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Problems with BYE 3.1.16



I recently upgraded from 3.1 classic to 3.1.16 : I deleted the previous version, which I had run without difficulty for a couple of years,  before downloading the upgrade.

I now have two desktop icons, both opening in 3.1.16, one of which is labelled (camera 2). I didn't request that. Puzzled, but I can live with it.

More problematic is that Frame and Focus only works some of the time. Apparently at random, when I click on frame and focus, I either get a blank screen with "drag images here" or the previous thumbnail image.

I am reduced to imaging "blind" and using the result to adjust frame and focus, which is surely missing the point.

Where have I gone wrong?

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Apologies for the delay in replying.

I am using a Canon EOS 550D attached to a MacBook running Windows 7, via an active hub (three USB cables into two ports won't go!)

I attach the logfile for an imaging session on 8 December when I was using BYE 3.1.2 and the program froze after the first session.

As this is possibly  a hub/cable issue, I deleted 3.1.2, downloaded 3.1.16, and did a dummy run on 10 December, (running BYE and camera indoors, on frame and focus, no telescope) using a new USB cable, no hub, camera attached directly to laptop port), and again it froze after a while.

The logfile for 10 December also attached.

I would be grateful if you could have a look and give me your thoughts.



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I'm looking at the files and I don't see anything that indicates a freeze.

What I do see is that you go into live view and you keep live live going for about 1/2 hour.  This will cause the camera to shutdown to prevent it from overheating and I suspect this is what you are seeing.


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First, please follow the procedure in this How To post when submitting log files in the future.

In the first log file (from 12/8) I see 2 errors. The first error is that your designated download directory does not exist.  This folder must exist and be accessible to BYE for reading and writing. The specific message was:

"Could not find a part of the path 'F:\Astro\Unprocessed"

The second error was some kind of communication error:

The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.

This could be an issue with how you have exposed the Mac's USB ports to Windows, but this is just a guess.

In the second log file ( from 12/10) I see an error

The error is that the camera is not in Manual shooting mode.

I also saw that the camera apparently initiated a Shutdown. Did you power off the camera when it was still connected to BYE?

You might also want to try the Canon215 SDK/drivers at connect time and see if it makes a difference. Your camera is supported by both the Canon and Canon215 SDK releases.

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Not sure that you have "gone wrong". There have been some improvements in the past couple of years, and some behavior changes as a result.

The Camera 2 shortcut is the result of an enhancement in BYE that lets you manage multiple cameras simultaneously. The Dual Camera topic is discussed in the PDF User Guide. Click on the '?" icon in the upper right to view the User Guide. If you only plan to use a single camera, you can either delete the Camera 2 shortcut or just ignore it.

When you upgraded did you purchase a Premium license? This gives you the ability to drag and drop images from your hard drive into BYE. This feature is only available with the Premium (and Trial) license, so you should not see a 'drag images here' prompt with the Classic license. Also, drag and drop image viewing is not available (at least on my version of BYE 3.1.16 Premium) from Frame & Focus. It is available from Preview, when not connected, and from Imaging.

I could not duplicate your symptoms when clicking on Frame & Focus with my T5i using BYE 3.1.16 Premium. It always starts LiveView and within a second or two see a live image. I would suggest that either you clicked on the wrong button and were in Imaging mode instead of Frame & Focus, or you could have a camera-specific issue. You did not say what camera model you are using or which SDK you selected when you connected. My T5i works with either the Canon or Canon 215 SDK (drivers).

Please double-check that you can recreate the same symptoms (that you see 'drag images here' while in Frame & Focus). It would be great if you could provide a screenshot of the full BYE window. This would let the community see what you are seeing.


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Camera 2nd icon *is* a feature.  You can use BYE with 2 or more cameras now.  You can safely delete the icon if you don't use it.

Please, always tell use you camera model when reporting issues.

I'm confused about your Frame & Focus reported issue.  There are no "drag images here" in frame and focus and there is no thumbnail.  These are in imaging mode.

If you click on frame and focus and you don't see the live view stream this is often causes by 2 things.  1) You have too many devices connected to your USB hub and this creates data overload on the cable.  2) you may have inadvertently disabled live view on your camera menu,  

In any event, you can still download the older version you say was working from the download page.  If you do and these issues are still present in the older versions then the issue is not BYE related.  If the older versions still works fine then you may have found a bug.

Keep use posted.

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Apologies for the missing information.

I am using a Canon EOS 550D, live view enabled, set to Bulb (M).

BYE is loaded on aMacBook running Windows 7HP via Bootcamp.

To eliminate connectivity issues, I have removed my powered hub and connected the camera directly to the laptop's USB port with a different cable.

I attach a screenshot to illustrate the problem: having succesfully taken a couple of images (daytime: cloudy nights forecast!) using Frame and Focus then Imaging, when I click on Frame and Focus again, I get a brief (1 second) live view, then the screen reverts to the previous image and Frame and Focus fails to open.



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Unfortunately, the screenshot does not support the symptom described as "when I click on frame and focus, I either get a blank screen with "drag images here" or the previous thumbnail image." The screenshot shows a normal view when Imaging mode is selected.

So you are saying that you select Frame and Focus but after a second BYE goes back to Imaging? That is a new issue.

You may need to follow the instructions in the following linked post:


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