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  1. Not sure what you mean by "more reach". Do you mean wider FOV"? more sensitivity? more resolution? Can you explain? I do not believe that anyone has brought up the J5 before you. It is not currently supported, according to the Supported Cameras grid.
  2. LiveView images are not raw images, they are JPG images that are scaled to fit on the LCD display. I do not believe that BYN does any processing but just displays what it receives. If the camera supports exposure simulation of LiveView images then you can reduce the noise in the image by lowering the ISO. Most of the noise in your LiveView frames is not random thermal noise, but skyglow, so even if you could apply dark frames on the fly, it would not reduce the background mottling that you are seeing. I am not sure, but I believe that BYN's stacking algorithm is purely additive. The increase of background mottling in F&F images as a result of stacking should not be a problem since these images are not "keepers". They are throwaway images used for focusing and target framing. The exposure time of F&F frames is only a few milliseconds long so if you want to see more detail in the image then you need to lengthen the exposure time by shooting snap images.
  3. Several models of Nikon cameras seem unable to save images to both the PC and the Camera. Try PC only. This is the "normal" operating mode. I would also suggest that you never use an unpowered hub for connecting your astro gear. A powered hub ensures that every device gets all the power that it needs. I am confused about how/where you are specifying the .5 second delay that you mentioned. None of the timing values (Delay, Mirror lock, or Pause) allow choosing a value less than one second. Of those only Mirror lock is intended to put a delay between the mirror up time and the start of the exposure. However, according to the Supported cameras grid, BYN does not support Mirror lock for any Nikon cameras. The Delay setting is only used once, at the start of an imaging plan. The Pause is a delay between exposures, but occurs outside of the mirror up/shutter open sequence.
  4. By chance do you have Long Exposure Noise Reduction enabled in the camera? If so, disable it. This issue could also be caused by a flaky cable. If BYN calls into the SDK and the SDK never returns then BYN will appear unresponsive. In that case you can either wait for it to recover on its own or kill it with the Windows Task Manager.
  5. When you create a post, the following information is displayed. Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL* However, the symptoms that you are describing indicate that you likely selected the Loop button, which causes the capture sequence to repeat until it is aborted.
  6. First, please provide the entire version number of BYN, as in 2.0.11 (or whatever you have), since there are probably over a couple dozen releases and pre-releases that start with 2.0. Then do not attempt to use the Mirror Lock features that may be available in BYN, since the Nikon SDK does not support this capability. The Z6 does support BULB over USB. If you still cannot figure out what is happening you may benefit from doing a factory reset on the camera. This can often reset parameters that are preventing BYN from controlling the camera.
  7. Brian, BYE uses the Canon SDK which does not completely support using WiFi for camera control. However, some people have been able to connect BYE and the Canon SDK with their camera via WiFi after pairing the two devices using the EOS Utility or some other application. Apparently Canon does not provide information to 3rd party developers about how to accomplish this. You may find useful information about how to wirelessly connect a camera to BYE in the archives of this site. If you are using the USB connection, WiFi must be disabled by you via the cameras menus. I will say that a wired USB connection will be faster and more reliable than the wireless connection. The SDK does not tolerate even a momentary connection loss. This loss can cause BYE to hang if it has called an SDK method that never returns. The only way to recover is to kill the BYE process via the task manager and restart.
  8. Did you select the Pegasus Powerbox from the Weather Provider dropdown on the Settings dialog?
  9. I am not sure where you read that Backyard EOS can control a PegasusAstro Powerbox. BYE can control Canon cameras via the Canon SDK and with a Premium license it can control a telescope, a focuser, and/or a filter wheel via ASCOM. BYE is primarily a camera control program, not an observatory automation program like SGP. BYE does not currently support control of switch devices like the Powerbox. The Pegasus Powerbox is on the list of supported weather providers. If there are multiple versions of the Powerbox they should be supported as long as they all use the same API. I do not know how BYE communicates with the PPB. Sorry.
  10. astroman133


    Yes, that is how it is designed.
  11. astroman133


    BYE can do this if you synchronize the two instances. This is discussed in detail in the user manual. You should know that this only makes sense if both instances of BYE are taking synchronized exposures with the same exposure duration, f/stop, etc. In this case the master instance sends the take picture command to the slave instance(s). So it will only work for you if the exposure parameters will work for both scope/camera combinations. I hope that this helps.
  12. astroman133


    So you want to control 2 telescopes/mounts, 2 focusers, and 2 cameras from the same PC? The good news is that BYE is designed to be able to run 2 instances, called Camera 1 and Camera2, on the same PC. The BYE User Manual describes how to run multiple instances of BYE and if required how to slave one instance to the other. This may not be true with control of 2 mounts and 2 focusers or running 2 instances of PHD2 on the same PC. You would need to check with the driver author for the telescopes and focusers regarding whether the driver supports multiple concurrent instances. You would also need to check with PHD2 support about running 2 instances of that application. You should also be aware that if you find that you need a second PC to run the second setup that running BYE in 2 computers at the same time requires a second license. You should read the End User License Agreement (EULA) in the User Manual for confirmation.
  13. <When I am in M, BYE does not appear to be able to set the exposure time to Bulb if the camera is not already set to B in the shutter speed settings, only to the various pre-set times that the camera times internally. > Are you saying that BULB is not available in the Shutter dropdown in BYE's Capture Plan Center on the Imaging screen? If so, then does deleting the cache data on the Advanced Settings screen and restarting BYE with the camera in Manual mode fix it? I am not sure, but perhaps an old bug has crept back into the program.
  14. A better question may be..,What plate solving tools can use BYE. AstroTortilla is pretty much a dead product, at this point.
  15. Please post your request in the Feature Suggestion Box forum. That said, Guylain has said that implementing autofocus functionality is not a high priority (I am paraphrasing him). Some time ago I had asked for the capability to pause an imaging plan to allow switching to Frame and Focus for manual focus adjustment and then returning to Imaging and resuming the imaging plan. To me this is a significant improvement that still supports frequent manual re-focusing. It s valuable for me because where I live we experience 40-50 degree temperature drops during the course of a night.
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