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Overwhelming noise in Live View with full-spectrum modded Canon T5i



I just acquired a full-spectrum modded Canon T5i. I am getting an incredible amount of noise on live view, to the extent that I can barely make out the star I'm using for focus. I have been using a T3i for the last few years and never had anywhere near this level of noise on live view.

I'm shooting through a 127mm triplet apo, using an Astronik clip-in UV/IR filter (since I'm using a refractor) tethered to a Dell Core i5 laptop running Backyard EOS (licensed). Admittedly, I'm shooting under very poor conditions; I live in a white zone within spitting distance of downtown Columbus, OH. I was also using a LP filter.

The modded camera does a phenomenal job with infrared subjects using a Hoya IR pass filter and the kit lens, so I don't think this is an issue with the mod. And as I said previously, I have been using a T3i with this setup without any problems (except, of course, the truncated red end of the spectrum).

Ideas for settings I might be missing (either on the T5i or in BYE) or something else I should be considering? Thanks!

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Well, the newer camera is likely more sensitive, both because it is a newer model and because it is modded. Have you looked for a sweet spot of exposure and ISO settings that give you a star that is bright enough to focus with while keeping the noise at a tolerable level. This is typically not a one size fits all answer because noise depends on so many factors...camera, temperature, age of the camera, optics, focal length, etc.

The mod increases the red sensitivity. Is the noise predominantly red noise? If so, it would explain why the LPR filter is not removing it and why it wasn't a problem with the T3i. I would expect near infrared/red noise to be more of an issue in the summertime. Do you have any IR, low-light security cameras near your setup? Your camera may be picking up some of that light.

I would probably not have purchased a camera with a full spectrum filter to use with a refractor, but I don't see that as the cause of your noise. Clip-in filters are a pain!.

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