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BackyardEOS 3.1.5 just released!



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I have been told that there is no upgrade from 3.1 to the latest 3.1.5 so just download it.

I am obviously being stupid but I cannot see how to download it unless I pay for it. I thought that as an existing license holder I would get updated software free. 

My client area does not show any purchases?? I have been using BYE for years.


Can someone explain how I can upgrade to 3.1.5  - if I am not able to I will just stick with 3.1. 



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If you do not see a 3.1.x activation key in your client area it means you did not purchase 3.1.x using that account.


1) Make sure your current key 3.1.x and not 3.0.x.  If it is a 3.0.x you need to follow the instructions on the upgrade page.


2) If you do have a 3.1.x and it is not in you client area it means you have obtained 3.1.x using another account.


Keep us posted please,

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I just bought a canon 1200d - T5 in the US I think. When I try to connect to BYE 3.0.3 I get the following error messages:


deviceinfo number is 3470492101

your real model number is 4294967294 (FFFFFFFE)

generic model 153 assumed!


and it will not connect.


I have been using a 1100d and a 550d and these connect ok.


Can somebody help!





Just downloaded 3.1 and it now connects.





Yep, you did what I would have asked for :)


Glad you got it to work.



As you can see I downloaded 3.1 to get my 1200d to work. I have never used another account. Please advise.



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Hi Peter,


Thank you for sending the key.


As I suspected, the key you sent me is 3.0.x key.  Not 3.1.x as you thought.


Please follow the instructions on the upgrade page; you are upgrading from 3.0.x to 3.1.x.


The first line of your 3.0.x key (29 characters) is your free upgrade coupon.




Go to our store and add BackyardEOS Classic in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.   Enter your free upgrade coupon code on the checkout page for your free upgrade to BackyardEOS 3.1 Classic Edition.


You can use your coupon with BackyardEOS 3.1 Premium Edition as well but you will have to pay the $15 difference.


Let me know if you need additional assistance.


Thank you.

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I decided to get the Premium Edition and purchased it today. Several problems:


1. After purchase I went to the Premium Edition and the download key and selected the latest version. When I activate it it still shows the license number for the Classic version. Not premium. Ends with 7743 but should end with 7755.

2. I cannot connect my 1200d. I have tried all 3 possibilities and it says that my real model number is 4294967294 and generic model 153 assumed but it will not connect.


How do I get the Premium Edition that I have paid for and how do I connect my 1200d?



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So you paid the extra $$, and you have the classic version of 3.1.x running on your PC?


If so, then you need to go to "my client area" in the upper right corner of this web page. Swipe across the entire license key string and copy it to the clipboard.


Bring up the running Classic version of BYE 3.1.x., click on the padlock icon in the upper right part of the main window to bring up the About dialog box. Click on Edit license.


Paste your key into the License key field, type your O'Telescope.com username into the Identifier field and click Validate. You should now be running the Premium version.


Your 1200D (T5) is a DIGIC IV camera.  When you try to connect you get 3 choices for which model family you are using. Pick the middle option, labelled Canon215.

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It could be running and not show up in the Application list.


Until you figure out how to stop EOS Utility from running, you could disable that check in BYE and try to connect anyway.  EOS Utility can be running and as long as it is not connected to your camera BYE will connect just fine.  If you don't want to use the EOS Utility, I would suggest that you uninstall it.

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Been awhile since I've been back here between bad weather and summer projects.  Just switched up from 3.1.3 to 3.1.5.  No issues as usual.  Great job, Guylain.


Now to make sure all my drivers and programs are updated before taking out the telescope this weekend...

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