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  1. If you don't want to believe the admin (and you really should), I have been using BYE for around 10 years. I think I paid one single upgrade fee after the initial purchase (I can't be sure since it was so long ago) and that was ~$30 USD. Great software and the best support.
  2. Rgaul, I was having that same problem early on. Found out I hadn't followed directions and downloaded the right star database files. Once I eventually did that (accidentally while trying something else no doubt), it worked each and every time and so much faster than AstroTortilla used to do. You'd think the error would tell you that your missing the databases, but it only tells you it fails. Aaron
  3. Paul, I have used both the mask and FHWM. I have found that I rarely use the mask anymore with BYE because the FHWM gets me where I want to be. However, some folks prefer the mask because it is more "graphical" than trying to minimize a bunch of numbers. 6 of one half dozen of the other... FWIW, the mask feature was one of the first things incorporated into BYE 10+ years ago when Bahtinov masks were just hitting the mainstream and that is why it was included in the premium edition. Back then, FHWM and HFD were both pretty jumpy. Now they are averaged out. The best advice I can
  4. Guylain, I also noticed this not saving issue in BYE. Hadn't worried about it as I only have a few settings different from the defaults, but it was mildly annoying. I was also tweaking other things with my rig and the weather has been awful. Unfortunately, it looks like it is time to update the settings sub-system. The workaround does work. You can blame my old college roommate who works at MS. He must have found out I use BYE and is just messing with me. Sorry, my friend. BTW, I realized I'd been using your software for 10 years now. Where did the time go?
  5. Banjoman, I think Rick hit it on the head for what I believe you are trying to do. You could use the EOS remote and your iPad to achieve a rough focus (this is called EAA - Electronic Assisted Astronomy), then you would use BYE (assuming you're using Canon) on your Windows PC to perform actual detailed focusing, framing, and imaging (a much better choice IMHO). EAA is becoming pretty big especially as it can easily work at public outreach to show folks what we see. There is a whole forum dedicated to it at CloudyNights (https://www.cloudynights.com/forum/73-electronically-assisted-
  6. Banjoman, BYE/BYN is a .NET program so it does not run on iPad. I don't know of another Canon/Nikon viewing program that runs on iOS.
  7. Rick, RegiStax 6 can open a SER. You have to change the file type to "LuCam Recorder SER" in the dropdown or I believe you can just drag and drop it. Like s3igell says, PIPP prefers SER files and it can be used to reduce down the number of files/frames using the Lucky Imaging technique. That helps overcome the issue he mentions of too many JPG images so you could then use RegiStax (the wavelets is still the best out there). However, I have found it is easier to deal with a few SER or AVI files than a few thousand JPGs.
  8. Guylain, Any particular reason for sticking with AVI (versus SER) as it is a pretty old format and always seems to have issues with other software? Didn't think it made a difference on quality but I understand SER doesn't have all the limitations (file size being one) and issues that AVI has. I do like your idea of saving the JPGs for reducing file size. Just unwieldy with all those files (think 1000 or more frames) but nothing a zip file can't handle. Aaron
  9. Darwin, I used BYE for an ISS Transit a year or so ago. Here is a link to the topic:
  10. Thanks, S3igell. Here is the direct link to the Github site: https://github.com/FearL0rd/ASCOM.DSLR. Looks like the new developer moved away from the BYE API but it is hard to tell. Definitely not full featured like BYE but interesting nonetheless. I can see using it for the PA routines in SharpCap (hint, hint, Guylain) but I still prefer BYE for imaging when using the DSLR.
  11. Guylain, I'm getting an error on the link. After 2 years, has it died?
  12. How many times to you get to use that word in a sentence? 🤔
  13. I'm using simulator so it is jnow. Check out this one. I typed in the RA (as 80") and then hit slew. Look at the ASCOM location. Worked even though the 60" is still there on the DEC.
  14. Guylain, Was playing around with RC2 and the ASCOM Simulator. Acquired the following Dec: 03° 59' 60" Couldn't get RA to hit right on the hour or minute to test it. Made me chuckle as this reminded me of when I was reviewing a young engineer who had calculated a bearing of 176° 80' 30" for a proposed pipeline and when I told him it was wrong, he couldn't figure it out what was wrong about it. Nonetheless we always triple checked his work afterwards.
  15. You just guaranteed that it is not going to stop raining until Monday.☔🌧️ Great Job, Guylain!
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