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Crashing while guiding



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has this problem been resolved? I'm trialing the BackyanrdNikon and I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.

BYN crasnes after trying to download the very first picture, when PHD2 is looping with an ASI120 connected to it. (when storing on the camera only, it's fine)

The camera and the ASI are connected on two different usb cables.


thanks for any help, in advance

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The Original Poster failed to ever respond with Details or Status.


All of our first responses are that the Guide Camera and the Image Camera need to be on separate USB Ports at the Laptop-level.   The symptoms sound as if the USB connection to the DSLR is being saturated by all the data of the Image Download and the Guide Camera Images.  Many moderate-lower Laptops actually only have 1x USB Hub internally (saves a Buck or two and a bit of precious space), meaning that even if connected to two separate Ports, both may internally connect to only one USB Hub Device.


As your description does relate that you have 2x separate USB Cables, you've done the 1st part (and really can't control what the Laptop uses for USB Chipsets).


Next, you can ensure that have the ASI120 set for "Longer Exposures" when Guiding - 1sec should be the shortest Exposure that you try for AutoGuiding.  Not only does it allow the ASI to gather More Photons, but also works to even out the Seeing and Atmospheric Turbulence.  AND, it reduces the volume of data fed to the USB Port.


You could also consider getting a Powered Hub for the ASI USB Link - 12V-powered if you Image away from Electrical Sources.  This would avoid the potential case that the Bus-powered ASI is drawing so much from the USB Bus that the minor amount needed to activate the DSLR USB Connection causes the Laptop to fail the USB Chipset.


If you can try these suggestions, but still have similar issues, then make sure that you post the Log Files for Guylain to review.

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What exactly "Crashes"??  BYE, PHD2, or your Laptop??


What Error Messages are Posted??  Or specific indications of "Crash"??


Please make sure to post Error Logs (see this HowTo), as well as exact Versions of BYE and PHD2 and Steps taken for the Conditions that lead to the Crash...


In general, many of us use BYE in combo with PHD2 every Night without Issue...

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What did you try before posting here?


What version of BYE are you running?


What imaging camera?


Do you have dithering turned on in BYE?


Do you have a checkmark beside Enable Server in the PHD2 Tools menu.


Are you able to download and display images in BYE when dithering is turned off?


When BYE is up and PHD2 is up and connected, What happens when you click on the Dither TEST button on BYE's settings screen?


When it crashes, does PHD2 contrinue to guide?


If the cause is not apparent from your answers it is likely that Guylain will ask for your log files.

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these are very sensible suggestions. thank you.

I've applied all of them:

- connecting to different USB ports

- extending the exposure time for the guiding

- using an active USB hub


... but it didn't help, though...


I'm sending the logs via emai

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I got your log files.


There is nothing in them, not even an attempt to take a picture.  


Can you please elaborate as to what you are doing in BYN when it crashes other than guiding with PHD.  If BYN is not crashing without guiding then the issue has to be USB bandwidth contention.  I'm almost certain of that.  Even if you connect them in different USB port on the computer... especially if the USB ports are on the same side of your laptop... this is because they could be sharing the same USB bus on the motherboard.


If your laptop has USB ports on both sides try BYN on one side and your guide camera on the other side... these will probably be on 2 different USB bus on your computer motherboard.


Keep us posted... so far I see nothing indicating this is a software issue.

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