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  1. No, these are the actual step move supported by the SDK. Regards,
  2. Yes, you're correct. I was mistaken. What went missing about 2 weeks ago during a site upgrade are those same tabs in the actual BYE/BYN page. It use to be there. https://www.otelescope.com/store/category/2-backyardeos/
  3. Yes, it is suppose to there as well... but there a site upgrade about 2 weeks ago and that custom page disappeared from the premium page. It's on my todo list. Regards,
  4. admin

    How to start BYEOF

    It can not... but if you need a second trial in the furture just ask.
  5. admin

    How to start BYEOF

    The M100 is not supported and if Canon butchered the software connectivity with the M100 as they did with the early versions of the M series it will never work as Canon has disabled the possibility to take pictures while tethered to a computer. Please read the camera support grid on the trial page... scroll down and select the camera tab for the supported cameras.
  6. admin

    How to start BYEOF

    Did you request a trial key -or- did you simply downloaded the software? You need a key... the download is just that, a file download. Go to the store and add a trial in your cart and proceed to checkout to get you key instantly. These instructions are included/displayed on the file download page. EDIT: If you already requested a trial key you can access it in "My Purchases -> Orders" here on the website... set top menu.
  7. I edited the post title. Good catch.
  8. It's not supported yet. There is already a few threads here in the forum discussing the Z series. I'm waiting for Nikon to send me a camera for testing, this can take 2 to 6 months.
  9. admin

    Upgrade path

    Glad it's working now.
  10. admin

    Upgrade path

    Hi Don, actually there was an issue on the site with some coupons, it should work now. Let me know if you still have issues. Regards,
  11. It's all inside the histogram box control, with a 4 pixel padding on wither side... it's pretty tight. However, this should not be an issue as you need to say clear of the edge anyways and your histogram hump should be pretty well inside about control. If you really want to know for your own sanity you could try and take an under exposed flat barely enough for the the histogram to show on the left side and then note where it start vertically and then do the same with an over exposed flat and note where it cuts off on the right side.
  12. To the OP... can you confirm this. astroman gave some good tips here before we proceed with any other diagnostic. Please confirm Windows sees the camera before anything else.
  13. You posted in the general forum, I moved your thread in the BYN forum. There is no problem with W10. In fact all my development computers are W10. We need a specific error message to help. What error do you get?
  14. I think you'll have to revert using 3.1.16 for now then. I know the T5i works fine with the "Canon\" drivers as I have a lot of customers using this combination. However, the oddity here is XP and this may be that the new Canon SDK files are no longer compatible on some level. If this is an XP issue with the new drivers I'm inclined no to add them again, there are a pain to support over time and XP is several years out of support already. Astroman does bring up a good point about a factory reset.
  15. Ok... looks like I have to re-instate the Canon215 drivers then, I was hoping otherwise
  16. Okay, that looks good. Okay, lets MacGyver this. Install 3.1.16 in a separate folder. Then copy the content of the 3.1.16 "Canon215\" folder into the 3.1.17 "Canon\" folder. Now try 3.1.17... does it work?
  17. XP is no longer supported so it is possible that the SDK is no longer supported as well Since the error you get is "Unable to load DLL 'Canon\EDSDK.dll': The specified procedure could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007F)" I suspect you are missing one of the Microsoft Visual c++ distribution package on your PC. If you go in Windows add/remove programs and inspect the list of installed "Microsoft Visual C++ 20## Redistributable", which to you have. I'm thinking you need either 2013 of 2017 installed for the latest SDK. Let me know if you have these installed.
  18. Ok, let me look at the installer.
  19. Okay, somehow it looks like the new install did not overwrite these files from a previous install. Uninstall 3.1.17 completely Delete the left over files in "C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOSv3.1" and remove the folder BackyardEOSv3.1 Reinstall 3.1.17. Look at the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOSv3.1\Canon" again. What files/size do you get? Regards,
  20. The Canon should work just fine with the T5i; it's actually -the- recommended driver/sdk. Let's work this out to find the root cause. Using BYE 3.1.17... Can you send me the numbers you get in the message area when you try with "Canon\" drivers with 3.1.17. That would help me a lot. You gave me some above but that is with "Canon210\". What files (and size) do you have in "C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOSv3.1\Canon"? You should have 4 files. Regards,
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