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  1. PeterCPC

    BYE 3.2

    Sorted. Thanks Peter
  2. PeterCPC

    BYE 3.2

    I have downloaded 3.2 but when I input my licence key am keep getting "Additional non-parsable characters are at the end of the string". What is going on? I have input the licence key that works with 3.16 plus my identifier. Peter
  3. Thanks. I will have a look. Peter
  4. I want to dither about 20 random pixels because of patterns in my Canon 1200d. I have set the PHD dither scale to 3.0 and BYE dither to an aggressiveness of 4.0 with settle at 0.25 and calm down to 30 secs. If I am using a 50 guide scope with QHY5L-11-C guide camera on a Skywatcher 120ED, will that give me the 20 random pixel dither? I can't work this out. Thanks for any help. Peter
  5. Hi Can anyone answer my query re Astrotortilla and BYE? I use BYE Premium edition and wondered whether it's possible to use Astrotortilla to plate solve without controlling the mount via ASCOM. I just use the AVX handset for control, and would like to carry on doing so, as there is less software and cabling involved. Everything I read about AT says that you must have an ASCOM controlled mount. Peter
  6. Thanks, I'll give that a try. What about the other settings? Should I go back to default? Peter
  7. Hi I have recently noticed that with the default dither settings that I am getting some images with double stars showing when using my 1200ED. What dither settings would you recommend for using a SW1200ED on an AVX mount? I have altered them to aggressiveness 1, settle at 0.15, calm down 10 and dither every 2 images - does that sound reasonable? This is all a bit of a mystery to me. Peter
  8. PeterCPC

    File Formats

    Thank you for that explanation which I have passed on to SGL. By CRAW I meant Canon RAW, sorry for any confusion. Peter
  9. PeterCPC

    File Formats

    Thanks. So are you saying that the resolution would be equal to uncompressed files? Also, are the RAWs compressed and made up of JPGs? Peter
  10. PeterCPC

    File Formats

    I have been recommending BYE on Stargazers Lounge and in the latest thread http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/260471-imaging-jupiter-with-dslr/I pointed out that you can capture AVIs and CRAW images. Others are pointing out that the data is downloaded as a series of JPEGS and saying that it is compressed. Could you confirm this please as I don't know the answer. Peter
  11. Rick - license - thanks that worked fine. I could not stop it saying that Utilities was running so I uninstalled it as you suggested. Seems ok now. Many thanks Peter
  12. It's now saying that EOS Utility is running but it isn't - see task manager Peter
  13. I decided to get the Premium Edition and purchased it today. Several problems: 1. After purchase I went to the Premium Edition and the download key and selected the latest version. When I activate it it still shows the license number for the Classic version. Not premium. Ends with 7743 but should end with 7755. 2. I cannot connect my 1200d. I have tried all 3 possibilities and it says that my real model number is 4294967294 and generic model 153 assumed but it will not connect. How do I get the Premium Edition that I have paid for and how do I connect my 1200d? Peter
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