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Log4Net Log Recycling as part of Startup



Since the Log4net Files are produced for EVERY BackyardEOS/NIKON Session (confirmed per this thread) and are an intentional Creation in order to ensure a Debugging Resource, can we look to add a simple Action on BYE/BYN Startup which Recycles all Log4Net Files older/greater than X (days, size, count)??  


The Retention Period for Log4Net files might be handled in terms of:

1) Calendar Date period - 2-months, Calendar Quarter (as many of us might only Image from a Dark Site as infrequently as once per Lunar Cycle, 2-3 months retention would allow for a review of 2-3 Imaging Sessions (in case a Historical Review is valuable) yet not commit the user to too large a Log4Net Fileset if they perform Nightly Imaging or encounter a frustrating Night when something forces frequent Restarts of BYE/BYN.

2) Count of Log4Net Files - perhaps a max of 20-30 Log Files is more than sufficient unless one were to forget the actions which were performed during an Imaging Session.

3) Maximum combined Storage Size - many of us are running NYE/BYN on rather "under provisioned" older Laptops (Log4Net Files aren't anywhere as large as even most JPG Files, but when push comes to shove one wants the Image rather than the Log).


It wouldn't seem that this would need to be a Parameter exposed in the GUI, rather one could be expected to access the User.Config File in order to tweak this Advanced Setting.

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I've just implemented this.  It will be in the next release of BYE 3.1.17 and BYN 2.0.10.

Default is 3 months; meaning any logfiles older than 3 months will be deleted at start up.  Minimum is 1 month.

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For log4net, it appears that all data is always appended into the same file. So in order to get multiple files, it would be up to BYE/BYN to rename any log4net log file that was created from an imaging session with a different session date to include that session date Then delete any of those files that are more than X days old.  That would have the advantage, that does not now exist, to separate log data by date. That will make it easier for the user if they must send a log file for a session to facilitate troubleshooting an issue. Now they must send a file that could contain years worth of irrelevant data.


This could work for the regular log files as well...Delete files that were created more than X days ago.

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