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  1. I think that you are on the right track...Nice Job!
  2. Your "best settings" and my "best settings" will likely not be the same. In LiveView both the shutter and ISO control the brightness. I would suggest setting the ISO at 400 and vary the shutter speed to control the brightness. It will take some trial and error to get the a well exposed planetary image and it may vary from night to night, but the viewed LiveView image should appear somewhat underexposed. You can brighten it to your taste by stretching it during processing.
  3. Running in admin mode causes a cascade of other issues. The best solution is to NOT run in admin mode. We need to help you solve your original issue about saving BYE's settings. I suggest 1) upgrade to BYE 3.1.17 and 2) re-install BYE to a different folder. Installing to a different folder has helped others with the same issue.
  4. If you provided more information about how you intend to use this capability, the authors would have a better idea about what exactly to implement. For example, you talk about taking readings every minute. What value would you expect to be incorporated into the file name? The value at the beginning of the exposure, the value at the end of the exposure, a mean value representative of the entire exposure? Would having a value or values embedded in the image metadata also be useful? Thanks!
  5. David, As I said in your original post. The ASCOM Focuser interface does not allow an ASCOM client application like BYE or BYN to control the focuser's motor speed. It can only specify the target position (for an absolute focuser) or the move amount (for a relative focuser). I have a Moonlite focuser (actually I have 3 Moonlite focusers) and it appears to operate at a constant motor speed regardless of the move distance. I have no problems moving either a long distance or a very short distance with accuracy. I would contact Celestron with your concerns.
  6. It sounds like a nice setup. I hope these upgrades work out for you.
  7. Interesting question. What are you using now? Is it working for you? How big are your images? How fast are you autoguiding? If you are mixing USB2 and USB 3 devices in your setup, you need to be sure that they will still work at USB3 speeds even though some of the equipment USB2. I used to use a USB2 to Cat5 extender. The timing was enough different that one of my guide cameras would not work. All of my USB2 gear works just fine through USB2 hubs and extension cables, but my setup is aging. I guess that at some point I will find out, of necessity, how to upgrade..
  8. ASCOM controls the position of moves, not the speed to get there. Because BYE uses ASCOM it can only tell the focuser where (how far) to move, not the motor speed. I do not believe that there are keyboard shortcuts for focuser move or stop. You should keep current by upgrading to BYE 3.1.17.
  9. Guylain's explanation makes sense. Also, the PC's power plan is likely different when running off the battery and can power down parts of the PC when it thinks that they are not being used. Things like powering off internal USB hubs during a long exposure. For AP this is not a good thing. My solution was to power my PC of a 12V deep cycle battery rather than the internal battery.
  10. BYE does not support that capability. It only supports incremental focuser moves.
  11. astroman133


    I'm glad you solved your issue.
  12. astroman133


    Which version of BYE? If you have a BYE 3.1.* license then you can copy/paste the license key from the My Purchases area of your profile on this site. The Identifier field is your username (this is case-sensitive). I am not sure of how to proceed if your license is one of the older multi-line 3.0.*, or earlier, licences. It was up to you to record and maintain the older license.
  13. You should read the Mask Framing section in the User Guide.
  14. How can BYE simulate the impact of different exposure lengths on a stacked image when it works only with unstacked sub-exposures? Would you expect to see the background sky brightness to be calculated for each image as it is displayed from the camera, for an images as selected from the thumbnail, for previewed images? Would you see any benefit for storing the characterized sky brightness in the image metadata? Sky brightness can vary significantly, in gradients, across an image. I would think that for image capture purposes, a histogram displayed from the unstretched raw data, in both linear and logarithmic y-axis scales, would be sufficient for capture purposes.
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