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Can't get BackyardEOS to work with ASCOM DSLR TestAPP or PHD2



I can't get the ASCOM Camera Chooser to work in the ASCOM DSLR TestAPP. When I select BackyardEOS in the DSLR Setup Form and click 'OK' I get a Driver Setup method failed error box.  I am using the trial version of BackyardEOS and it seems to work fine with my Canon EOS Rebel 800D in a standalone configuration. But I want to use it with PHD2 which has an ASCOM  DSLR option with a BackyardEOS connection method. I am using the most current ASCOM drivers (as of today) and PHD2 Guiding 2.6.9.

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You need to pose your question to the author(s) of ASCOM.DSLR.

I am not sure why you would want to use your DSLR with PHD2. It would not seem to be the best choice as a guide camera. Are you worried about wear and tear due to the mirror and shutter being moved frequently during guiding?

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A DSLR makes a rather poor Guide Camera, for a number of reasons:

  1. Mechanical Mirror-Box - needs to be Opened for Each Exposure (excessive wear - as Astroman133 references) or kept Open via Mirror-Lockup (also wears on Mirror-Box Solenoid AND heats Sensor if performed by BYE LiveView Option) - Sensor Heat causes extra Sensor Noise and Hot Pixels (which might trip-up PHD)
  2. Image Size / Pixel Size - the Large Sensor of a modern DSLR is a poor fit for AutoGuiding - Too much data to download every 1-2 seconds; Pixel-size is also often wrong for Auto-Guider Focal Length - too big to provide a Pixel-resolution sufficient for accurate guiding; Larger DSLR Sensors also result in Severe Vignetting when mounted to a 1.25" Guide Scope
  3. Weight / Size / Back-Focus - The Dimensions and Weight of a DSLR are a poor fit for most Guide Scope Mounting configurations - the Balance shifts too far backwards and may induce additional Flexture-Drift due to the lack of rigidity in Guide Scope 3-point Rings or 2-point Spring Mount or Finder Shoe Mount or even the Focuser/Eyepiece Compression Screw
  4. Battery Power - AutoGuiding requires Always-On operation, which will Drain the Onboard DSLR Battery and likely cut short an Imaging Session
  5. ASCOM DSLR Driver is 3rd-party unsupported by either Camera Manufacturer or BackyardEOS
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