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  1. The 60D was released in 2010 and the 7D Mk II was released in 2014. Neither one of them is exactly a new model.
  2. I would temporarily suspend your anti-virus software and try BYE. It if works then you will need to figure out how to tell the anti-virus software to allow BYE to download the images. I am running Windows 10 on a desktop with Windows Defender as my A/V software I did not have to do anything to get it to allow image downloads. I would also make sure that the folder that is in your BackyardTEMP setting actually exists.
  3. All of the provided log files have the same error, like the following: 2020-04-05 12:26:07,655 [OnDirItemRequestTransfer(312903608)] INFO - WARNING EDS_ERR_STREAM_OPEN_ERROR : EDSDK.EdsCreateFileStream(dirItemInfo.szFileName, EDSDK.EdsFileCreateDisposition.CreateAlways, EDSDK.EdsAccess.ReadWrite, out stream) It seems that the Canon EOS SDK is not able to download the image from the camera. I wonder if anti-virus software running on the Surface is preventing the image download.
  4. Perhaps that should be added as a request in the Suggestion Box Forum.
  5. Rotating the crosshairs so that East/West motion is parallel to the horizontal crosshair line makes it easier to see the North/South drift. If you have a partially blocked view then you should get as close as you can to meridian, east horizon or west horizon along the celestial equator. This is where the motion is most sensitive to polar misalignment.
  6. astroman133


    If you have a 3.1 license key than you have the latest license. The one-line key that is in your My Purchases screen is good for any 3.1 version. All you need to do is download and install 3.1.18 and it should recognize your 3.1 key.
  7. As Guylain has said, what you are reporting has always been true of the 60D and other Canon models with separate Manual and Bulb settings. In my opinion this was a horrible engineering design error. You need to upgrade to at least the latest release (3.1.18)! Also, the next time you post an issue, please be sure to prominently tell us the model of camera that you use.
  8. I would think that the Debayering software would support applying the White Balance settings as an option. While it is no longer an active product, ImagesPlus does this during Debayering with its "Bayer At Capture White Balance" setting.
  9. astroman133


    Do you have a lens on the camera, just the body cap, or a telescope? If a lens, you need to be sure that it is in manual focus mode. Depending on the view, it could be hung trying to focus before starting the image.
  10. astroman133


    Did you turn of WiFi in the camera?
  11. The camera puts white balance information in the EXIF data for raw images. Here are EXIF tags that are related: WhiteBalance : Daylight WhiteBalanceRed : 0 WhiteBalanceBlue : 0 BlueBalance : 1.544922 RedBalance : 2.015625
  12. I may be wrong, but I thought that the BYE API provided JPG files to connected apps. I am not a TSX user so I can't answer about closed loop slews.
  13. Do you need to allow access to the port through your firewall?
  14. astroman133


    Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Upgrade instructions" under the BackyardEOS column. These instructions will tell you how to use your old multi-line license key to get a new key. The new key will then be available under your My Purchases area of the profile for the user that you were logged in as when you upgraded. For the Classic to Classic upgrade there is no cost.
  15. Bruno, You familiarize yourself with most of the features and try out BYE at the kitchen table, so no need to wait for a clear night for much of what you want to do.
  16. If you chose to save the images to the camera's memory card then you could remove the memory card and plug the card either into a USB card reader, or directly into the PC (if the PC has an SD card slot).
  17. Can you please provide more details? Which version did you upgrade to? If you upgraded to 3.1.18 perhaps you could upgrade to the 3.2.0 pre-release (go to the Downloads page and select Pre-Releases on the right hand menu. You see the driver selection dialog, but there are no listed drivers? Did you try re-installing BYE? Why can't you toggle to the Daylight view? It is just a button press (the Night Vision button in the upper right of the main screen).
  18. It seems like the version of BYE that you have pre-dates the release of the 800D (Feb. 2017). You need to upgrade. There is no cost.
  19. What product and version are you using? How many monitors? If more than 1 monitor, which one is hosting BYE/BYN?
  20. Thanks for the correction. I have not seen the pre-release version yet.
  21. Guylain, You should not need to mess with the tracking flag in BYE. MoveAxis should work just fine whether Tracking is on or off, and when the button is released the ASCOM driver should automatically resume tracking or not (just what you are doing in your provided code). If BYE does not set or clear the Tracking state, then it cannot be the cause of tracking being turned off or not turned back on after one of the move buttons is released. The following sentence was copied/pasted from the ASCOM Developer Help file in the Remarks/NOTES: of the MoveAxis method definition: When the motion is stopped by setting the rate to zero the scope will be set to the previous TrackingRate or to no movement, depending on the state of the Tracking property. The driver must provide this behavior. You will drive yourself crazy and pollute BYE's code base if you try to make BYE tolerant of drivers that do not comply with the ASCOM standard. One final thing occurred to me when I looked in detail at your code...What happens if the driver itself, or another connected application, changes the tracking flag while a move is occurring? BYE could then be restoring the tracking flag incorrectly in the finally clause.
  22. Steve, First a clarification of terminology. BYE does not slew a telescope. It nudges or jogs the scope. Slewing moves the scope to a specific target. BYE's operation nudges the scope at a selected rate for as long as one of the nudge buttons is depressed. It does not have a specific target in mind. This is important because according to the ASCOM driver design documentation the driver is supposed to return to the previous tracking mode when the nudge operation ends. Apparently this is not happening. This is a problem with the CPWI ASCOM telescope driver, not with BYE. Your exact symptoms were reported by another user a couple of weeks ago. That user stopped replying to the thread that he created, so we don't know if or how he fixed his issue. Here is his thread --> So you have two options. You could contact Celestron about the behavior or you could switch to the Unified Celestron driver, which is not written or supported by Celestron. First option --- On the ASCOM web site at ascom-standards.org you can download the driver conformance testing tool, called Conform. If you run this program and connect to your scope using the CPWI driver, the generated report will highlight any issues with the driver. If the driver fails any tests, especially the MoveAxis tests, you should provide the report to Celestron who can forward it to the CPWI driver authors. Any driver author should test their driver with Conform before releasing it! Second option --- Also, on the ASCOM web site you can download the Unified Celestron telescope driver. This driver can be installed side-by-side with the CPWI driver as long as you only use one driver at a time to talk to your scope. This driver behaves correctly with regard to restoring the tracking state after MoveAxis calls.
  23. Your version of BYE is way, way out of date. You could also install the free upgrade.
  24. Interesting...My initial reply to David's post, back on March 7th, indicated a saturated USB hub as a possible cause for a momentary disconnect which could cause BYE to hang. This is also borne out by the fact that the issue occurs when a completed image is being downloaded from the camera to the PC when BYE locks up. Another thing to try, for testing purposes, is to save the image only to the camera's memory card. Then operate the camera both with BYE restored and minimized. This is most likely an issue on your Computer since no other users are reporting anything remotely (no pun intended) like it. One other thing is that Windows 10 has a USB Selective Suspend setting that could be causing your issue, even if you think that you have disabled the power saving features. Following is a link with instructions on how to disable it: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-prevent-windows-10-turning-usb-devices
  25. BYN is a 32-bit app that will run on 64-bit Windows with no issue, so I would not expect it to behave any differently on a 32-bit version of Windows. Also, if the program starts up and connects to the camera with no issues then I would expect that all the prerequisites are working. Also, if the camera has advanced LiveView autofocus modes, I would try different options. This is especially true if you are testing with an autofocus lens attached to the camera. Have you tried the pre-release of BYN 2.1.0? It may be using a different version of the Nikon SDK which may give a different result. If you want to try it, just select Downloads at the top of this page and select pre-releases on the right.
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