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Focus function improvements


Could I suggest a few additions to the existing focus functions:

1.) keyboard shortcuts for in / out focus and halt.

2.) ensure that the various four arrow keys drive the focuser at different speeds

3.) add a go to position for the focuser


Many thanks




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Hi David,

While many of us have Motorized Focusers in use with BYE/BYN, we need to remember:

  1. The BYE Focuser Control is only intended to be a direct and simple interface to the ASCOM Focuser Object.
    1. This means that the Control is truly dependent upon what the ASCOM Driver AND your Equipment Driver provide
    2. Drivers are allowed to implement their own interpretations of all the related ASCOM Interfaces - or to not even do so (ie: support Multiple Speeds or Absolute Position)
  2. The Developer - Guylain (who will surely provide more of his own input shortly) has repeatedly indicated that his Design Intentions are to keep the BYE Interface as Straightforward as possible and leave most ancillary functions to the various Equipment Providers

Don't let this discourage you, as every Vote for a Feature may indeed convince Guylain to make it his Next Feature project.


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As I said in your original post. The ASCOM Focuser interface does not allow an ASCOM client application like BYE or BYN to control the focuser's motor speed. It can only specify the target position (for an absolute focuser) or the move amount (for a relative focuser).

I have a Moonlite focuser (actually I have 3 Moonlite focusers) and it appears to operate at a constant motor speed regardless of the move distance. I have no problems moving either a long distance or a very short distance with accuracy. I would contact Celestron with your concerns.


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