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Pictures not found!



Yesterday during a photography session on M33 and IC1396 everything seemed to working fine.

Today I see that only 13 out of the 40 shots of M33 are on the disk while the IC1396 session is complete.

During the M33 session I did cancel many dummy raw files on the disk.

Could be the disk was full and BYEOS not able to download the pictures anymore? In the positive case why BYEOS did not warned me that the disk was full?

Thanks in advance!

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In the Advanced Settings screen there is a setting for "Skip disk space check". It is possible to disable checking for available space. 


Do you know for sure that you ran out of disk space?


You may have some images in the BackyardTEMP folder that were not processed by BYE after the download.  There may also be some information in the Log files for your session.

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Thanks for the log fies.  Please send them to support@otelescope.com in the future instead of as a PM message :)


I looked and them and there are no errors, no indication of the being 0 bytes.  In fact there were all downloaded to C:\Users\astro\Pictures\BackyardEOS\.


Were the images displayed on screen in BYE as they were taken/downloaded?



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I'm just taking a look at the log files I sent you.

My last M33 session file on the disk is LIGHT_90s_800iso_+20c_20151105-21h34m30s027ms.CR2. On the contrary the session lasted up to approx 22:20 when I decided to switch to IC1396 (session starting about half an hour later).

In the log files I see a long time gap between 21:34 and 22:42. Here are the missing files.

Still cannot understand...

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I'm currently running the High Performance profile and my PC was plugged in.

What I did was to close the lid but in this profile means "do nothing".

For which concern hard disk I see "Turn off hard disk after 20 minutes" but I guess do this only when idle.

I was controlling the PC (in the garden) via TeamViewer through another machine inside.

The only thing I did notice is that the external PC WIFI went down during the session and I had to go out to check what happened.

But the signal outside is weak and so I guess the PC lost temporarily the communication with the internal router.

Still confused.

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Setting / Allowing a HDD to "Sleep" should only incur a "Spin-Up Time" Penalty, not fail to save/write files.  Any failure to Write to File should result in a hard error reported back to the calling App.


I allow my Imaging Laptop HDD to Sleep with no Ill-Effect to BYE Imaging Sessions (spin-up costs 2-3sec).


I don't know how I would feel about BYE/BYN setting / enforcing its own Power Management settings.  Each user is going to have unique Hardware, and unique Power situations.  I don't even know if it would be too valuable for BYE/BYN to survey those Power Management Settings and offer the User any specific Advice or Requirements.


I do know that I specifically Expect my Laptop Screen to turn off after any period of User Inactivity (this saves me substantial Battery Life).  Similarly with HDD Spin-down.  I do need to set the USB Ports to Never Sleep.  And I set the CPU to Enable Low Power Mode - the i5 is smart enough to restore/burst CPU Speed upon demand.

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