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  1. Could I suggest a few additions to the existing focus functions: 1.) keyboard shortcuts for in / out focus and halt. 2.) ensure that the various four arrow keys drive the focuser at different speeds 3.) add a go to position for the focuser Many thanks David
  2. Thank you for your previous help about a go-to position for the Celestron focuser. Having used the device some more I notice that the rotation speed of the focus motor is the same for each of the four buttons (forwards or backwards) in the GUI. Is that common across ascom focusers or an issue only with the Celestron focuser? This does make small, incremental moves quite difficult. Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for focus move and focus halt? BYE Premium 3.1.16 Many thanks, David
  3. Hello there, I'm using: BYE 3.1.16 - Premium; Windows 10-64bit; CPC 925 / StarSense / Celestron Motor Focuser. And it all connects and works as I'd hoped except that I don't seem to be able to specify a focus position to go to. Is that possible? I can rotate the focuser in either direction at different speeds but if I want to go to a specific point I can see where to type that in. Many thanks David
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