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    few beginner questions

    No need to transfer... it's all automatic. Just reinstall and use the same key. The /# is informational only and is set by the activation server ~ this is not something you should worry about; it's part of the activation server algorithm. If you want the JPG as well as the CR2 you can go to Settings and set your image quality to "RAW+JPG". But remember to use the CR2 when stacking since those are your raw image files whereas the JPG have been processed by the camera firmware already and are not suitable/ideal for astronomy. Hope this makes sense. Regards,
  2. C'est dans la pile des choses à vérifier d'avantage mais la liste est déjà longue donc pas plus d'information de mon côté.
  3. admin

    Beginner - Capture Plan questions

    You should be able to select all TV values that your camera support from the pulldown. The default is bulb. Keep us posted.
  4. admin

    Change <time> format?

    Correct, the seconds provides a uniqueness identifier to ensure images won't overwrite one another in the event 2 images would be downloaded in the same minute.
  5. admin

    BYE and new celesteron SCT focuser

    No problem at all, but are you sure Windows sees the focuser. Also, your message is a bit confusing. You say the focuser driver is from ASCOM.... shouldn't the driver come from the focuser manufacturer? If you use the ASOCM Diagnostic tool does it connect?
  6. admin

    Z7 / Z6 Compatability

    I have a download ready for testing. Please send me an email to support@otelescope.com if you're interested in testing and I'll you a download link. No promises, these are a bit different than the normal DSLR line up and I don't have a Z6 or Z7 for testing so I'm going at it totally blind Regards,
  7. admin

    Z7 / Z6 Compatability

    I'm working on this now. From the Nikon Z7 specs it looks like it does support BULB... let's hope Nikon has not crippled the Z series like Canon did with their M series and that the Z series, hopefully, will allow BULB over USB. I'll post a test build in a few days.
  8. admin

    Expired Licence

    Please start a new thread in the future; your error is not the same and is not related to this thread. If you get a key or identifier error it means you did not enter it properly, you made a typo. There is no possible source for this error. As mentioned above, you should use cut&paste from the website when entering your key to prevent typo errors. Keep us posted, Regards,
  9. admin

    Screen Clears

    select the "blank" one
  10. admin

    Screen Clears

    Looks likes a hardware/physical connected device. Just in case, go to Settings and set the weather provider to "none" if its not already set to none. Do you get this on only this PC?
  11. admin

    License Validation Error! License File Corrupted Error!

    Yes, same concept. Glad it worked.
  12. admin

    Screen Clears

    Okay, thanks. I'm not sure where to go from here
  13. admin

    License Validation Error! License File Corrupted Error!

    I suspect that the license file c:/users/<<username>>/appdata/BackyardEOSv31-license.txt has been corrupted, or Windows security is preventing write access; it does that sometimes after some Windows update. Deleting that file will force the user to reenter the software key and identifier and the file will be recreated. The appdata folder is a hidden folder so you may have to set Windows to show hidden files/folders to see it. Keep us posted.
  14. admin

    BYN - Images not downloading

    Set the image quality to RAW only and try again. Keep us posted.
  15. admin

    Bulb Function Stopped Working

    Glad you found it.
  16. admin

    Bulb Function Stopped Working

    Nope, you have not ruled out camera! SGP uses a serial cable for bulb, right? Not the same thing as BYN uses the regular USB cable. The message is descriptive. What cable did you select in BYN? Also, make sure mirror lock is not set in the camera. A fresh install won't help, this is a camera setting that has to be set properly. Keep us posted.
  17. admin

    Installing BYE on a new computer

    Your post is not clear. Do you have a purchase key? There is none associated to your account 'alien'. Are you trying to download and install a second trial? If you have a classic key upgrade use it with the classic version in your cart... but if you arelay used your upgrade coupon in the past you can't use it again. Regards,
  18. BYN will store images on your computer in the exact same format the camera provides them, so NEF and JPG.
  19. admin

    Updating problems with BackyardEOS

    You need to upgrade your key, upgrade instruction here... scroll down to the upgrade tab. https://www.otelescope.com/store/category/2-backyardeos/
  20. It is true that some models do not support saving to card and pc at the same time; not sure it the 850D is one of those. Did you select save to PC+Card in BYN? When you say old images taken with APT were on the card... where these taken with the 850D as well and were they saved to card only or pc+card by APT? Regards,
  21. Mais les images canon slave sont bien dans i:\image 40D yves\ ?
  22. admin

    Screen Clears

    The rendering itself is done by .net so there won't be anything in the log files IMO... but we never know.
  23. Bonjours Vincent, L'APN 350D n'a pas live view donc impossible pour BYE d’accéder une fonction de l'APN qui n'est pas là.
  24. admin

    Screen Clears

    WOW, I'm stumped. The entire control is not displayed at all. This makes no sense to me Is your computer up to date, including the Microsoft .Net 4 ?

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