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Found 6 results

  1. Is the timestamp within the file name of an EOS backyard file synched to the camera time or to the laptop/computer time? Does the time stamp represent shutter open or file write or some other event? What is the best way to derive the actual real time of the start of an image? I am trying to back that time out to corroborate an asteroid occultation.
  2. I know I can select a folder in which to put a file, but I really want to have the frame type, target name, and date as folders created on the fly. My organization is like this: <parent>\<frametype>\<target>\<date>\<filename> There's a lot more to it than that. I have several cameras and several telescopes and I use other apps for taking images than just BYE, so <parent> folder gets a bit complicated since I want to organize my images accordingly. Essentially, I just want to set the <parent> folder in Settings and let BYE create the folders <frametype>, <target>, and <date> for me. This can be done with other apps. It makes it easier for me to be able to organize my photos and be a lot more automatic with a session. It would seem that a special character in Settings for the filename could be used to tell BYE to create a folder using the enclosed name: %<frametype>%<target>%<date>%<target>_<exposure>s_iso<ISO>_ Or just simply recognize that '\' is to be used to create a folder using the preceding name: <frametype>\<target>\<date>\<target>_<exposure>s_iso<ISO>_ John C
  3. Hi, I have installed motorized filter wheel to my scope. In the property of filter wheel, I can edit what kind of filter I choose, and when I choose a filter number (for example 1), it display what kind of filter has been used (for example H-alpha). Can the name of filter been linked to the file name's? I forget to enter correct filter name manually frequently. It end up I am confused about which image is with which filter. Do you have "the linking feature" build in to BYE now? Please advise. Thanks. Samson
  4. I'm new to this. Just downloaded BYE and I am having a problem. I can communicate quite well with my Canon T5i, but it never downloads any of the images. I've tried virtually every combination (camera card, PC, both, temp folders...) I just can't get it to download anything. I am able to do it with the EOS Utility and NO, they aren't open at the same time. I'm using windows 7 What can I do. I've read quite a few of the forums and have seen users with the same problem, but I was not able to find the solution. Thank you for your time.
  5. Idea 1: Rather than use a capture plan to take, say, 30 images of 120s duration I'll sometimes set up a plan to just taken 15 images and run it twice, maybe adjusting orientation in between runs (or even going off and imaging another target). It would be useful if there was some sort of counter which got incremented whenever a plan is run and which could be included in the filename, i.e. M31_LIGHT_run01_300s_1600iso_f5-6_-11f_IDAS_20160913-10h26m27s739ms.cr2 so that when later stacking the images it's easier to group them together Idea 2: There have been occasions when tracking on my mount has stopped suddenly (probably/possibly due to me using an EQDIR adapter based on the prolific chipset). Would it be possible for BYE to detect whether the mount is still tracking and automatically abort an image if it stops and pause a capture plan? Paul
  6. Is there some way to control the filename behavior in Backyard Nikon that I'm not seeing? Looks like I am stuck with a minimum of 44 characters from BYN, e.g.: LIGHT_300_400iso_4-0_20160506-02h25m22s155m I like to use long and nested descriptive file names and I found myself running into Windows path restrictions exacerbated by BYN's love of long file names ;-) The date, time, and ISO of my images are already recorded by the file system, so I'm hoping there's some way I'm not seeing to turn all that off. Thanks for any help! -Dick Locke www.dl-digital.com
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