, that is considered shouting. As mentioned above, BackyardRED is installed with BackyardEOS. To start BackyardEOS, you need to click the BackyardEOS icon, not the BackyardRED icon! edit: the manual is available as .CHM and PDF in the installation folder. You can also click the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the application. If all else fails, you can download the manual from the download section here on the website.
  3. Pegasus should be able to process my order around mid-June; your cable is in that order. I will ship within 24 hours of receiving my order. Realistically you'd be looking late June or thereabout by the time I get my order. Regards.
  4. yes, uninstall it.
  5. well.... if you're looking to use APT maybe you need to post on their forum for help.
  6. What camera model do you have? As mentioned above, you may not even need one. Regards,
  7. What version of BYN?
  8. It's BackyardNIKON, not Nikon backyard. You will never get 1:1 pixel resolution with Nikon DSLR, this is a Canon feature
  9. Nope, definitely not the same nickname. Does "Madalin1234" ring a bell?
  10. No, you are wrong. There is no purchase key under user "drakmob101" and purchase never expires. You did add a premium in your cart on May 7, 2016 under account "drakmob101" but you never paid that invoice and unpaid invoice auto-expired after 7 days. You purchased under another account, I'm 100% positive about this. You need to login under that account and your purchase key is there.
  11. 1. YES 2. No, and you don't want HD videos, that is terrible resolution for astronomy. BYN will save and record the live view session as it appears on the camera LCD. 3. the USB cable that came with the camera. There is a 30-day free trial. Try before you buy Regards,
  12. admin

    Canon 90D

    What version of BYE? Which drivers are you selecting in BYE when trying to connect? Canon or Canon215?
  13. Same here. I used to use Lasspass but I switched to BitWarden last year.
  14. It's mind-boggling the number of people that create multiple accounts... a trial in one account and a purchase in another account. The account "drakmob101" only has a trial key from 2016, you're trying to activate it.... and it expired 5 years ago! Login with the second account you created to purchase, and you purchase key is there.
  15. oh, the Z6II. I tried to make it work a while back and it looks like Nikon changed how live view is activated on the model... the Z6 I was able to make work blindly; but not the Z6II For the z6II, I would need that model for a day or two to make it work.
  16. admin

    Licence validity

    Also, if purchased before 2015 you may need to upgrade your key, follow the link in the page footer for the instructions.
  17. admin

    Licence validity

    It's valid for life.
  18. What camera model to you have? Does live view show up on the camera LCD screen?
  19. not really, but you need to figure this out first. Once EOS Utility can connect to the camera so should BYE.
  20. Try EOS Utility first and see if it connects to the Canon Software.
  21. I'll look into it, but the zoom box location is governed by the camera/SDK. If you invoke the 5x using the camera body button while in BYE liveview, where does the zoombox point to? Same as camera LCD? Offset or at the correct location?
  22. can you post a print screen?
  23. Can you try this download with your RP? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlkpoKUiQwwzmbsCLC35wl1SCWxArQ?e=V41e7o
  24. Thanks for the confirmation. I should be able to make it work then, fingers crossed.
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