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  1. I think that he was asking a second, unrelated question about using Pause in conjunction with Save To Camera. If I remember, there used to be an issue with older versions of BYE where you needed to give BYE extra time to finalize saving an image to the camera's SD card. However, I believe that in BYE 3.2 that this was fixed. All I can suggest is to try it.
  2. According to the table of features, the Classic license does not support ambient weather center logging.
  3. The HDMI cable is only for display of images and video on a TV or other video device. It cannot be used for camera control. BYE can only use the USB connection.
  4. Well, I can tell you that for a T7 the Canon drivers are what you want. Canon210 is for much older, and currently unsupported models. Does the Windows Device Manager see the camera as an Imaging Device? Are you by chance running the Canon EOS Utility. It can be configured to automatically connect to a camera when the camera is first detected. This will prevent BYE from being able to connect with the camera. If the camera has WiFi capability, you need to disable it in the camera's menus and connect the camera to the PC via USB. If Windows is seeing the camera, it may show a
  5. Sorry, here is the link -> https://thegeekpage.com/drag-and-drop-not-working/
  6. The following page gives several ways to fix Drag and Drop on Windows 10, including the Registry hack that you found. Perhaps one of the other suggestions will fix your issue without creating the security hole that is caused by turning off UAC. I suggest that you proceed carefully!
  7. Making that change may have had a positive impact on your issue of drag and drop preview of images, but it has much larger ramifications for the security of your PC. Making that change may be beneficial in the short term, but I would not suggest leaving it that way. EnableLUA is set to 1 on my PC and I have no trouble with drag-and-drop of image files onto the BYE Preview or Imaging panels. So, something else is going on with your Windows configuration. What you did was to disable User Account Control. This basically means that it is trivial for malware to compromise your computer.
  8. Grabbing at straws here, but you might try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software that you are running.
  9. Is your experience only on a single PC? Have you looked for general Windows solutions for this issue. I am not able to duplicate what you are seeing. I am running BYE 3.2.1 RC3 with a T5i on Windows 10 Pro. I am able to drag and drop .CR2 and .JPG files to both the Preview and Imaging panels. This leads me to believe that what you are seeing is some Windows setting or corruption on your PC, rather than a problem with BYE. Also I do not recall any other users reporting this issue.
  10. Which version of BYE are you using? Please provide the complete version number.
  11. It still seems as though there is too much darkening around the four sides of the image.
  12. Follow the guidance in the following thread: 3.2.1 RC2 not saving settings - BackyardEOS - O'Telescope
  13. I don't think that the vignetting is due to reflection off the inside of the dew shield. It is that the field-of-view of the Hyperstar is larger than the diameter of the dew shield. If there is a significant distance from the back of the camera to the flat panel, your least expensive option could be to shorten the dew shield to bring the flat panel closer to the back of the camera. However, if this doesn't provide a solution you may have to buy a new dew shield. So it may be worthwhile to find a way to avoid using the dew shield to hold the flat panel in place as an alternative.
  14. Antonio, Thanks for the clarification. I now understand that you are shooting a still JPG image while LiveView is active. I believe that this is not what Guylain was requesting. When BYN is in Planetary mode, it downloads individual LiveView frames onto the PC's hard drive. Then once all the required frames have been downloaded BYN assembles them into an AVI file. It may then keep or delete the individual JPG files, at your option. It is one of these Planetary LiveView frames that Guylain was asking you to provide. However, it appears that you are unable to do this if the Record but
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