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  1. astroman133

    D5600 first time connection failure

    I am glad that you sorted out your issue. You posted small fragment from your log, whereas some people zip up and post several sessions worth of logs. This causes the authors to have to pay for the increased space. That is why they ask you to send log files to them via email so no storage fees are incurred. Thanks!
  2. astroman133

    D5600 first time connection failure

    You should read this recent thread.
  3. astroman133

    Unable to Connect Nikon D600

    So, your problem is solved; except for not understanding why it will not connect when you use the Nikon2015 drivers?
  4. astroman133

    Unable to Connect Nikon D600

    OK, sorry that I missed that you have tried different USB ports. Also, if I understand correctly, BYN used to connect to your camera from the laptop, but suddenly quit. What changed? A Windows Update? When you plug the USB cable into the computer and the camera and power the camera on, does the camera show up in the Windows Device Manager device list? If not, there is no way that BYN will connect. Also, it connects with your other computer, but with the same cable? Have you verified that the USB ports are working by connecting other devices to them? The D600 was released in 2012, so it appears that you are using the correct version of the SDK (2015 and earlier).
  5. astroman133

    Unable to Connect Nikon D600

    When you re-install BYN to the same folder it uses the same preferences again. To get BYN to ask you what SDK you want to try to connect with you need to tick the Ask for camera drivers checkbox on the Advanced Settings screen. Also, please refrain from attaching your log files to forum posts. In the How Tos forum there is a post that outlines how to send log files to Guylain for review. BTW, the log file is saying that it cannot find the camera. See the fragment below: 2018-12-08 09:42:46,796 [Main] INFO - Attempting to connect camera... 2018-12-08 09:42:46,806 [Main] INFO - Camera action fired: 'MaestroChoose' 2018-12-08 09:42:46,846 [Main] DEBUG - Nikon drivers 'Type0008_D600/C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardNIKONv2.0\Nikon2015\Type0008_D600\Type0008.md3' is loading... 2018-12-08 09:42:47,995 [Main] INFO - Nikon drivers 'Type0008_D600/C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardNIKONv2.0\Nikon2015\Type0008_D600\Type0008.md3' initialized. 2018-12-08 09:42:48,035 [Main] INFO - Nikon2015/D600 drivers initialized. 2018-12-08 09:42:55,561 [Main] INFO - Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 2018-12-08 09:42:55,646 [Main] INFO - Camera state changed: 'Disconnected' 2018-12-08 09:42:55,956 [Main] INFO - ----------------------------------- 2018-12-08 09:42:55,956 [Main] INFO - Application state changed: 'Disconnected' 2018-12-08 09:42:56,108 [Main] ERROR - Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 2018-12-08 09:42:56,113 [Main] ERROR - at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.NikonCameraManager.Choose(String drivername) at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.CameraController.Choose(String drivername) at BinaryRivers.Orchestrator.MaestroCameraDslrExtension.CameraChoose(Maestro maestro, String drivername) I am not a Nikon owner so I don't know if the Nikon2015 driver set is correct for the D600. I would compare with what works on your other PC. I would also try a different USB port on the laptop.
  6. astroman133

    Won't start exposures

    Not the screen saver, but perhaps your power saving profile is shutting your USB ports down. If so, the issue would tend to occur at about the same point in the capture plan, like after 30 minutes. In the future, please create a new post for a new issue. It makes it easier for others to search for similar issues to what they are experiencing. Thanks!
  7. The Canon EOS SDK only allows access to certain menu items. In the case of LENR, I believe that BYE could read it from the camera, but not write a value back to the camera.
  8. BYE and BYN have support for several device types (Telescope, Focuser, Filter Wheel), but adding support for ASCOM Observations for reading ambient temperature would be a good feature for many users. You may even find additional ambient values that could be incorporated into the Backyard metadata.
  9. Guylain, The OP said that there is an ASCOM Observatory Conditions driver for his device. I think that what he needs is an ASCOM client program that polls the device and creates a text file that BYE can read.
  10. Even though it would be a trivial programming task to create a text file from an Observing Conditions device, it would be better if BYE/BYN supported the ASCOM Observing Conditions interface directly without the need for a separate program or the text file.
  11. astroman133

    BYC swap to BYN possible?

    Based on past answers to similar questions, the license is not transferrable from one product to the other. Once you have a BYE license the authors have no way to invalidate it.
  12. astroman133

    Can the byeos sequence number be reset?

    I think that he wants to be able to start with sequence number 1 again.
  13. astroman133

    D5600 Connection

    Find the post near the top of the BYN Support Forum that is titled "BackyardNIKON camera support grid, is my camera supported?" Read the post and follow the link to the camera support grid. The grid will tell you if you need an additional cable for bulb shutter control.
  14. astroman133

    Backyard EOS No picture download

    I cannot help, without more information from you. What version of BYE? What model of camera? I presume that you are running a Capture Plan on the Imaging screen, but you did not say. Please confirm. What is the value of the Save To setting in the Capture Plan Center Does the BackyardTEMP folder (from the Settings dialog) exist on an always-available local drive (not a removable or network drive) and do you have full access to it? Does the Download Folder (from the Settings dialog) exist and do you have full access to it? Have you tried temporarily disabling your anti-virus software? Some A/V software will block image downloads from applications that they do not recognize! If so, you should whitelist BYE as a known safe program. If your camera has 2 memory card slots and you are saving to both the camera and the PC, please make sure that whatever images you want to download to the PC are being saved to memory card #1. Please describe, in detail, what steps you execute to reproduce the behavior that you are seeing. Also tell us how BYE reacts. Thanks!
  15. astroman133

    Nikon D3500

    The authors of BYN have bent over backwards to support as many models as they can...It is good for business. However they can only support those models that Nikon allows them to support. Nikon provides a software library, called the SDK, that many 3rd party developers use to communicate with the cameras. For some reason Nikon has not added support for the D3x00 cameras to the SDK. This means that, as much as they might want to, the authors of BYN cannot support that camera in their product. Nikon does not typically say why they choose to exclude a particular model from being supported by the SDK. If support for astrophotography is important, I would suggest that it is not too late to exchange the camera for a model that is supported (in the BYN supported cameras list). I would also say that whatever camera you choose should be well-matched for the telescope that it will be used with. For example, a camera with a full frame sensor would not be a good choice for a telescope with only a 2 inch diameter focuser. Seek the advice of an experienced astrophotographer before purchasing a camera.

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