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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Can't connect D300.



I havbe a 2010 D300 that I updated firmware last week. I tried both sections to connect and neither worked. I also tried running in compatability mode as Vista SP1.

I am using WIndows 10 Pro.

Using BYN Pro 2.0.8, which I just recently purchased. Did not have any other versions.

I have Nikon D300 with firmware  A 1.1 and B 1.1

I have formated the memory card and had no pictures.

I tried every single compatability option

I tried a new Nikon USB cable.

The camera is the only USB connection.

The "disconnected" error is always in the same place in log.  

See attached log.


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When you update an existing post, it does not show as a new, unread message. It the future it would be good to create a new post in the thread.

The log file shows an error in BYN that it will take the authors to decipher. This seems to be the relevant fragment:

2017-10-09 20:46:21,283 [Main] ERROR - The given key was not present in the dictionary.
2017-10-09 20:46:21,283 [Main] ERROR -    at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
   at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonBase.GetCapabilityInfo(eNkMAIDCapability cap)
   at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.PropertyBase.IsReadonly()
   at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.PropertySaveTo.Download()
   at BinaryRivers.Common.CameraProperties.PropertyBag.<>c.<Download>b__5_0(IProperty x)
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action)
   at BinaryRivers.Common.CameraProperties.PropertyBag.Download()
   at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<DownloadCameraProperties>b__94_0()
   at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.Run(Func`1 function, Boolean tryonce)
   at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.DownloadCameraProperties()
   at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.AttachCameraToUI()
   at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.Connect(String usbport)
   at BinaryRivers.Orchestrator.MaestroCameraDslrExtension.CameraConnect(Maestro maestro, String drivername, Boolean postchoose)

It happens when BYN is trying to read property data from the camera.

Some folks have had success by resetting the camera to the factory default settings.

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First, it is always important to report which version of the software you are using when you have an error.

If you don't have BYN version 2.0.8, please download it and try to re-create your issue.

Report back in more detail on your symptoms.

Did your D300 work with BYN before the firmware upgrade? It could be that Nikon's firmware upgrade is not compatible with the current release of the Nikon SDK for the D300. This happened a couple of years ago and broke several people for a few months. There was nothing Guylain could do until Nikon released a new SDK.

The more information that you can provide about what you are doing and seeing, the quicker we can get to what is causing your issue.

Some important issues related to Nikon cameras connected to BYN are:

Make sure that any memory card in the camera is empty of images. Having lots of image files on the memory card can cause a delay of several minutes in completing the connection.
Make sure you are connecting the camera to the PC with a USB cable that is known to be a functioning cable. Initially, do not connect the camera through a USB hub or a long extension cable.
Make sure that when you plug the camera into the PC and turn the camera on that the camera shows up in the Windows Device Manager. If Windows doesn't see the camera neither will BYN.

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