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  1. The End User License Agreement for BYE allows you to install it on multiple PC's as long as you only use it on one machine at a time. Simply copy the setup file to the laptop, install it, and validate the same license to activate it.
  2. Please don't post to multiple threads! The Z7 is not yet supported by BYN. Please be patient as it can take several months for a new camera to 1) be supported in Nikon's Software Development Kit and 2) the BYN authors to incorporate the new model into the software. The Z6 was only recently added as a supported camera in BYN.
  3. astroman133

    Nikon Z6

    I believe that the Nikon Z7 is not currently supported by the current release of BYN or the next release candidate. You should read the pinned topic near the top of this forum about supported cameras!
  4. First, one of the reasons that the authors provide a free, fully-functional Trial license is to avoid the scenario where "I bought it, but it does not connect". Once they have issued you a license key there can be no refund since the license is still valid and you could continue to use it, or sell it (against the terms of the End User License Agreement). I would install BYE 3.1.18 RC 2 over top of your current installation to see if that fixes the issue, but it may be that some prerequisite Microsoft runtime library that is needed by the SDK is not installed on your PC so the SDK cannot function. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It is a library from Canon that 3rd party developers can use to talk to EOS cameras. "Eds" stands for something like "EOS Developer Software" and is used by the SDK programmers as a prefix for names of variables, constants, and methods that are exposed by the SDK. It is done to avoid name collisions with other software packages. EdsInitializeSDK is a method in the SDK that is called by BYE to initialize it. This is done to prepare the SDK for use to connect and control a camera. This early failure is an indication that there is something missing from your PC that the SDK needs. According to this previous post the issue has been fixed by uninstalling BYE and re-installing it to a different folder. It only happens rarely and this seems to fix it. Since the fix is so easy, a cause has never been found.
  5. The authors have, in the past, offered a deal to owners of one software product to purchase the other at a modest discount. You should investigate.
  6. For the benefit of others who read your post and are unable to find the Camera Support Grid, please see the screenshot below of the BYN Product page with the Cameras tab circled in red. The Shutter Control Interface Products page on the Shoestring Astro web site describes what to order depending on your camera model. If this is not clear you should ask them. You will likely get a faster, more definitive answer from them than you will get here.
  7. It seems that people are routinely (at least every month) unable to find the information about which camera models are supported by BYE and BYN and to explain the possible reasons why a particular model is not listed. This causes a bad experience when they assume, without further research, that their camera is supported when in fact it is not, or that they only need a single cable and their camera requires a DSUSB cable for Bulb exposures along with the regular USB cable.. Perhaps the site navigation in the Store could benefit from more prominent placement of the Camera Support Grid for each of the products. It could boldly state that not all camera models are supported by the product and the reasons why. It could also boldly state that some cameras need 2 cables while most need only 1 cable and describe how to read the Grid to determine the cabling requirements. One way to make the support grid more visible is to display it on a page of its own that the user must navigate through to get to the product order page and get the user to agree that they have read and understand the page contents as related to their camera model. If they are unsure of the requirements for their camera they could be directed to the Support area to seek clarification. Another option could display the camera models in a dropdown list, instead of the entire grid, which brings up the support info in a separate panel that the user can read and dismiss.
  8. Go to the OTelescope Store and select the BYN product (actually pick any of the 3 BYN license levels). On the page that comes up scroll down a bit and select the Cameras tab. Read the text just above the camera support grid and click on the link to the Shoestring Astronomy web site.
  9. Note that the 700D requires 2 cables running in parallel from the camera to the PC for full functionality with BYN.
  10. I believe that this camera is being used by other folks with BYN. According to the Supported Cameras matrix, the D700 should be able to do BULB exposures with only the USB cable, but the camera cannot do Mirror Lockup (this is not normally useful for astrophotography anyway), at least with the newest version of BYN. Make sure that the camera is in Manual shooting mode and Single frame Release Mode. If you have a lens on the camera, make sure that it is in Manual Focus mode. Also you should disable Long Exposure and High ISO Noise Reduction and make sure that the memory card in the camera is nearly empty.
  11. Can you provide a screen shot of the Capture Plan area of the Imaging screen?
  12. If My Purchases shows a free license then it is either a 30-day Trial license which is likely expired, or a free license upgrade from a 3.0.x license to a 3.1.x license. If your profile shows that you have purchased a BYE license then I guarantee that it is still active. A free Trial license DOES require an Internet connection to re-validate the license each time BYE is started up. This is not needed with a purchased Classic or Premium license. The license key is a long string and it is easy to make a mistake while manually typing the string to transfer it from one computer to another. This can make it challenging to correctly enter the license string to validate the license on a computer that is not connected to the internet. However, you can use copy/paste to create a text file containing the license key and move the text file onto your observatory computer via a thumb drive. I have never had a problem with anti-virus software causing issues on my observatory computer nor does it cause clutter on the system, in my experience. I have the Pro version of Windows 10 so that I can exercise some degree of control over when the updates occur. Updates are a necessary part of computer ownership and are more likely to bring enhancements, fixes, and improvements than they are to bring issues and clutter. In any case file storage is ridiculously inexpensive, so I can tolerate any clutter that may occur. System crashes are also a part of computer ownership, but thankfully are rare occurrences. I have never experienced one in over 40 years of computer ownership going back to my first Apple II computer in 1979. Still I plan for how to easily recover from a crash on every computer that I own (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone). I use the network connection to do this. I also control my observatory remotely which I could not do if the laptop were not connected to my home network and the internet. I guess that we can agree to disagree regarding the wisdom of not connecting a computer to the Internet.
  13. You EOS-R owners can try shooting BULB exposures with your laptop and your camera set up on your kitchen table. You do not care about the image, itself, just does BYE control the camera for long exposures.
  14. Joseph, What "piece of software" are you having trouble downloading? You do not need to purchase anything in order to be able to download the BYE or BYN setup program. Have you tried disabling your anti-virus software? Some anti-virus products will prevent unknown software, like BYE or BYN from downloading because it does not recognize it and assumes that it is malicious. It is also possible that your ISP is blocking access to the otelescope.com domain for some reason, like in response to a large number of malicious attacks from some region of the world.. I was just able to download setup-BackyardNIKON-v2010.exe from the otelescope web site using the Microsoft Edge browser on my Windows 10 Pro system. My anti-virus software is Windows Defender and I am located in North America. I had no problem, so it does not seem that there is any issue with the web site or the download itself.
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