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  1. If it worked for years and no longer works something has changed on your computer -or- the camera itself causing it to fail. The XS is a 10'ish year old camera. Does it fail always or does it work for a while then fail?
  2. Yes, goto settings and set the image quality to JPG only instead of the default RAW+JPG. However, for astro images you should really be taking RAW images.
  3. Then you're back to the original 7-9 seconds... can't have it both ways. Your options is save to CARD or SAVE TO PC, or both. Then you choose the image quality RAW and/or JPG in the settings window. You can't have RAW save to card and JPG save to PC. You need to choose your poison
  4. Please download 3.2.0. Save to card only was fixed. Regards,
  5. What do you mean "Intervalometer"? What version of BYE? Always provide the full version number.
  6. If you can see the camera folder it means you have Windows set up to recognize your camera as a drive, you need to have it configured so Windows sees it as an imaging device first.
  7. admin

    Save settings

    Version of BYE please! If you have 3.1.18 this is an install issue. Install 3.2.0 and you should be fine.
  8. Anyone doing planetary and insisting on having AVI should really consider using VirtualDub. I have posted a how-to over 5 years ago on how to do this.
  9. Any news on getting those sample image files? In the mean time, I made a small blind change in 3.2.1.RC1. Please download again and try it. Curious to see the outcome.
  10. There is nothing special the site does as far as I know. I did report this to the platform vendor and said it was browser setting. I have tried to reproduce this with Chrome, Opera, and the new chrome based Edge and I don't get these popups. It seems to be with the original Edge (non chrome base) browser only. Is this the browser you use?
  11. Yes, I'd like to get 1 .cr2 and 1 jpg from your camera so I can test with your images from your camera. Thank you
  12. The support forum is the *only* medium for free software support. I make to excuse for this process, it is useless to offer 1:1 support in this digital age where everything is online. This is the right place get support.
  13. There is nothing special to do. Just download, install, and use the same key found in ""My Purchases -> Orders". BTW, the upgrade instructions are well documented... link in the page footer below.
  14. Have you been able to upload the images somewhere? Dropbox? OneDrive? Anywhere? If yes send me the link, I would really want to try and test with real images that is giving you grief in hopes that I can find something. Thanks
  15. This is a odd behavior for sure to have both Imaging and Frame&Focus lit at the same time, it would indicate an in-software event timing issue, probably caused by a slow computer of other computer resource contention preventing the events to be processed in a timely matter. This would be a first, but not impossible. As suggested in the previous post, please download and try BYN 2.1.
  16. After reading your post a second I realize now that you did mentioned you had the dial set to "M". That should be all you need to do... unless the D5600 requires that you set it to BULB manually but this would be very odd. Did you try setting to BULB manually? If yes did that work? Also, please specify the BYN version you are using, all 3 numbers please.
  17. The short answer is yes. However, the D5600 does not have a B dial mode. You need to set the dial to M... and then BYN should be able to set it to BULB. If you have the dial set to anything but M for the D5600 it will not work.
  18. Well, no... you need to upload them and you send me the link
  19. https://www.otelescope.com/files/category/3-backyardeos/
  20. What I find odd is that the thumbnail are displayed... and the image has to be loaded to generate the thumbnail... I'm really stump. Can you upload 1 jpg and 1 cr2 image on dropbox and the likes and provide link, I'd like to have 1 of each.... who know, maybe I'll see something.
  21. Here is a weird request. Download and try BYE 3.1.16.
  22. I'm out of ideas, the image provided by the camera SDK seems incomplete. Can you view the JPG in Windows?
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