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  1. PHD2 has a substantial API which affords access to and control of most Guiding Actions and Status / Results. It also has an older API inherited from PHD which allows a few basic interactions such as requesting a Dither. BYE/BYN uses this latter / simpler API for primarily that Dither request.
  2. If the Skies are Cloudy, you can always run your Nikon DSLR+Lens from your Desk or Kitchen Table in order to confirm you have all your Cables and Batteries and Software sorted. This way, when a Clear Night does present itself, you are Ready to Go.
  3. If you have a Tracking or Goto Mount, you're Golden. Just mount the Camera securely to a spare Dovetail Bar (check out ADM Accessories - which Guylain sells in the Store on this Website). You will want to Polar Align the Mount, and do (at least) a 1-star Alignment (if a Goto Mount). Then: The Sky is the Limit!! (literally)
  4. If you are using a Photographer's Tripod, set it up as Low as you can comfortably manage the Aiming and Operation - as the Leg Extension causes most of the Instability/Vibration. Hang your Gear Bag (or other significant weight) from the Hook at the base of the Head (strapped to a Leg to keep bag from swaying) for extra Stabilizing Mass. Remember the Rule of 500: Keep Astro Exposures under 500 divided by Lens Focal Length (in mm) seconds to avoid most obvious Star Trailing.
  5. As you have a number of Old Nikon Lenses, you've everything that you need to Start your AP Imaging Effort.
  6. I'm fully in the Canon Camp - Modded T2i, 60D, 7DmkII and numerous Lenses. And BYE came first. However, many of the mid-level Nikon DSLRs have Sony Sensors which lead the field over Canon for several years. Neither is a Bad Buy (excepting certain individual Models with known Issues).
  7. BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON are based in part on the fact that both Canon and Nikon provide SDK Software for 3rd-Party Developers to use to Access and Control those DSLRs (and neither Company supports even all of their DSLR and MILC Cameras). Fuji would need to provide an equivalent SDK that covers almost all of the same Common Feature Set as do Canon and Nikon, as the BYE and BYN Programs are based on Shared Code. And, the BYE / BYN Developer would need to feel that there are enough SDK-supported Fuji Cameras being used for AP Imaging that it would be worth his effort to undertake a 3rd Line. You never know, but...
  8. Post this as a Suggestion to the Feature Request Sub-forum. (Actually, read the thread(s) already relating to this suggestion in that forum...)
  9. s3igell

    Backyard EOS and MGEN-3

    I had some experience with the MGEN as a Standalone Guider. It was setup to be the Controller (rather than the Controlled) Device - including a DSLR Shutter Control Port. In this configuration, there was no place for MGEN and BYE integration. Now, it appears that Lacerta is looking to meld the MGEN-3 into a Dual-Role AutoGuider - where it can be the Controller or the Controlled Device. From Lacerta's Website: However, if there are any docs on these new developments, they are located behind the Login-required Support Site.
  10. Check in the Win10 Control Panel Advanced Power Settings to make sure that the USB Port isn't set to Power-Down under any conditions that may be triggered by minimizing the Program.
  11. s3igell

    Canon EOS Ra

    AstroTortilla has always read the JPG Image for Plate Solving purposes. It should work as well with the JPG Exposures of the EOS Ra as any other DSLR, once you identify a suitable FOV setting for AT "hinting". Of course, the JPG files (like the CR3) will be somewhat larger than other older DSLRs - but I've not seen any reports on the AT Forum about JPG Image Size being a particular concern. Let us know how your efforts turn out...
  12. s3igell

    Rebel T4i

    If I recall correctly, the T4i had some "USB Throughput" issues. (And shallower Image Buffer - which doesn't really impact AP Imaging.) The T4i was rather quickly superseded by the T5i, and rather unusual for Canon the T4i was NOT continued as an Older Model (but the T3i was continued well into the introduction of the T6i). You should consider finding a Used T5i. Or if you can find one within your budget, go for the T6i (which has a newer Sensor with 24MP and smaller pixels - 24MP vs 17.9MP / 4.31um vs 3.72um / DXO Score 71 vs 61).
  13. Let us know that it worked, and you are Good to Go!!
  14. Like any other WiFi Router, this device is transparent to the Camera Control App. The WiFi Connection is between the DSLR WiFi Radio Controller and the Router, and then between the Router and the PC WiFi Radio Controller. Any program such as BYE or ControlMyCamera is unaware of that Low-Level Networking. The reason that BYE doesn't natively work with WiFi-connected Cameras is that the Canon SDK that actually controls the Program-to-DSLR Connection doesn't facilitate WiFi Connections - at least it doesn't document If or How that is to be done. And that is ALL Canon's Responsibility. Now, if you search the BYE Forum, you will find how some Users have had Luck with Connecting their Canon DSLR to BYE via WiFi via a couple of Tricks. But that is up to you... We do know that the Canon SDK is notoriously cranky regarding any Interruption of its Connection - usually requiring Shutdown and Restart of both Program and Camera (not something most of us find acceptable during Imaging Sessions).
  15. While it may not make any additional difference, the current Released version of BYE is 3.1.18. It can be found on the Downloads Page, and will work with your License Key. The older v3.1.17 was released in early 2018. Guylain has worked hard to update BYE since then.
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