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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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canon eos 4000d



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Please provide a good bit more detail, and follow some initial steps.


  1. Which version of BYE have you installed??  Need the version numbers. (Needs to be the latest v3.1.18 beta release)
  2. Have you installed the Canon EOS Utility software which came with the Camera?? (Needs to be Installed to get the Low-level Drivers)
  3. How are you connecting the Camera to the PC?? (Needs to be USB, even if the Camera has WiFi)
  4. What is the actual message posted to the BYE Camera Log Window?? (Need to know the Numbers reported in the Error Message)

Initial Steps:

  1. Install the EOS Utility software that comes with the Camera.  Connect with that EOS Utility a first time (to prove that it will connect and all the Canon Drivers have been Installed), then set that Utility to NOT run in the background.
  2. Download and Install the Latest Release Candidate of BYE Software from the "Pre-Release Software Page".
  3. Set the Camera to it's Basic Settings - Manual Focus, Manual/Bulb Exposure, etc. (Make sure Focus Mode is not Auto Face Mode)
  4. Connect the Camera to the PC via the USB Cable supplied with the Camera.
  5. Make sure EOS Utility is NOT Running in the Background - connecting to the Camera automatically when it is Cabled-Up. (Yes, EOS Utility is that persistent  -by design.)
  6. Start BYE and press Connect Button.  Capture and Report the message in the Camera Log Window.

Welcome to BYE/BYN.

The Software is really successful for AstroPhotography Imaging.  (...Once the initial required SDK Update is provided by Canon.)

BYE Requires the SDK supplied by Canon be Updated to support each specific DSLR Model (something which Canon usually does within 6 months of releasing a New Model).  Since the 4000D was announced alongside the 2000D and the M50, and both of those Models have recently proven to be SDK-supported, there is good reason to expect the 4000D is also Supported.  (But, as Canon's newest "Lowest/Entry Model", it remains to be seen if all the desired elements and Features are supported.)

Follow the Setup steps, Post the Detail Info, and Guylain (BYE's Developer) should be along to help shortly.

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Sorry, but you need to provide more information...What version of BYE are you using? Please provide the complete version number, like 3.1.17 or 3.1.18 - RC6, along with the steps to recreate the error and any error messages that you are seeing.

The 4000D is a new model that is not in the list of supported cameras. Perhaps you are the first BYE user to try to connect with that model.


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