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  1. LiveView images are small JPGs. BYE cannot control that. BYE sets the imaging quality based on how you have set the Quality value in the Image Capture area of the Settings dialog. Choices are "In-Camera", "RAW", "RAW+JPG", and "JPG". If you select "In-Camera" BYE does not change the setting before imaging. The value should then be what you have set in the cameras menu for Image Quality. From my testing this is not affected switching between Frame & Focus, Planetary, and Imaging.
  2. First, there is only one installer for BYE. It is only when the installer is run and the program is installed that you can apply the license key to activate the features of the Trial, Classic, or Premium licenses. The developers offer a free fully-functional Trial license. Why would you purchase a Premium license key without trying the software with a Trial license first? I have been using BYE with my 700D for several years now. I have never had a problem connecting BYE to the camera/ Your description of "it will not connect" could have several causes. The camera is broken
  3. What is the version number? Please provide all 3 parts, like 3.2.2. Saying that you have "the latest" will mean something different in a year or two when a new user is looking through the archives for a solution to their problem. If you find your license under My Purchases -> Orders then you are logged into the correct account. Copy and paste your permanent license key from the web site into the BYE validation dialog and type in the username that you are logged in with as the Identifier. The Identifier is case sensitive so make sure that it is in lower case, like your username. I
  4. astroman133


    What do you mean by "it"? Some antimalware software is overly cautious about software that it does not recognize. False positives have happened before. Why are you trying to install an old version?
  5. You said that the camera was a D450. Nikon models have a letter, either 'D' or 'Z' before the number. Canon's have the letter after the number, so your model might be a 450D, AKA the XSi.
  6. You should post your BYN questions in the BackyardNikon forum. In the Capture Plan area of the imaging screen is where you define the capture parameters for each group of exposures. When BYN is connected to your camera, the Shutter dropdown controls have all the timed value exposure settings. The Duration column is for setting the length of BULB exposures, which are one second and longer. In the Shutter controls, the magnitude of the values decrease as you scroll down the list.
  7. The Trial license requires an Internet connection in order to validate that your license is still valid (that the 30 day trial period has not expired). You can blame the people who tried to cheat their license, despite the reasonable cost for a permanent license, by resetting their system time. You have some choices that don't violate the BYE End User License: Verify as much of BYE's functionality as you can before purchasing a permanent license, which does not require an internet connection Start BYE on your laptop before leaving for the dark sky site and then just put the lap
  8. What exactly do you mean by "BYE won't open after installing it."? Do you mean that you launch BYE from the Windows Start menu or a desktop shortcut, but you never see a window? If not, please describe what you do see. Thanks!
  9. Waiting until the sky allows it is a mistake that many people make. You reported 2 issues one with PHD and one with having changing capture settings in BYE. I understand that you need an actual nighttime session to test guiding, but you can test BYE's response and you can test that it at least is able to connect with PHD2 with your laptop and camera set up during the day at your kitchen table. One of the new capabilities is the Test button in the Dithering section of the Setup screen.
  10. Download the installer and execute it. If the installer is corrupt then it will not launch. If it launches, but BYE won't run after the installer is complete then it is likely an issue with your Windows PC. Try re-installing BYE, without downloading a new version of the installer, into a different folder, to see if that makes any difference.
  11. Michael, Please understand that this is a community supported forum. I am a BYE user like you and have no relationship with BYE and O'Telescope except as a customer. My comments and suggestions are made only as a long-time user of the software. BYE 3.1.5 is 6 years old. BYE 3.2.2 was released earlier this year. In between there have been nearly 20 new versions. Each version has new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. There is no charge for you to upgrade to the latest version. The 3rd party integration settings are not used with PHD2 for dithering. The relevant dither setting
  12. No. The camera downsamples the full sensor to display the field on the much smaller LCD display. This is what is available to BYE. The 5X zoom is a full resolution crop of the area inside the zoom box. Why do you feel that you need the full field-of-view?
  13. With my Canon T5i I get about 15 fps in Planetary or Frame & Focus modes. I would be surprised if Nikon delivered unique images at 6 times that rate. My guess is that BYN thinks that there is a new frame and downloads the old frame again to get that kind of rate. I am sure that Guylain will figure it out.
  14. Other things that can prevent BYE from connecting... 1- You selected the Canon210 drivers at startup. This option is for DIGIC II cameras. Your models are newer and you need to select Canon as the driver set. 2- Make sure that any low -level drivers from Canon are installed and that the camera shows up in the Windows Device Manager. 3- Make sure that the Canon EOS Utility is not already connected to the camera before attempting to connect BYE to either camera.
  15. astroman133


    Obviously you are logged in because you posted to the forum. So scroll to the top of the page and click on My Purchases and Orders to see the licensea that you got while logged in as your current username. If you do not see any licenses it is because you have created multiple accounts on the site and the license(s) are under a different account.
  16. astroman133


    If you can get the EOS Utility to work then BYE should work. However, both apps cannot be connected at the same time, so you need to be sure that the EOS Utility is not connected when you try to connect BYE. Good Luck.
  17. astroman133


    MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. That would seem to mean that Windows thinks that you want to download images from the camera's memory card. When you first connected the camera to the PC Windows may have shown you a window that asks you to "Select what you want to do with this device". One of the answers is Take No Action. This is what you need to choose. I connected my T5i to my PC and said that I wanted to "Transfer files to the PC". Windows then treats the camera's SD card like a thumb drive. When I disconnected and reconnected the camera, It no longer asked me what I want
  18. Jim, Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Supported Cameras under the BackyardNikon column. Then click on the Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB link near the top of the page, just before the table of cameras. Their cable has been tested and proven to work with Backyard Nikon. However, this cable only controls the shutter for BULB exposures. You also still need the regular USB cable for all other functions.
  19. But you can track and shoot in your apartment. You do not care where the scope is tracking or what you are taking a picture of. Just that both functions are working. Anyway your issue is not related to tracking, guiding, dithering, or shooting. You reported that you had a problem trying to jog your scope with the movement buttons in BYN. That is easily tested in your apartment. If it is due to some setting that you can change the sooner that you can provide more details the sooner it will be resolved. If it is due to a bug in BYN then the sooner that you can provide the info to the develo
  20. Saying that you are running BYEOS v3.1 Deluxe provides insufficient and incorrect information. There were 18 releases, and perhaps more service packs for 3.1 over a many month period. There is a third component to the version number that needs to be provided. Also there is no Deluxe license. Permanent licenses are Classic and Premium. Something like "BYE v3.1.18 Premium" would be more complete and correct and eliminate any confusion for a new user who is reading your post. If you revert PHD2 to a previous version do you have the same behavior? Has anyone else reported the same error
  21. Guylain, Thanks for providing the code fragment. What is the value in the speed variable? You log any exception, but do not give any visible indication to the user. Perhaps having vidrazor provide a log file would be helpful in seeing what is happening. It might also be useful to include the speed and axis value that caused the exception into the log. Depending on the telescope driver the exception may not contain that information. Here is code that I have used: public void StartJogMoveAxis( TelescopeAxes axis, double rate ) { ValidateMoveAxi
  22. Gee, usually people want to iron out their issues before trekking out into the wild and wasting a dark night.
  23. Yes, you have almost total control over the file name by changing the fields that are in the filename via the Filename Template Editor. You edit this by clicking on the elipsis (...) button for the Filename template field on the Settings dialog. You can start out by blanking out all the name items and then set the Unique Identifier to <sequence> and your file names will just be a number.
  24. Do you know what Axis Rates the telescope driver supports? If you launch the ASCOM DeviceHub, from the ASCOM Platform 6 folder on the Start Menu. and connect it to the mount, without BYE, it will show you the available axis rates on the Telescope Capabilities screen. A single axis rate has a minimum and a maximum and there can be multiple rate ranges. It can be a single range say from 0-5 deg/sec or it could be 0-.6667 and 1.0-2.0 like the simulator. The min and max values can be the same value such that if the range is 1.0-1.0 then 1.0 would be valid, but 0.99 or 1.01 would not be v
  25. Please, when you ask for help on an issue ALWAYS post your BYE version number along the the camera model. If BYE does not resume after dithering it is most likely a problem with PHD2. Has PHD2 been updated recently? Did you have any issues calibrating PHD2 before guiding? Was the mount pointing near the zenith at the time that you experienced the issue? Some mounts may ignore movement commands if they have reached their tracking limit.
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