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BYEOS crashes when trying to use 5x mode in Planetary



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Thanks for the log file.  I see this error.

2019-07-11 22:35:07,806 [Main] DEBUG - ERROR EDS_ERR_DEVICE_BUSY : EDSDK.EdsSetPropertyData(cameraRef, LiveviewZoom(1287), 0, size(4), 5) 
2019-07-11 22:35:07,806 [Main] DEBUG -    at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.RunAndThrow(Func`1 function, String info)
   at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.PropertyBaseUint.UploadPropertyValueToCamera(UInt32 propertyid, Int32 param, UInt32 value)
   at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.PropertyEvfZoom.set_Value(String value)
   at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<>c__DisplayClass104_0.<PropertySet>b__0(IProperty x)
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action)
   at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.PropertySet(CameraPropertyEnum property, String value, Boolean force)
   at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelCanonBase.set_PropertyZoomEvf(String value)


I'm not sure how to go about finding the root cause since BYE sends the command to the camera to start the 5x view mode and the camera is reporting that it is busy.

Do a test...

1) Start BYE and connect your camera

2) Go into live view (but do not start 5x in BYE)

3) Using the buttons on the camera body itself press the button to zoom the live view.

4) Disconnect the camera from BYE and close the app

5) Send me that log file.

Thank you


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34 minutes ago, astroman133 said:

I wonder if LiveView AutoFocus is causing a problem when used with 5X Zoom. You could try changing to a different AF mode. If you are using a lens, put the lens in MF mode. Let us know if these tests give different results.

That is a good point - thank you!

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After sending the log file per request, tried the suggestion to change the AF mode.  Did so and 5X appeared to work normally!  Didn't have camera connected to telescope but that shouldn't make a difference.  BYEOS didn't crash, didn't freeze and a video file was recorded.  (When imaging, camera is connected to telescope prime focus.  No lens used.)  Thanks so much folks!

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53 minutes ago, astroman133 said:

Thanks for letting us know that with the 250D that the LiveView Autofocus method can affect the functionality of 5X zoom in Frame & Focus and Planetary modes.

I can't thank you enough Rick.  A+++ for your unsolicited help here on the forum.  I want you to know that it is appreciated.

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