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  1. Some older Apps have problems importing a Massive Number of Files at a single go... I'll again request whether it is possible to implement some simple Lossless Compression for the AVI Files - either Run-Length-Limited or Key-Frames. One would hope that with the world moving to "Video Everything" that there were a simple Library out there under one of the Freeware Licenses.
  2. AutoStakker!3 and PIPP use SER inputs - the latter prefers them...
  3. As you already have the AVI files, and need to do something with then, you can try either HANDBRAKE or FFMPEG. HANDBRAKE has developed quite the reputation within the Video Conversion community - but most users are focused on converting Ripped Bluray and Streamed Video to other formats. FFMPEG is the Granddaddy of the Video Converter world (and still going strong as the engine inside HandBrake and VLC and others). It is a Command-Line Tool, and the Windows GUI for it is getting a bit Stale. But, if anything can push data from one Video Format to another, this is it... Good Luc
  4. 1) BYE connects the Camera to the PC via USB - hence the reminder to turn OFF Wi-Fi via the Camera's Menu 2) New Canon DSLRs are "partially supported" by generic Windows 10, but need Driver(s) to be Downloaded for the exact Model. These Drivers are usually Installed via the CD/DVD which comes with the DSLR or else by visiting Canon Support website and Downloading the Software Package. In both cases, Installation also loads a Canon program called "EOS Utility". This "EOS Utility" has some useful features including proving that the Camera is Properly Connected via USB, BUT it directly Bl
  5. You'll need to go through the Forum Topics to learn which .NET Libraries are required. (I don't believe Wine comes original with them...)
  6. Make sure that you browse/search the BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon forums on this site looking for the keyword "PARALLEL" and/or "MAC" to find the numerous postings made by other Users who presented similar issues before they successfully setup BYE or BYN under MacOS and Parallels. Several of them were good enough to report back the Tricks and Issues which they had to overcome. (Note: Don't be concerned about "Nikon" vs "Canon" while doing your Searches, as the common thread is their efforts to use Parallels.)
  7. Both the Canon T7 and the Canon 7DmkII have the same Canon EF-S Lens Mount and the same Back-Focus. These are Mechanical elements of the Camera Design which DO NOT Change. So, however inadvertent the Change of the Focuser, you Must have bumped it while swapping the Camera Bodies off/on to the Scope.
  8. s3igell

    support for Olympus

    Yes, Olympus "Starry Sky AF" looks like a Neat Feature. Olympus Starry Sky AF Innovation But... The more Critical Feature is whether Olympus publishes a Software Developers Kit (SDK) for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III. And whether it offers the same breadth of Functionality as supplied by Canon and Nikon SDKs; and whether Guylain (the Developer) has the Time and Inclination to support yet another Product Line. (And this would be for a Single model of Olympus Camera - at this time - which offers this Starry Sky AF feature...)
  9. If physically "Wiggling the Cable" provides the solution, then the likely culprits are the Cable and/or the USB Port on the Laptop. (Hopefully it was the Laptop-Cable end that you were wiggling; else you may have issues with the USB Board of the D5100...) Start with the Easiest / Cheapest element - try a different (high-quality) USB Cable...
  10. s3igell

    Picture size

    Multiple Exposures is the purpose of the "Exposures" Field in the Capture Plan (see Rick's screenshot above). You can select up to 999 Exposures for a specific Row in the Plan. With normal DSO Exposures for a 1000D (attached to either Lens or Scope) being in terms of 30-300 seconds each, that single row will easily cover a full night's AP Imaging.
  11. When you Refocused, I assume that you used the Camera. Did you change any Camera Settings, other than simply using BYN Frame&Focus?? Anything that you might have forgotten to set back??
  12. Or, on those Cold Nights you could revert to a programmable Intervalometer to manage your DSLR.
  13. Many of us do AP Imaging in Very Exposed / Cold Winter Environments - I've often Imaged from the 8100ft hillside elevation of my place in the mountains of Colorado - well below Zero... And on special occasions, I venture to one of the High Mtn Pass parking lots in the middle of the San Juan Mtns to get as Dark and Clear (and COLD) Skies as possible... I find that I need to run Dew Heaters on the Scope and the Mount's Hand Controller. But the Laptop is just fine inside it's tipped-over Rubbermaid Storage Tub. When I'm off to my Truck for a little Heater-Action, I put the Lid on the Tub
  14. Meridian Flips are really the province of the Mount and it's controlling Software / Firmware. There are several Configuration Settings which BYE cannot determine - including "Track Past Meridian" settings, "Direction of Approach" settings, Mount's Exact Location, and even the simple knowledge whether the Mount is GEM or ALT-AZ.
  15. Windows is not longer completely beholden to only the "classic windows privileges". Additional restrictions at the OS level for Write Access to "protected" directory trees such as %windows% and \Program Files\ and \Program Files (x86)\ have been added (and then in some cases modified or rescinded) over the evolution of Windows OS and the Microsoft response to Heightened Security Conscientiousness. And sadly, this isn't the only Dev Effort where long-functional approaches seem to hit the proverbial brick wall... Here's hoping Guylain can scale or blast through it...
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