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  1. You are correct about the behavior of the zoom rectangle. It should not matter whether you reposition the zoom rectangle or reposition the scope, as long as what you are imaging is in the 5X field. You are incorrect about the fast focal ratio causing drift. Drift in declination is caused by polar misalignment. Drift in right ascension can be caused by an incorrect tracking rate. Actually a fast focal ratio would cause a lower magnification and a wider field of view which should appear to slow drift.
  2. There have been changes made since 3.1.18 was released to speed up loading. You should upgrade to 3.2.2.
  3. What version of BYE? Bo 2 minutes to load, do you mean start up? If not using the latest version, you should consider upgrading.
  4. Try upgrading. Back a few years ago, in order to accommodate users who wanted to use BYE/BYN to photograph the solar eclipse, Guylain added additional rows to the capture plan. This added quite a bit of time to the program startup. That delay has since been improved.
  5. Saying you are using the latest BYE won't mean the same thing next year, after a new release. Please always report your version number, like 3.2.2. If the zoom box is already locked in position, double-clicking on the image unlocks it. Then it follows the cursor.
  6. Inconsistent symptoms does not seem to be a software issue. I would look at cabling and connections. Let us know how it goes.
  7. I totally understand about the effects of temperature change during an imaging session. Where I live, the temperature often changes by 40 degrees or more throughout the course of a session. I have to use a cooled camera, where I have a consistent temperature throughout a session and for sessions where I want to combine images over a period of days or weeks.
  8. Try simplifying your capture plan. Remove LENR, remove Mirror Lockup and save only to the PC. Does that configuration work with capture plans that were not completing? If so, add LENR back and try it again. If that works, try saving to the card instead of to the PC. If that works try enabling LENR. I would consider not using LENR. Your exposures are not that long, AND you can take darks if you even need them. I would also only use Mirror Lockup if you can actually see that not using it is affecting your raw images. It is not needed in most cases.
  9. Did you read the thread that you posted to? The devs need a physical Z6II to test with since it behaves differently from other Nikon cameras.
  10. The Nikon Z6II is not yet on the list of supported cameras.
  11. Older models do not support controlling BULB exposures via the USB control cable. They need an additional cable just to control the shutter for long, BULB exposures. The D5100 is one of these cameras. This is not a limitation that the BYN developers can overcome since it is a caused by NIKON's SDK and camera capabilities. The BYN Supported Cameras page here --> https://www.otelescope.com/byncameras.html/ has a link to a provider of this serial shutter control cable. The Shoestring Astronomy link is just before the large table of supported cameras.
  12. You did not report which version of BYE you are using. There have been issues with 5X and 10X with some of the mirrorless cameras. If I recall, the latest issue was a couple of months ago with an RP. If I may ask, why do you want to use 10X? I would not recommend it for Planetary because it 5X is at the full sensor resolution and 10X adds an additional digital zoom that reduces the quality.
  13. Your symptoms are too vague. You said "it didn't record data". Presumably you mean that the image was not saved. Where did the setting say to save images? PC? Camera" Both? Were you saving RAW? JPG? Both? Where did you look? The BackyardTEMP\Download folder? The BackyardNikon\Download folder? the camera's memory card? The combinations from the possibilities of storage location and image quality are many and could fail for different reasons. That is why providing as much information as possible is helpful to solving this. In case you did not already know...in the BYN Settings there ar
  14. Looking through old posts in this forum it seems as though others have had similar issues with the 1V3, going back a couple of years. The others apparently gave up trying to solve their issue or solved it and never reported back here with how they solved it. Guylain fixed one issue, but there may still be more with this camera.
  15. Again, the values that are displayed in the Camera Information Center are the values that are currently set in the camera. They are not changeable there. However if the camera is not imaging, they are simply the last values used and are mostly unimportant. You can change the ISO by setting a different ISO into the first row in the Capture Plan Center and take a picture. The new ISO is set into the camera before the image capture(s) for that row are begun. Yes, you need a second cable to take BULB exposures with the D5100. Older Nikon models like the D5100 did not support BULB exposur
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