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  1. I had something similar happen with my T5i but I was using the SAM Mini from Skywatcher which has a bulb release cable. I had it set to M but it was only giving me 2 second exposures even though the software was supposed to be 30 seconds. I finally figured out that the jog dial for shutter speed was overriding the cable. It was set at 2 seconds (must have hit it while setting up) but would only click every 30s or so when the software started the sequence. I now have to make sure that the jog dial is set to bulb to run it by the Cable. Didn't have this feature on my old T3 so makes me wonder if it is similar to the T3i.
  2. AaronSmall

    ISS Transit

    Yep. Definitely Peter's fault. 🀣
  3. AaronSmall

    ISS Transit

    Thanks, guys. The re-entering of the username is what threw me. I thought it was asking for password, not Username. Now I know. Glad to hear it is a typical Windows update issue. My former college roommate works for MS. Gives me a reason to blame him. With all of the comments about camera not connecting, trial reissuance, etc., I thought I would post something on what BYE can do, rather than can't. I didn't even consider my other cameras even though they have a faster frame rate. BYE was just so much easier from connection, focus, then imaging. Processing was simple: convert to mono, stretch, and then assemble to the GIF. All in PIPP. I'll see if it works as well for my Mercury Transit shots (didn't use BYE because of using my cmos cameras, Guylain - hint hint πŸ˜‰).
  4. AaronSmall

    ISS Transit

    Guylain, Wanted to say thanks again. I was able to capture a ISS Lunar Transit using Planetary in BYE. Zoomed in nicely and had it running at ~15 fps a few minutes beforehand. My daughter actually saw it on the screen and then I was able to look in the capture folder (I was saving JPGs instead of AVI) where I ended up being a little disappointed when I saw a small black dot cross. Turns out it was only a bird (my daughter told me it was not where she saw it). Only wish we could get RAW but I understand the limitations of the liveview method. Had only one glitch. When first booting up the laptop after set up, BYE asked me to validate my license. Never had done this since many moons ago I was stumped. I panicked after it didn't take my password(s). My daughter even set up a wifi hotspot and I tried to find the password on the website. I finally READ THE DIRECTIONS and typed in my username (DUH) where it let me in. Then it wouldn't connect to the 700D. I shut down. Waited 10s. Restarted BYE and then it connected and we were in business. Didn't keep the logs (I think). Weird behavior but I luckily had 15 minutes to spare. See attached animation.
  5. Guylain, Wouldn't what Mark suggests not really need coordinates? I simply want to click on the target in an image frame that is then plate solved (either right away like Mark or from previous imagery like Rick). You can then get the clicked coordinate based on the plate solve and the relative location of the click on the image. This gives a coordinate to send to the scope to slew and place that clicked location in the center of the field of view. It could be in a simple right click from the image viewer to 'Plate solve and slew' on any given frame. A confirm before slewing would probably be prudent in case it gives something wacky. You could also have a simple (and small) plate solve button that allows for entry of the coordinate on a pop-up (hate those but no other choice that I can think of). Aaron
  6. Dirty Harris, One thing I did after a recent HD crash was to set up a separate directory for these programs that seem to have permission issues or that just start from simple directory (AS!, FireCapture, Registax, etc.). This is placed under my main user directory and called 'Programs' (I prefer that term over the newer 'apps'). This keeps the permissions and the main (c:/) directory structure clean. It also allows for later transfer and/or backups to get settings files, etc. BTW, solid state harddrive was the best investment ever. Many times faster. Aaron
  7. Referring to Integrate newer plate solving module into BYE/BYN. Keep using the KISS technique, Guylain! πŸ˜‰πŸ»
  8. tbryant2k15, You might want to contact Robert Brown down in NZ (https://sourceforge.net/u/brownrb/profile/) He has quite a few Arduino projects for Astronomy. I've already built one and am working on a couple more. A weather station would be pretty simple (for him, not me) I would think since he already has much of the code. You might even convince him to collaborate with you. I've emailed him a couple of times and he was very responsive to my questions (sort of like Guylain). I have used Robert's focuser project with BYE (via ASCOM). Works great.
  9. AndrewS, I would add that it should probably be an average of 5-10 readings of FHWM due to the variability of seeing conditions. It would be nice to see (no pun intended) right next to the 'active' FHWM. I think the position of the focuser (and the ability to return to that spot) is going to depend on your equipment and beyond the scope of BYE/BYN. Guylain will have to chime in on that. FWIW, I am looking at a couple projects by Robert Brown on SourceForge that will do just what you want but DIY instead of purchasing the expensive remote focusers commercially available. His projects are running about $50-$75 USD and are ASCOM compatible. Aaron
  10. Great explanation, Rick. Learned something new today.πŸ‘
  11. Guylain, I'll have to test it out to make sure (cloudy tonight and now I've caught a cold). I'll let you know if something else pops up. Skip Write Exif Data is not checked. Only things checked are Processor Affinity, Skip Diskspace Check, and 10x zoom. I did copy the files over. No harm done. Cheers, gentlemen.
  12. Rick, That is what I thought, too, but Guylain seemed to imply in his previous post that it would (at least that is how I took it). It's a tedious task that I am not looking forward to, but it really isn't that bad. Oh well.
  13. They didn't transfer. I still have 53 images still in BackyardTemp/Downloads. I even tried leaving BYE open (with and without the background worker) for a few minutes and nothing changed. Do you need any other log files? I have the ones from the background worker as well as the regular BYE log.
  14. Will do. Can you explain the purpose of the background worker process again? I was under the impression that it was to allow for transfer and processing while simultaneously imaging so the precious imaging time is not lost. Maybe I should have done like s3igell suggested and leave my laptop running after I put everything away. Are the image files in BackyardTemp/Downloads supposed to transfer? Just need to know if I need to manually rename or not. Aaron
  15. They're still in BackyardTemp/Download. Already sent the log to your e-mail.
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