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  1. No, Nikon does not support the D3400 for remote control.
  2. Perhaps if the files are being moved from the BackyardTEMP to the Downoad folder while changing their name at the same time this may do a Copy rather than a Move. It may be much less overhead to rename the file in BackyardTEMP and then move it to Download.
  3. Moving files to a different folder on the same drive is a very low overhead operation. Only the directory entries are changed; the files are not copied. Are your BackyardTEMP folder and your Download folder on the same drive? Can you watch system memory/BYE memory usage while this is happening? BYE is a 32-bit .NET app and so cannot exceed 2 GB of allocated memory. Just curious...why are you capturing soooo many frames?
  4. Search the user guide for "camera2" for more info.
  5. Yes, an internet connection is only required by the Trial version. I believe that the Trial license is validated when you start BYE so you may be able to start BYE in the house while the Internet is available and then carry the computer out to your telescope.
  6. In fact there are some who say that with modern DSLR cameras, dark frames are not even necessary. See the article at the following link for more information --> http://www.clarkvision.com/articles/dark-current-suppression-technology/
  7. astroman133

    Latest version

    Melvin, At the top of the pages on this site are tabs. You are currently on the Support tab. You need to switch to the Downloads tab. It shows that the latest version of BYE is 3.1.17 and the latest version of BYN is 2.0.10. Also, you said that you "have the Premium version". Premium is your license type and is not related to your version. The same license can be applied to any of the latest versions. The authors have evolved their licensing over time, so if your version is really old you may need to upgrade your license to obtain a new license. There is no cost to do this, but you must follow the procedure that is detailed on the Upgrade tab for your product in the Store section of the web site.
  8. BYE supports operating multiple cameras either synchronized or unsynchronized. This is discussed in the User Guide (click the ? button at the upper right of the window).
  9. You are welcome. Thanks for letting us know your solution.
  10. Ben, It should not be necessary to uninstall and re-install BYE just to replace a cable. Keep in mind that the authors limit how many times a license can be registered. I assume the reason is to prevent unscrupulous people from sharing their license key with friends. If uninstalling and re-installing BYE causes re-registration then definitely do not uninstall and re-install it for no good reason. I would suggest replacing the cable and try your existing installation of BYE. If it fails to connect or operate correctly then post your symptoms back with this group for advice. The only reason to re-install is if your current software is broken or the installation was incomplete or corrupted. If a new version of BYE is released, you can choose to install it over the old version, without uninstalling the old version, or you could choose to install it in parallel to test the new version while keeping the old version as a fallback.
  11. A Trial license requires a working Internet connect to validate each time you start up BYE. Could that be your issue?
  12. There is no reason why the camera must be connected to either a telescope or a lens to shoot bias frames.
  13. If your PC is part of a large network, like a university, that is administered by system administrators, it is possible that your registry is locked down via Windows Group Policy to prevent corruption. If so, you need to talk to a sysadmin.
  14. I'm glad that you figured it out.
  15. BYN downloads the images from the camera into a temporary folder, processes them, copies the processed image to its final location and then deletes the downloaded image. The software works and no other users are reporting this error. Are you sure that you are looking in the correct file folder? The final folder is designated by the value that you enter in the Download folder field on the Settings dialog. The image may be in a subfolder based on your choice from the Sub-folders dropdown list. The temporary location is specified by the entry in the BackyardTEMP folder. I believe that the downloaded images in the BackyardTEMP folder are not deleted until BYN has verified that the modified and renamed image is in the designated download folder.
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