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  1. Great explanation, Rick. Learned something new today.👍
  2. Guylain, I'll have to test it out to make sure (cloudy tonight and now I've caught a cold). I'll let you know if something else pops up. Skip Write Exif Data is not checked. Only things checked are Processor Affinity, Skip Diskspace Check, and 10x zoom. I did copy the files over. No harm done. Cheers, gentlemen.
  3. Rick, That is what I thought, too, but Guylain seemed to imply in his previous post that it would (at least that is how I took it). It's a tedious task that I am not looking forward to, but it really isn't that bad. Oh well.
  4. They didn't transfer. I still have 53 images still in BackyardTemp/Downloads. I even tried leaving BYE open (with and without the background worker) for a few minutes and nothing changed. Do you need any other log files? I have the ones from the background worker as well as the regular BYE log.
  5. Will do. Can you explain the purpose of the background worker process again? I was under the impression that it was to allow for transfer and processing while simultaneously imaging so the precious imaging time is not lost. Maybe I should have done like s3igell suggested and leave my laptop running after I put everything away. Are the image files in BackyardTemp/Downloads supposed to transfer? Just need to know if I need to manually rename or not. Aaron
  6. They're still in BackyardTemp/Download. Already sent the log to your e-mail.
  7. I wasn't aware of this feature. Neat. So in his example is this 5.756533 hrs and +15.932214 deg, which is some location in Taurus? What do you do for a negative declination? Aaron
  8. Guylain, Had a weird (weird to me since it hasn't happened before) thing happen with BYE last night. Some files transferred to my PC in the BYE in their proper sub-folder but others did not. I couldn't figure out the pattern. In one image set I would get 4 files in the proper place and the other 6 were still left in Temp. I'll send you a log file. As you will see in the log, this is on a Win10 machine using modified T5i/700D, PHD2, & Stickstation. I am running BYE (RC2) - Premium. Also, is there an easy way to transfer the files from Temp? I have files with names like "IMG_0002.CR2_exiftool_tmp" which I verified are the "missing" RAW files. I have about 40-50 files there and I didn't want to sit here for an hour renaming manually (but I will). Thanks, buddy! Aaron
  9. You may want to look at Magic Lantern. They may have a way of changing the menus already figured out. I only used it once for the Eclipse but it seemed pretty versatile. Aaron
  10. Perfect. Thanks, Rick. I'd heard about the video mode being a little more demanding.
  11. Found an interesting issue that poses a question. Was doing a time-lapse of sunset (clouds, really) with the SAM and after about a quarter of the way through the images (was shooting RAW), I ran out of memory. Never happens with BYE connected to the laptop. Was using an older memory card that I had dragged out of the old point and shoot camera so I need a larger SD card. I could have saved memory by shooting in JPG, but then processing is shot. With the vast Canon knowledge here, what specs do you guys use for a fast rate on your SD Card? I have a T5i (700D). BTW, the focus was much easier this time around due to the flip LCD. Still don't know which I method I would use (BYE vs SAM). It comes down to versatility versus portability.
  12. I just got the SAM as well to try out for my trip to WY (so smokey it looks like the humidity of VA). I agree that the only reason for not using BYE is for the astro time-lapse routine. I've only had it a couple times out and focus was the biggest issue. I'm thinking of having a kid down the street print me up a mask on his 3D printer for my camera lens so that focus better because I agree, it is impossible to focus using the little LCD screen. Bye does this so much better. I'll try to run some tests to see if other camera models (I have a T3 and a T5i - can't remember the Euro designations) to see if both BYE and SAM work. Even if they don't, the work plan would be to use BYE to focus, then swap cables, double check the alignment, then run the SAM. I know that BYE can do it all, but the SAM allows for no cables to the mount and I can just leave it alone for 2-3 hours without having to sit with it or have the laptop sitting there. It truly becomes "fire and forget."
  13. Guylain, Any potential of BYCCD? I recently bought a used ASI174 and have tried the recommended software for it. Somewhat disappointing and not nearly as good as BYE. Aaron
  14. Bob, I agree with Rick. No canned air, use a squeeze bulb. I have seen the hot pixel lines as well. Darks take them out. It is all about getting comfortable with your post processing. I'm very much a novice since I tend to over process to get more of an image out of a few exposures. I need to exercise more patience and spend more time under the stars. Hard with a full time job, kids, and other interests/organizations.
  15. Bob, Are you using flats? A row of circular spots on brighter images (sun and moon) sounds like dust on the sensor. Without looking at images I can't tell but it sure sounds like it.
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