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  1. The more specific you are about the error message, and the steps to reproduce it, the more quickly the issue will be resolved. Also, if you are not attaching a log file to your post is is important to know which version (the full number, like 3.2.2) you are using.
  2. Rather than sending a huge log, create a new file that captures your issue.
  3. Wipe and re-install was likely unnecessary. It may be that you only need to add a Microsoft C++ Run-time Library that is required by the Nikon SDKs. At least you are up and running. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. I have occasionally had to re-validate my Premium license by entering my username, so I know that it still can happen. The last time was with BYE 3.2.X on a desktop computer. The IP address is dynamically assigned, via DHCP, at boot time, and it can change so I don't think that a different IP address was the cause. I assumed that something had changed but I was not sure what. This used to happen with BYE if you changed time zones, but I don't do that anymore, so that was not the cause. Because I live in Arizona, I don't even adjust the system time for Daylight Saving Time. I agree that dr
  5. As a precaution, I also keep the license info separately from the program on my computer in a secure file to avoid a wasted trip. I use a program called PasswordSafe to keep internet web site usernames and passwords. For O'Telescope I also keep the license key in the entry's Notes section. PasswordSafe also allows me to have a different, randomly-generated password for every web site. This lessens the chances of a malicious actor gaining access to my account on multiple web sites.
  6. Mako, At the start of your post you said that you re-installed BYEOS. You could have installed any version. Yes, including a JPG file in the list of lights or darks could have caused DSS to display that error. The JPGs have been debayered the RAWs have not. Guylain, I assumed that Mako provided screenshot to highlight that the files were all different sizes. This is normal, however the CR2 files should all include images with the same number of pixels (image height times image width).
  7. The overall size does not need to be the same. You need to look at the metadata of the images to compare the width and height of the image area. If the image dimensions are different then it is likely a camera setting that was changed. BYE takes the image and downloads it. The dimensions are determined by the camera. You also did not say what version of BYE you are using, per the orange banner at the top of the forum page.
  8. astroman133

    Trial Key

    Sorry, which product? BYE or BYN? Thanks!
  9. This is the place to ask your general questions.
  10. I changed my PC, also running 1920x1080, to 150% scaling and BYE did not change where the histogram and screen stretch controls were located.
  11. Fritz, I am running BYE 3.2.2 which is from the same code base as BYN 2.1.2. For me the Histogram Center controls are where they have always been. In Imaging mode they are on the right of the image display area and above the Capture Plan Center. I believe that BYE and BYN will re-position some control groups based on the monitor size and resolution and the size of the application main window. Also, for me, the screen stretch does not effect the Presentation Mode window. I do not know whether this is new behavior or not because I don't use Presentation mode very much. I
  12. Also, I did not understand the point that you were trying to make with the screenshots. The quality was so poor that the small text was not readable. Log files are storec in the Logs subfolder in the directory that you specify in the BackyardTEMP text box on the Settings dialog. They are segregated by date.
  13. A quick internet search with Duck Duck Go gave the following link -> https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=124692.0 If that doesn't give you what you need then you will have to ask Avast support yourself how to exclude a program that you trust.
  14. You question, as posed, did not make sense. However I think that you are asking if you can run BYE on multiple computers with a single license key. The answer is a qualified Yes. It is OK as long as you don't run multiple copies of BYE on multiple computers at the same time. I hope that is what you were asking.
  15. Guylain is the owner of O'Telescope, the lead developer of BYE and BYN, and the admin on this forum. Literally everyone else who has had a problem registering their license key is able to do so when they use copy and paste their key from the web site into BYE or BYN, rather than manually typing in their key string. This probably leads Guylain to think that you are doing something wrong to be unable to register yours. The important steps are these: Be sure that the product that you are trying to activate the license for is the same product that you got the key for Make sur
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