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  1. Yes, with the Premium license you can load and save capture plans for BYE to execute. You cannot download a capture plan from BYE to the camera and then disconnect BYE.
  2. The short answer is No. Cameras do not support the ability to download a capture sequence from a PC and then operate autonomously. BYE is designed to control the camera exposure by exposure. There is tremendous advantage to being able see the captured images and to have the the program available to re-focus as necessary. To see the differences between the Premium and Classic versions, click on the Compare Editions link in the page footer.
  3. Try downloading the installer again. The authors recognize that the weather and personal schedules don't always cooperate to give you enough time to work with BYE during the trial period and have been very generous about providing a second trial upon request. Also understand that you can do quite a bit of testing with a laptop with BYE and your camera at the kitchen table.
  4. I understand about classic Windows privileges, but this is the first time since I started using BYE that I have had a settings issue. Also, I have Full Control of the settings subfolder, just as I have for previous versions. Again, this did not happen with 3.2.0, installed to a different folder, but with the same privileges (Full Control) of the Virtual Store subfolder. To me, it seems to be something else!
  5. There could be a problem with the J2000 to JNow coordinate transforms in the ASCOM Platform version 6.5. This is fixed in SP1 which has not yet been released. The symptoms are that if you perform multiple transformations with the same Transform instance, the calculated values are not recalculated so you get the same transformed coordinates as were calculated from the first transformation. If you are interested in a workaround....just create a new Transform object for each transformation.
  6. This is still happening to me with BYE 3.2.1 RC3 where the programs starts with default settings every time I launch it. The initial settings are different from what is in the user config file. Also the modified file timestamp does not change when settings changes are saved. I was trying to help a friend with a new EOS R6. He needs the latest pre-release to support the R6 but is experiencing the same settings issues. Any progress on fixing this? Thanks!
  7. Bill, Synching does not change the pointing model. It only says "here is where you are actually pointing". When you slew to a different target, you need to platesolve to that target, as well, to have it centered.
  8. astroman133


    Also, when you have the reported issue, do you have a lens on the camera? Is it in Manual Focus mode?
  9. I have never used ASTAP, but with Astrometry.net, it speeds up the solution to provide hints about the image scale and sky location.
  10. OK, so I installed BYE 3.2.1 RC3 into a new folder and I have the same symptoms as dkerber is reporting. I even manually created a folder under VirtualStore\Program Files (x86) with the same folder name as the BYE program folder and copied the BYE 3.2.0 config files into it. The issue still persisted.
  11. astroman133

    Canon M50

    It is listed in the Supported Cameras list. Click on the link in the page footer.
  12. I was curious and went trolling to look for where the configuration information is being stored. I had thought that user configuration files were in the directory with the program, but apparently that is just the default copy. That kind of makes sense since MS locks down program files to prevent one program from corrupting another. I ended up finding my configuration files in AppData\Local\VirtualStore\... I have full control over VirtualStore and child sub-folders. I hope this helps.
  13. It is possible that this is a bug in the Transform class of the ASCOM.Astrometry. dll. This bug was introduced in ASCOM 6.5. It will be fixed with the Service Pack 1 release that is due out very soon. The symptoms are that if the client is re-using the same Transform object to perform, for example, J2000 to JNow transformation, that the Transform object will continue to report the previous coordinates instead of the new coordinates.
  14. The problem is that BYE does not generate the JPG files. This is what the camera provides, so however "lossy" they are is determined by the camera. Do an internet search for "bulk convert JPG to PNG". There are several free options that could be used after the imaging session that would not impact the PC resources available during capture.
  15. astroman133

    3.2 key

    Click on the link to the Upgrade instructions in the page footer.
  16. The issue is with the RA and DEC in the filename. They have periods in the values. I was correct that the file names are legal Windows names and the fact that Nebulosity cannot tolerate them is due to a problem with Nebulosity. You can remove those fields from your template to workaround the problem. You should also provide the example file name to Nebulosity so they can fix their app. The calibration frames probably do not have the RA and DEc fields in the name. That is why they are tolerated by Nebulosity.
  17. Open the Settings dialog and click on the ellipsis button beside the Filename template field to launch the Filename Template Editor. Customize the template as you wish. See my example below. Click Save when finished.
  18. Please provide an example of a file name with parentheses in the extension. BYE should only create image files with .CR2, .CR3, .JPG, or .TIF extensions. Do you have periods in your filename template? If so, perhaps you could replace them with underscores. That said, there is nothing illegal about a windows file extension that contains parentheses, so maybe Nebulosity has an issue.
  19. I totally get what you are saying that is why I suggested setting Pegasus to display degC, then BYE should display either degC or degF correctly.
  20. I expect that BYE is expecting to always get the temperature from the provider in degC. So does it display correctly in BYE if you have it display degF but have the Powerbox display it in degC?
  21. Sorry, no Device Hub does not have Focuser presets. I put target focuser positions for different setups into a text document. For me the actual position will vary by as much as 100 steps, depending on the ambient temperature. When I wrote Device Hub, resource usage was a concern. It uses <0.1% of the CPU while connected to the ASCOM Simulated Focuser and reading the focuser position and temperature every few seconds. When I am out in the field I do not rely on the laptop's battery. I power my setup with 2 deep cycle 12V marine batteries. One is for the laptop and the other is at the mount for everything else.
  22. Long exposure noise reduction is a setting that you can change in the camera's menus. If you had a lens on the camera when you got the endless "busy" indication, was the lens set to Manual Focus? If not, it could be that the camera was trying, unsuccessfully, trying to focus the lens and never taking the picture.
  23. This forum is for questions about the BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon software for DSLR astrophotography. The Celestron 127eq is an OK entry-level telescope and mount for visual use, but is not suitable for astrophotography because it is totally manual and does not track to follow objects across the sky nor can it be computer controlled.
  24. astroman133

    Power Shot

    BackyardEOS only works with EOS DSLR cameras that are listed as being supported in the Supported Cameras list at the bottom of this page. PowerShot camera models have a completely separate Canon SDK.
  25. It seems that if you give users a choice of SDK version a significant number of new users choose the wrong option. It should be possible to code BYE to try the newest SDK and if it fails, then try the older SDK(s).
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