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  1. Please elaborate. A "Powered USB Cable" is usually an extended length cable with a USB Repeater/Booster embedded either in the center or end of the length. Is this what you describe?? If so, is it high-quality (ie: StarTech)?? Realize that the Power supplied to such an Extender Cable is used solely for the Repeater and does not get shared to Downstream Devices. As you are reporting an Intermittent Communication issue, a strong suggestion is to start by testing whit ONLY the NIKON-supplied USB Cable (to begin with).
  2. s3igell


    You will want to add a short (2-5sec) Pause to each Exposure in the Exposure Plan. This is to allow both of the Cameras to Download their Images and be ready to receive the next BYE Shutter Command, even if one is Slower or if the combined data slows your USB Port(s).
  3. s3igell


    Dual Camera support is a feature of the Premium License. It will run the Cameras in a Master-Slave configuration, in that the 1st Instance of BYE controls aspects of the Imaging Plan such as Dithering. However, BYE also allows for Multiple BYE Instances to be run simultaneously (with no interaction / no overlap) from a Single PC (see User License). The former would be useful when BOTH Imaging Rigs are mounted on a single Mount (side-by-side or over-under/piggy-back). It raises challenges as the Coordination between Shutters is minimal (if Slave Exposure Plan has Longer Exposures than Master, etc) The latter would be useful when the Two Imaging Rigs are mounted on separate Mounts, each with its own equipment (Guider, Focuser, etc). Being able to use the BYE ASCOM Interface to control multiple ASCOM Devices such as Scope Focusers will depend more on the ASCOM Hub Implementation.
  4. s3igell

    USB cable lenght?

    I've got one of these - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B014ZQ07NE/ - riding on each of my setups.
  5. Different Canon DSLRs treat the "M"anual/"B"ulb distinction differently, but generally, you use "M" for Exposures of 30 sec or less (because Timing Control for the Exposure is provided by the Camera CPU - tighter control) and "B" for all longer Exposures (because DSLR treats these as the old "Bulb" Wired Remote where one Press of the Shutter starts the Exposure and the next Press stops it - less finite control especially when OS and USB and Driver timing delays are introduced). As for your description of "Operator Error", the Canon SDK doesn't provide for Software Override of the Physical Buttons/Dials on most of their DSLRs.
  6. s3igell

    USB cable lenght?

    Also look to add a Quality Powered USB Hub at the Telescope End of this Active Extension Cable. Most Laptop USB Ports provide only the Minimum Spec Power, and most Extension USB Cords transfer only enough Power to run their own Repeater Circuitry and (maybe) still meet the USB Minimum Power Output Specs. The Canon DSLR does not require Power from the USB Cable, but any Guide Camera or other Attachment is usually USB-Powered. If possible, find one which is 12V Powered, so that you can use a 12V Battery when you take your Rig to a Dark Site. I have had success with ANKER and NEEWER Brands from Amazon.
  7. Hmmm.. Then, I'd suggest that you'll need to collect your log files and provide them for Guylain (Developer) to review. See the Sticky:
  8. Which Directories are you checking for the existence of these Image files - Snap JPGs, RAW Image Files, TIFF, etc
  9. Humor me: What Directories are you checking??
  10. This sounds like a Permissions Issue. Check the properties for your BYE Start Icon. You don't have it set to Execute as any user other than "3dwel", do you?? Check the properties/permissions of BackyardTEMP (this is the directory which the Images are first downloaded to before EXIF Updates and such are performed then Image is moved to BackyardEOS). After shutting down BYE, Delete both Pictures/BackyardTEMP and Pictures/BackyardEOS. Then start BYE (and let it recreate these directories).
  11. The Images will be written to the location specified in the BYE Settings "Download folder" entry (modified by the "Sub-folders" entry - if set). That would usually mean C:/Users/yournamehere/Pictures/BackyardEOS/... (backslashes not working in Post Editor)
  12. Go through the settings on the Camera. If necessary, perform a Factory Reset on the Camera. And, for the record, what Directory are you expecting the Images to be written into?? (Full Directory Name)
  13. Perhaps you can detail your setup at time that this Err 70 occurs - 250D attached to Lens or T-Ring+Scope, Camera Settings such as Focus Mode, BYE Settings such as Live View Max Sensitivity. While Guylain has previously indicated that he believes he knows where the Issue lies, it may be that the above info helps... If the 250D has a "Face Detection" version of AutoFocus, ensure that is NOT the mode selected.
  14. You will need to check the Folder Permissions for the Output Folder. With Windows 10 Installs, the Permissions System is more sensitive (and more likely to be messed-up by Windows Installs/Upgrades/Patches). For BYE, set the Storage to PC-Only as some newer Cameras have issues with Camera+PC.
  15. Hello, (excuse the English, but my High School French is forgotten - hopefully Guylain will jump in as needed) When using your more advanced Canon DSLR's - 6D mk II or 5D mk II - there are several Focus Modes settings (in Camera settings - not just the switch on the Lens Barrel) which do not work well for the Canon SDK software which BYE depends upon. Try changing the Focus Mode away from any which includes "Face Recognition" or "Face Priority" to the more simple "Center Point" or "Focus Zone" modes. Search the Forum if necessary, as others have encountered very similar "Focus Mode Issues".
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