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  1. You get the trial error message because the computer still has your trial key. There is nothing to it, you only need to enter your purchase key now, no need to re-download anything. Do you get an error message when you enter your purchase key?
  2. I've seen this once in the past. The UI, for some odd reason, has not received an event telling to refresh with the camera connected. Close the app and restart usually does the trick.... and it seems you've solved it
  3. Did you ever request for a trial? That message only comes up when a trial key is used. Make 100% sure you are using your purchase key.
  4. That is odd. Could be just a mistake, hoping the person responsible would realize the error and add it back.
  5. EdsInitializeSDK() is caused by an install issue (please read the red banner at the top of this page. Re-install and it should work. Keeps us posted if you still get the error after the install.
  6. Thank you for the log file. However, you send me 4 log files. Can you please identify in which log file the issue occurred? Otherwise it's like find a needle in a hay 4 hay stacks instead of one. Thank you,
  7. admin


    Hi Danny, I looked at the log file in more detail and there is nothing in there to find the cause. At 11:04:18 a 20 second image was initiated, at 11:04:42 the camera SDK fired an event indicating an image was ready for download. That is 20 seconds for the actual image + 4 seconds for the SDK to fire the event. Once the event is fired BYN download the image immediately and once complete is logs it. In your case the log occurred at 11:04:59 indicating that it took 17 seconds to download the image. 2020-05-22 11:04:18,620 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: MirrorLock = '0' 2020-05-22 11:04:18,816 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Tv = '20' 2020-05-22 11:04:18,825 [7] DEBUG - TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(1.8) Duration(20.0) Iso(1600) Quality(RAW) Mirror(0) SaveTo(PC) 2020-05-22 11:04:42,606 [5] DEBUG - NIKON EVENT --> OnDeviceOnImageReady(1,type[1]) fired 2020-05-22 11:04:57,853 [ReadWeatherCenter(Normal)] DEBUG - No weather provider configured. 2020-05-22 11:04:59,204 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - Timespan 40.603 2020-05-22 11:04:59,448 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] INFO - Loading image file : C:\Users\Danny\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_1.NEF 2020-05-22 11:04:59,451 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] INFO - DCRaw.exe -c -e -T "C:\Users\Danny\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_1.NEF" 2020-05-22 11:04:59,462 [21] INFO - Temp folder: C:\Users\Danny\Pictures\BackyardTEMP 2020-05-22 11:04:59,462 [21] INFO - Download folder: C:\Users\Danny\Pictures\BackyardNIKON Is your camera connected into a USB hub?
  8. admin

    Trial Extension?

    Sure, I just archived your first trial. Go ahead and add it again in your cart for a second 30-day trial. Regards,
  9. Did you try to solve that particular image using the ASTAP application (not BYE)?
  10. Correct, it's the time at the start of the image capture.
  11. IF your settings are not remembered between app restart then the issue is most likely Windows permission. Reinstall BYE in a separate folder and this would do the trick.
  12. What is 3.11? Did you mean 3.1.11? Please re-install in a separate folder.
  13. This is an install issue that was address in 3.2. If you re-install your 3.1.11 you should see what the options are on that screen.
  14. Plate solve is a new feature in 3.2 and it looks like you are the to report issues. Lets put that aside for now and focus on your other issues. Please provide more info on the freeze. What are you doing with it freezes? Freezes mid-session are usually caused by a USB cable saturated with data and/or intermittent disconnect, even for 1 milliseccond. Did you try anther USB cable? Are you using a USB hub? If yes what other device are connected to it? How long is your USB hub?
  15. admin

    Canon Rebel SL3

    Camera support matrix in the page footer. The SL3 is not the list yet. Do you have one? If yes I could make it work with a little bit of your help. Regards,
  16. admin


    I look at it briefly... need to set more time to look at it in more depth. Nothing jumped at me.
  17. They don't need to know anything about astrophotography software, the issue is between Canon and Windows. Focus on getting the camera/EOS Utility working for now. Once your camera can connect to Canon's software EOS Utility the if will connect to BYE. Hope this makes sense.
  18. IF BYN downloads the safe frame multiple times (very unlikely) this is caused by the camera raising an event for the same frame more than once and if this is the case BYN has no way of knowing this is the case. I have never seen this happening with any models so far.
  19. Try with EOS Utility. I'm curious to see if it will connect to EOS Utility given that device manager is listing your camera as connected to Windows.
  20. IT is not BYN that controls the frame rate, it is the camera. The way LV works is that the camera makes a LV frame available one after the other, as fast as it can. BYN listen to the image ready event and download it as soon as one is available. Some camera will provide more frames that other in the span of 1 second, yours seems to give a lot at 90+. Most are < 20 to 30 FPS. Adjusting the shutter will not alter the frame rate. In LV those settings are applied as a digital/brightness adjustment to the image.
  21. From an image quality perspective there is no difference. In fact the AVI is just a container for all the same jpgs. The advantage of the AVI is that you only need to copy a single file off you imaging laptop. The advantage of jpgs is that you do not use computer resources to create the AVI. I would say it's a personal choice.
  22. No, that will not work with any model with a CR3 file format, only those with CR2 file format. The CR3 file formal is still a black box for many image converter tools.
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