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Unsuccessful thus far



Hi, I bought a 3200 and downloaded BYN to go along with it. Learned 3200 doesn't have SDK. Sell 3200. Buy 5100. 

Connect 5100 to BYN, but it just doesn't seem to want to work. Anytime I set any plan and execute it, it just takes the first photo of the plan and then just spins and spins on the "busy" screen. It never finishes processing that first photo and I don't see it saved in any directory. 

I've turned off auto focus. I've turned off noise reduction.

FYI- this is one of MANY dead ends I'm experiencing in astrophotography, so apologies if I'm sounding a bit desperate.

BYN spinning.JPG

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To get as far as you have per the screenshot, you HAVE successfully Connected your D5100.  That's step #1.

So, problem is probably some incompatible settings between the D5100 and BYN.

Please post a screenshot of the Settings Screen.  And detail the basic DSLR Settings that you have chosen.

Oh, and a few other questions:

  1. Do you get a Live View Image??
  2. What Lens or Scope do you have connected??
  3. Do you actually hear the DSLR Mirror being actuated when you start the Capture Plan??
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just taking timed <30 for now. I will try and provide all the settings screenshot later this evening, but to answer other questions:


1) No live view

2)I have the issue both when I use a 200mm telephoto lens or when I connect the camera directly to my Celestron 5SE

3)I hear the shutter move on the first capture, but it never makes it past the first capture

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I honestly think it's my camera, folks. I can barely keep the thing connected. Forget about troubleshooting. Looks like rushing into an old 5100 was also a bad idea. I'm going to try a 5300 or something next, or is that one known for having issues as well?

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If you search the old posts in this forum you will find new users with issues with the D5300, but they seem to be transient, and/or due to settings in the camera that BYN may not be able to see or change, but were fixed by doing a Factory Reset of the camera. i am soo glad that I have a Canon. It has been totally trouble-free for me with respect to BYE.

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