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  1. astroman133

    User Interface resizing issue

    What environment are you running with? Windows version? Monitor resolution?
  2. astroman133

    BYE Trial Extension

    Please, next time you have an issue create a new post rather than piggybacking on an existing post with a different issue. What you have done is effectively hide your issue from others who may benefit from the dialog towards a solution. When describing the details of the error that you are seeing do not post any information or screenshots that contain your license key. Details of the error that you are seeing will likely lead to a solution.
  3. astroman133

    Lunar imaging

    I haven't done a lot of hi-res lunar imaging, but I did create an image that was created using BYE. I hope that BYN has similar capability. I started out by recognizing that I needed to capture 6 separate videos for the phase that it was in. 3 rows of 2 columns did the trick. With BYE in planetary mode and 5X zoom enabled, I positioned the LiveView zoom box around the first column of the first row and captured 800 frames. Then I moved to zoom box, in turn, to each of the other 5 imaging positions and captured 800 frames. When done I had covered the entire surface, with good overlap between the positions. I stacked each video with RegiStax and was now down to 6 images. I used RegiStar to combine those 6 images into a single image. RegiStar is pretty neat and took care of figuring out how the images were related. It organized them, aligned them, warped them to fit together and adjusted the brightness and color of the images to hide the seams and blend them together. RegiStar is not free, or cheap for that matter, but was very easy to use and did a good job. I thought that the final result came out looking pretty good.
  4. astroman133

    validation issues

    Oh, man. You made a huge huge huge error in posting your license key on this forum. ASAP you should delete the screenshots and any text containing your key. You could end up being banished from the site with your license key cancelled.
  5. astroman133

    Cant Validate BYE Trial Version

    Your problem is not with the download, or even with the install. So it does not seem like repeating that process will change your issue. The subject of your post references the BYE Trial Version. This is not accurate. Trial is the license type that has nothing to do with the version of the software that you are using. The version is numeric, like 3.1.16. Since the same version can have any of the 3 licenses installed there is no such thing as the "Trial Version". It could be that your firewall or anti-virus software is preventing BYE from accessing the internet to validate the license. You should copy/past your license key from your My Purchases area on this web site into the validation dialog and enter your username (case-sensitive) into the Identifier field. Finally, in case you do not already know, that when you are using the Trial license BYE requires a working internet connect to validate the license whenever the application is started. You can thank the people who tried to extend their trial license by setting their PC time back for forcing the authors to take this active measure to protect their intellectual property. The good news is that you can test much of BYE's functionality in the house at the kitchen table. Then before venturing out to a dark sky site with no internet connection, you can eliminate the need for a connection by purchasing and validating a Classic or Premium license.
  6. astroman133

    Support for Mirrorless Canons

    Did you mean Canon?
  7. astroman133

    Cannot control shutter speed Nikon D750

    Your posts are confusing. You said "Sorry, can't change the shutter time in BYN. Has no effect on the camera shutter speed. I can select a different shutter speed in BYN but it does not change the camera shutter speed. " In the first sentence you say "can't change the shutter time in BYN". I the third sentence you say "I can select a different shutter speed in BYN..." These two remarks are directly contradictory. We are not looking over your shoulder and so only know what you tell us. Trying to make sense of what you are saying I would assume that you mean "when I change the exposure duration in BYN and take a picture, the length of the exposure does not change". I have assisted new users on this forum for several years and do not recall any similar reports. I did try to look at posts from others with a D5100 who had problems when imaging with a D5100 and could not find any with an issue similar to yours. As Guylain said, please provide detailed instructions, including screen shots when necessary to describe how to re-create the issue that you are seeing.
  8. astroman133

    Cannot control shutter speed Nikon D750

    In the User Manual read the section titled Exposure Groups to see how to set the exposure time in a BYN imaging exposure group.. Basically the dropdown list in the Shutter column has all the non-Bulb values that are supported by your camera.
  9. astroman133

    Cannot control shutter speed Nikon D750

    Please tell us the BYN version number that you are using. "the most recent" will not mean anything to someone who reads this message a year or two from now. If you have a lens on the camera for astrophotography the lens needs to be in manual focus mode to prevent the camera from trying to autofocus. With a dark sky, the camera will not be able to autofocus so the image will never start. If the exposure is set to a timed value (not Bulb) and you select a short exposure in BYE (less than 1 second), then the exposure is totally controlled by the camera. If the exposure never finishes then it is a camera issue. It should also occur when operating the camera while not connected to the PC. Also, if you have updated the camera firmware, you may need to choose a newer driver to fully support that firmware.
  10. astroman133

    BYEOS, can't see my Camera

    Before running BYE, plug the USB cable into the camera and the PC and turn the camera on. Windows should recognize the camera, make a "new device found" sound and load the low-level driver. You should also see the camera listed in the Windows Device Manager. Is the camera listed here? If not, then BYE will not be able to connect. When trying to connect, you should select the Canon drivers, not the Canon 215 or Canon210 drivers. Does this help? Which version of Windows?
  11. astroman133

    Support for Canon T100/3000D/4000D

    Your camera is a newly supported in the latest version of the SDK. You should choose the Canon drivers instead of Canon215 which uses version 2.15 of the SDK and is for older cameras.
  12. astroman133

    Support for Canon T100/3000D/4000D

    Backyard EOS 3.1.17.RC3 was made available in September. It includes version 3.8 of the EOS SDK. This is the first version of the SDK that supports the T100. This means that Guylain is very close to supporting it. He will need you to download 3.2.17.RC3 from the Pre-release area and try to connect to your camera from BYE. It will fail but in the process will provide some numbers that he can use to allow BYE to connect with your camera. I am sure that he will elaborate when he reads your post.
  13. As the manufacturer of the TEMPerHUM device came out with newer versions, they changed how applications needed to get the information from them. So I think that BYE only supports certain generations of devices.
  14. astroman133

    Astrotortilla and Stellarium

    Jeff, I believe that you need the ASCOM Platform and the Celestron driver. Also Stellarium does not support ASCOM without the installation and use of StellariumScope. Then, since the Celestron driver supports multiple concurrent connections, you can have Stellarium w/ StellariumScope and AstroTortilla connected to the AVX at the same time.
  15. astroman133

    Jpeg frames not being sent to computer

    Jeff, When you reply here it is posted for all to read so what you posted was read by both S3igell and me. S3igell lives in AZ (not sure where) at least part of the year. I have lived in Sierra Vista for the past 5 years. Between the 3 of us I suspect that we have southern AZ covered.

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