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WiFi Connectivity



I would like to echo my support for the request for WiFi connectivity.  Presently, I use BYN but imagine if implemented for one could be implemented for BYE as well.

I have the Nikon D5300 and it runs well under qDslrDashboard (which does not contain nearly the features of BYN).

This is important to me since I'm putting together a platform to run in the field, without AC, of course, and having WiFi would free up a USB port on my laptop.
As it is now, I come up one port short of my needs and have to resort to a hub. The hub means I need to add another power connection and possibly another battery.

So, you see, this can be very important to a lot of users.

Thank you for considering.

William Shaheen
Gold Canyon, AZ




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BYN uses the Nikon SDK to connect to and control the camera. If the Nikon SDK supports wireless control than it should be a piece of cake to add to BYN. Perhaps it might even be totally transparent to BYN. I believe that qDslrDashboard uses a different communication method (not the SDK).

That said, you may be able to use an unpowered USB hub (a travel hub) for two devices while connecting the others directly into the PC.

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How the camera is being made visible to the computer, either wired or wifi is/should be transparent to BYN as long as the SDK sees the camera.

For Canon cameras for example, a lot of users have paired their camera to their computer using the built-in camera wifi capabilty once using EOS Utility.  Once the camera is paired then Wifi connectivity is possible.

For Nikon I'm not sure that that is possible because Nikon Capture software (Canon's EOS Utility equivalent) is not free and does not come with the camera.

If  Nikon Capture software can establish a wifi connection I'm sure BYN could to.  However, I do not own the Nikon software, it's about $200 :( 


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Gentlemen - thank you for your considerate and timely responses.

I just now tried the WiFi connection, connecting to it under my network settings on the laptop. When I tried to connect under BYN, it just didn't see the camera.

So, I then tried using a non-powered USB hub, brand name Anker, and that worked well. Presumably, since the camera has it's own power from the battery this hopefully will not be a problem. The mount, of course, has it's own power. So, I can connect that through the hub as well.

That leaves the autoguider (QHY5L-II) which I'll connect directly to the laptops USB port.

I'll give this a test tonight (too hot at the moment) and will report back.

Many thanks to all for such a great product. I've been demonstrating it to my club members and it just blows them away.
(Of course, they're all a bunch of old farts (not me, though) and are still trying to get it.)  :O)

William in Arizona, presently 108°F


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Search the BYN Forum carefully, as I believe there were a couple of Users who explained how they got their Cameras to Connect via WiFi.  That connection is a bit more than simply attempting to force a network connection via your Laptop - else there would be no need for notations in reviews such as "Nikon's Wireless Mobile Utility app for your iOS or Android device" (there should be a Mobile Utility for PC as well - hopefully free rather than the full-priced Nikon Capture).

Beyond that, realize that WiFi connection raises as many challenges as it does solutions:

  1. Speed - even if the D5300 supports WiFi-N (no review that I've seen details which Speed / Protocol variant is implemented) the transfer rate is a max of 50-72Mbps, while USB2 is 480Mbps max.  This is significant for Downloading of Full RAW Frames, and for LiveView
  2. Reliability of Connectivity - unless you have an overly Long or overly Cheap USB2 Cable you will have no connectivity or throughput issues Wired, while Wireless is subject to RF Interference (including someone simply walking between your Transmitter and Receiver).  And many local Dark Sites (eg: Antennas Site) are near large Transmitters or "Noisy" Utilities.  Elsewhere, many Star Parties will not allow WiFi on the Imaging / Observing Fields.
  3. Power - you're trying to avoid a Powered Hub yet your QHY5L-II is Notorious for needing Every Bit of Power it can get (often more than a Laptop USB Port can produce).  And even if it can, it will be draining your "other limiting resource" - your Laptop Battery.  Its much easier to find a USB2 Hub that can be powered by a 5V-USB Battery Pack (or by a 12V Utility Battery Pack such as you are likely powering your Mount).
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s3igell - Although I did not understand the reasons to the depth you elaborated on, earlier today I asked myself if I really wanted to depend on WiFi. I do recall how slow it was when using qDslrDashboard. And also the dropped connections from just about anything in the area.  Wired is course preferable. I'll run the QHY5L-II directly from the laptop port and run the lesser power hogs through the hub.

If for some reason that doesn't hold up, over time, not just once or twice, yes, I can get another power source.

Thanks for you in-depth response.


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