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  1. Try changing your download folder to be in the Windows virtual C drive rather than on vmware-host. The UNC path is causing BYN to report errors in the log like: ERROR - Object must be a root directory ("C:\") or a drive letter ("C"). Although I do not know if that is causing your issue since it worked for a few images. I also wonder whether Windows is going into power saving mode and powering down the USB port.
  2. What processing software can use an SER file? I don't think that RegiStax can.
  3. You may just be able to write a custom SettingsProvider to change where and how the settings are saved without major surgery. ASCOM, for example, has a custom SettingsProvider that can easily save data from WinForms controls into the ASCOM Profile area in the Registry rather than in a config file.
  4. However, for BYE 3.2.0, Users does not have Modify permission on its installation folder, but it works anyway.
  5. Yes, that fixed my issue. I gave Users Modify permission to the BYE 3.2.1 RC3 installation folder and it saved my settings.
  6. I am in the Administrators group which has Full Control over the folder where BYE is installed. In addition, the settings are saved with BYE 3.2.0, but not with 3.2.1 RC3 which is installed in a different folder.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but your suggestion did not work for me. I am a member of the Administrators group on my PC, but the Users group did not have permissions as suggested. I changed the Users permissions for BinaryRiv ers.BackyardEOS.Start.Camera1.exeto grant Full control and started BYE 3.2.0 RC3. It still did not save my settings.
  8. Sorry, but I don't believe that it is possible for BYE to be used to view and control your focuser without a connection through an ASCOM focuser driver (CPWI).
  9. Dave, According to the BYE Supported Cameras page the 5D Mk II is fully supported by BYE. Also, BYE is a 32-bit app that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You imply that you have an issue. If you want help, please describe what you do to cause the issue and what you see.
  10. You have not provided any description of what you see when you try to connect, so it is difficult to provide any help. Can you see your drivers listed in the ASCOM Chooser? If yes, are you sure that the driver setup dialog (the Chooser's Properties button) are set to correctly configure the drivers. Have you tried the Connection Tester in the ASCOM Diagnostics program? Have you looked at the ASCOM or driver log files? I suggested posting to CPWI or ASCOM support forums because those forums would likely describe your issue to the largest audience that would have the expertis
  11. You seem to be saying that you are unable to connect BYN's ASCOM Telescope or Focuser control to CPWI to allow you to adjust the telescope pointing and the focuser position from BYN. Do you have the ASCOM Platform installed? This must be installed before CPWI in order for the CPWI ASCOM drivers to be installed. If you can see the drivers in the ASCOM Chooser then this is not your problem. Installing the ASCOM Platform installs other applications like ASCOM Device Hub (Platform version 6.5 or later) and POTH (all previous version of ASCOM, but optional with ASCOM 6.5) that you can try
  12. Integration of BYE with AstroTortilla is all on the AstroTortilla side. All BYE is doing is providing AT with an image to solve when requested via BYE's integration API. So, if BYE is providing an image to AT that AT is unable to solve that is all on the AT side. You should be looking for tutorials for AT or Astrometry.NET. The important things with AT are to be sure that the following parameters are set appropriately for your situation: 1) --sigma value (Custom options) The default sigma of 1 is not usually the correct value. I would try bumping the value up to 150-200. T
  13. O'Telescope does not send you an activation code. Instead, your Trial license key is available to you whenever you login to the web site with the account that you used to get the license. Simply click on My Purchases and Orders at the top of this page. Be sure to use Copy and Paste to transfer your license key from the browser window to the BYE License Validation dialog. Oh, and to foil license "cheaters" while using the Trial license you must have an active internet connection so that BYE can validate your license. Once you enter your purchased Classic or Premium license key into BYE you no l
  14. The SL3 is a newer camera, and if you are running Windows 10, the low-level Canon driver is already installed with Windows. With older versions of Windows and older cameras, you had to install the driver from the software kit that either came on a CD with the camera or you downloaded from Canon. When users needed to install the CD software in order to get the camera to work with the PC they often chose to install Canon's EOS Utility, which is a general purpose camera control program. The problem is that Windows could automatically launch the EOS Utility whenever the camera is first detected by
  15. astroman133

    Web site issue

    Clicking on the BYE Supported Cameras link in the page footer launches the BYN Supported Cameras page.
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