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Running BYEOS from remote PC



I have watched every YouTube I could find on BackyardEOS and am excited about using it.  I have downloaded the free trial and am enjoying learning how it works.  I plan on buying the Premium edition once the weather here clears up!   :(


I know that it WON'T run on a Mac, but what is the possibility of it running on a Mac within a Windows screen from a PC using some Power Line connectors (e.g. TL-PA211) ?  Not sure if this would work or not...





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BYE won't run under iOS on a Mac but may run on a Mac in a Windows VM. Just google "windows on a mac".


Extending a network with a Power Line setup can work as long as it doesn't have to go through a sub panel (auxilliary circuit breaker box). Since I have a sub panel in my observatory, PowerLine gear won't work for me.


When I built my backyard observatory I ran direct burial CAT 6 wiring between the observatory and the house, and put a wireless access point/wired ethernet hub out there.  Then I use the free version of TeamViewer to control my observatory PC from the desktop machine in the house.  This works very well.

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... from a PC using some Power Line connectors (e.g. TL-PA211) ?  Not sure if this would work or not...

While Rick answers the question of running BYE from a Windows VM on a Mac Laptop, it seems like you haven't fully described the setup that you envision with the use of a pair of PowerLine Ethernet Converters.


These only work to route an Ethernet Connection across House Power Wiring - they do nothing about replacing the PC / Laptop / Windows VM that would need to be running wherever you have your Scope / DSLR setup.  We are assuming that you have a 2nd PC or Mac which you would position at the In-House end of these PowerLine Modules in order to then Remote Control the first PC.

BackyardEOS/NIKON needs to be running on the PC local to the DSLR, or at least only the length of a USB2 Cable away.  This is because there is very significant volumes of Image Data being communicated across that USB2 Link - and even MORE data when you add an AutoGuider App such as PHD2 to the mix.

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Team viewer requires internet.


If you are somewhere without internet access and still want to do this there are options like VNC or just microsoft remote desktop.


No it does not.  You can use it internal to your private network without internet.  This is how I use it for my home observatory.

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