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D7000 w/DSUSB Connection



Hello,  new to this set up. 

Equipment:  Nikon D7000 + Shoestring DSUSB

Connected to PC running Windows 10. ran all updates and necessary prompts.  all looked good.


I have looked at other questions on the support forum, could not find exact match to trouble. 

Connected via DSUSB.  All functions work. when in bulb, shutter will open, but not release.



Best regards,  Marc

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Please provide more information.

What version of BYN?

Is your camera dial set to BULB?

Did you select DSUSB in BYN for cable support?

Did you test the DSUSB cable with its test app to confirm your cable is functional?


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Good Morning Admin and s3igell,

thank you both for the clarity on this set up.  The extra "USB Cable seemed to do the trick.  I was able to remotely control the camera and trigger shots.  The only other concern is that I have a Microsoft Surface Pro that I wanted to use in the field and it only has one USB port.  The next part of the puzzle is how to get two USB ports?  I guess I will need a small HUB? not sure if it needs to be a powered hub?  which brings more complexity to my set-up.  Any recommendations? 

Present set up:    BYN version 2.0.11 Premium.   Proper cable set-up from Shoestring(including second USB for Nikon D7000).  Function test performed with DSUSB check app provided by Shoestring, all working well, cable functional. 


"Did you select DSUSB in BYN for cable support?"   I am not sure about this question?  I know that I select the D7000 drivers at start up.  I see the box checked in "advanced" settings. "ask for camera drivers"  I didnt find anything refereing to cable support "DSUSB".


I feel like I am really close.  I just have a concern about the USB hub question.   I have a mentor close by and he uses a different camera, but mentioned that he uses a USB hub for several "things" attached to his rig.   


Anyway,  thank you so far in this set up process.  Totally new territory for me, but super excited to get this rig set up.


Best regards,  Marc




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Using two cables for complete control of your camera is required. Neither cable is "extra", as far as the D7000 is concerned. The DSUSB cable is only for BULB shutter control. The regular USB cable is for everything else, like Connecting, changing camera settings, Tv exposure shutter control, downloading images, displaying LiveView frames and Snap images, Planetary Mode, etc.

You should always use a powered USB hub. If you have a bit of electrical skill and you can find a USB hub that uses a power cord adapter to convert from 110 V A/C to 12 V D/C then you can make an additional power cord that will allow you to power the hub directly from a 12V power supply like a Power Tank or deep cycle battery.

The option to select DSUSB for Cable Support is in BYN in the Capture Plan Center on the Imaging screen. It tells BYN that you want to use the DSUSB cable for BULB exposure shutter control.

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I have a 7-port Powered USB3 Hub as part of my Imaging Rig.  I've rigged it to be powered from a Li-Ion Battery Pack that is strapped to the Mount.  And I selected a Hub that was one of the most backward-compatible with USB 2.0.

While the Hub is now Out-of-Manufacture, this is the nearest equivalent (including it's replacement of the same Brand and Series):

ANKER Hub: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VDVCQ84/

Power Pack: https://smile.amazon.com/TalentCell-Rechargeable-12000mAh-Multi-led-indicator/dp/B01M7Z9Z1N/

Connector Cable: https://smile.amazon.com/Onite-5-5x2-1mm-Surveillance-Security-Equipment/dp/B06W2L1P2F/

Of course, you might be able to find cheaper parts, but I wasn't going to chance it...

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Hello Astroman133,  thank you for the tip on the DSUSB cable support in BYN.  Fixed that up right away.   Thanks to all that helped with this newbie set up process.  I now have what appears to be fully functional Microsoft Surface Pro attached to my D7000 thru BYN.  Now to get to work on the fine details setting up my rig and acquiring a target to practice on.  waiting on some other goodies to show up to help support the rig. 

The evenings are warming up to 35-40 Fahrenheit, so I will not be freezing.

the hope is to get my old orange tube C8 on an Equatorial Mount.  seriously hunting for an AVX or something that will give better results that the Alt_Az.

Thanks again all,  nice responsive group.

Cheers from Oregon.  🌲🪐


Thanks again s3igell and Admin,  all comments were spot on.

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