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Fine focus for BYN



I just purchased Backyard Nikon.

Can I not focus my lens using the software?

Nikon d7200

I have a few lenses but am not able to see the fine fouser in "Frame and Focus".

Am I doing something wrong? Does it have some sort of an additional configuration that needs for it to show up?

Its really frustrating because that is the main reason why I purchased the software.

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I am not a Nikon owner so I cannot say whether you are doing something wrong or not, but here is an extract from the BYE manual:

Camera Lens Drive

The Camera Lens Drive control is only visible if the camera is reporting that you have a Canon-compatible auto-focus lens attached to the camera.


The left and right facing chevron icons are buttons that can be used to adjust the focus position of the lens.

NOTE: the lens must be in AF mode for these buttons to work. You may "press and hold" the buttons to continuously adjust the focus position. The triple chevron buttons are for coarse adjustment and the single chevron buttons are for fine adjustment.

I am confused by your comment "I have a few lenses but am not able to see the fine fouser in "Frame and Focus". The single chevron buttons are the fine focus buttons. Are you saying that you see the other chevron buttons but not them? A screenshot would help us to see what you are seeing.

If you don't see any of the lens focus buttons then either 1) the camera does not recognize that the lens is a compatible autofocus lens, or 2) the Nikon SDK does not support focus adjustment from a 3rd party app, so BYN cannot provide that capability or 3) there may be a bug in BYN.

In the case of 1) there is not much that BYN can do if the camera is not telling BYN that the lens is focusable. For 2) this could have been discovered during the free 30-day trial period to avoid a case of buyer's lament. For 3) please provide a description of what you see (a screenshot of the BYN window, perhaps). Does the manual describe how to use BYN to adjust focus of a compatible lens? If you are seeing the buttons, but they do not adjust the lens, be sure that the lens is in AF mode. In MF mode, the motor is disengaged so autofocus adjustments are not possible.

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This has been discuss a few times here already; here and here for instance.

This has not been implemented in BYN yet. I tried a while back and I failed; couldn't get it to work with the Nikon SDK and the lack of documentation made that much more difficult.

Even for Canon DSLR this is a hit and miss.  For Canon DSLR both the camera model and the lens model must support it for it to work.  If one of these does not support it, it won't work; it's a hardware limitation.

Hope this help.


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