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Filename too long



I'm new to this. Just downloaded BYE and I am having a problem. I can communicate quite well with my Canon T5i, but it never downloads any of the images. I've tried virtually every combination (camera card, PC, both, temp folders...) I just can't get it to download anything. I am able to do it with the EOS Utility and NO, they aren't open at the same time. I'm using windows 7 What can I do. I've read quite a few of the forums and have seen users with the same problem, but I was not able to find the solution. Thank you for your time.

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The subject of your post is "Filename too long" but you don't explain this in your post. 

I am using BYE 3.1.6 on a Windows 7 x64 PC to control my T5i, so your configuration is not unique. I have no problem with names being too long, so what you are seeing is something unique to your setup and something that should be easily fixable.

If the filename is truly too long then it is likely that you are not having a problem downloading the image from the camera.  If this is so, you should look in the BackyardTEMP\Download folder and see your image files.

BYE stores the downloaded image in the BackyardTEMP\Download folder and does some processing.  The last step is to rename the image and move it to your specified Download folder.  If this step fails due to a Windows error it could be what you are seeing.

The maximum length of a filename in the NTFS (Windows) file system is 260 characters, BUT it also includes the directory path.  So when you get the error "Filename too long" it really means that the file name is too long for the folder where you want to put it ( via a move, copy or paste operation).

The obvious questions are...

What does your BYE filename template look like?

What is the path of your Download folder?

Have you tried shortening either the folder path or the filename?

You should also look at any non-alphanumeric characters in the file name and make sure that they are legal characters for a Windows filename.

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This is windows error.  Windows can not have a folder+filename longer than 260 characters or thereabout.

My guess is that your default "Pictures" folder in Windows has a very long folder path.

Please create and select a download folder closer to the the c:\.  Perhaps "c:\bye\".

You may also have to change the BackyardTEMP folder, perhaps "c:\BackyardTEMP\".

Keep us posted.

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