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  1. You may want to look at Magic Lantern. They may have a way of changing the menus already figured out. I only used it once for the Eclipse but it seemed pretty versatile. Aaron
  2. AaronSmall

    Using SkyWatcher and BEOS at the same time

    Perfect. Thanks, Rick. I'd heard about the video mode being a little more demanding.
  3. AaronSmall

    Using SkyWatcher and BEOS at the same time

    Found an interesting issue that poses a question. Was doing a time-lapse of sunset (clouds, really) with the SAM and after about a quarter of the way through the images (was shooting RAW), I ran out of memory. Never happens with BYE connected to the laptop. Was using an older memory card that I had dragged out of the old point and shoot camera so I need a larger SD card. I could have saved memory by shooting in JPG, but then processing is shot. With the vast Canon knowledge here, what specs do you guys use for a fast rate on your SD Card? I have a T5i (700D). BTW, the focus was much easier this time around due to the flip LCD. Still don't know which I method I would use (BYE vs SAM). It comes down to versatility versus portability.
  4. AaronSmall

    Using SkyWatcher and BEOS at the same time

    I just got the SAM as well to try out for my trip to WY (so smokey it looks like the humidity of VA). I agree that the only reason for not using BYE is for the astro time-lapse routine. I've only had it a couple times out and focus was the biggest issue. I'm thinking of having a kid down the street print me up a mask on his 3D printer for my camera lens so that focus better because I agree, it is impossible to focus using the little LCD screen. Bye does this so much better. I'll try to run some tests to see if other camera models (I have a T3 and a T5i - can't remember the Euro designations) to see if both BYE and SAM work. Even if they don't, the work plan would be to use BYE to focus, then swap cables, double check the alignment, then run the SAM. I know that BYE can do it all, but the SAM allows for no cables to the mount and I can just leave it alone for 2-3 hours without having to sit with it or have the laptop sitting there. It truly becomes "fire and forget."
  5. AaronSmall

    Will we see backyard CCD? (CCD for short ;-)

    Guylain, Any potential of BYCCD? I recently bought a used ASI174 and have tried the recommended software for it. Somewhat disappointing and not nearly as good as BYE. Aaron
  6. AaronSmall

    Compatible Canon DSLRs

    Bob, I agree with Rick. No canned air, use a squeeze bulb. I have seen the hot pixel lines as well. Darks take them out. It is all about getting comfortable with your post processing. I'm very much a novice since I tend to over process to get more of an image out of a few exposures. I need to exercise more patience and spend more time under the stars. Hard with a full time job, kids, and other interests/organizations.
  7. AaronSmall

    Compatible Canon DSLRs

    Bob, Are you using flats? A row of circular spots on brighter images (sun and moon) sounds like dust on the sensor. Without looking at images I can't tell but it sure sounds like it.
  8. AaronSmall

    Coronado PST solar telescope, Canon T-3 & BYE combo

    DH, Glad to hear it. I too was able to get some decent images from the eclipse although I didn't have nearly the weather you had. The Ha filter does provide some amazing clarity. I had done some solar viewing with an old glass filter many moons ago and that was alright. I thought I had finally gone professional when I made a Baader astrosolar filter before the Venus Transit. That gave amazing images and the detail was fantastic. Never thought I would be able to see prominences with my setup. Coronado hit it out of the park with the PST. Brings a whole new aspect to the hobby. Send us some images sometime.
  9. AaronSmall

    Another Request to Add FITS Option

    You may want to simply use a conversion program like Carsten Arnholm's at http://arnholm.org/astro/software/ImageTOOLSca/ You can then batch convert directly from RAW to FITS. Not bad for about $30 US plus you get many other tools included. I've used his wxAstroCapture program for years with my LE modified NexImage. If you're cheap like me, you can use IRIS to convert. See http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/iris/tutorial3/doc13_us.htm. Another very high quality product in the public domain. Rough learning curve, though. Old school command line interface is very powerful.
  10. AaronSmall

    USB Weather Stick?

    I agree with Ron. My StickStation works great. I too was very glad to see Baader pick up Per's products. It'll simply be an exercise in patience waiting for them.
  11. AaronSmall

    Eclipse Experiences

    Rick had Tequila Sunrise. We had Blue Moon beer and shots of NC mountain Moonshine. Great story, Rick.
  12. AaronSmall

    Eclipse Experiences

    I went down to my cousin's in the Smokey Mountains of southwest NC. Forecast the week prior was looking spotty with 50-50 shot of clouds and rain. Didn't matter since I was going anyway to visit my 95-year old grandmother before trekking north on Tuesday to drop off my oldest for her freshman year at Va Tech! Leading up to the weekend, the forecast improved to a 20% chance of clouds/rain. My hopes were high! Set up my camera piggybacked on my telescope. Instead of BYE (Sorry, Guylain) I ran a Magic Lantern script from another user so I couold run automatically without having to worry about the equipment - a definite plus for the experience. I also had my webcam set up on my PST for the partials. Had the darnedest time getting it to align in a new location the night before. Next morning finished my setup and was tracking the sun all morning. Then, the clouds started rolling in. Got many shots of the pre and post partials. Totality was nearly a washout and I assumed I got nothing. Was my first TSE so I wasn't really worried since I had a great time. Loved hearing the crickets chirping and the birds going to roost. A truly neat experience. Made it totally worth running the camera on automatic with the script. Left afterwards and a 4.5 hour drive turned into 6 hours with the tourist traffic leaving SC and heading north then mixed in with the TN traffic heading north. After college move in the next morning, the drive home was not better with a 4.5 hr drive turning into 6.5 hr due to a bad accident. Once I finally got back home, I was able to view the images stored on the SD Card. Amazingly, I did get some of the totality and if I enhance some of my shots, I even got the diamond ring and Baily's Beads. Now I am processing the videos from the webcam to see if I can see additional details through the Ha filter.
  13. AaronSmall

    Coronado PST solar telescope, Canon T-3 & BYE combo

    DH, Any Luck? I was able to get my PST couple with my T3 using a basic 2xBarlow. I think I had to direct screw it into the Canon t-adapter to shorten up the focal length but I did get some decent images (see attached). This was my first attempt back in February. Aaron
  14. AaronSmall

    USB cable length

    I have a 7 port USB3 hub (for when i want to upgrade someday) powered with a 12V source. It is the 60W version from Plugable (http://plugable.com/products/usb3-hub7bc/). No problems at all running from my 30m USB2 active repeater cable. It has only one small LED that can be covered with tape (I use clear red tape like used for car lens repairs). I haven't yet tried it with USB3 because so much of my equipment is USB2 so I can't comment on it's performance at that level. I suspect it will be fine. I power it from either a 12V jump start box (has only 1 lighter port to split to 3) or a 12V DIY box (with 4 lighter slots and separate twin 5V USB) I built using an old time lead-acid marine deep cycle battery. If I had thought it out more, I would go with the gel-cell batteries since they weigh so much less.
  15. AaronSmall

    ELP Light Box

    Perfect. I was assuming some plastic, but the acrylic makes a lot of sense. That way it doesn't fall apart if it gets wet.

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