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I downloaded the trial version a little while ago and find that I can get it to work (sort of) with a Nikon D80. It does not work well because it is an early DSLR and only will really work with a serial connection. I no longer have a computer with a serial connection. My birthday is coming up and so I have decided to buy a more up to date camera (body only) specifically to use for astrophotography with my Celestron C1100. I have used Nikon cameras for a long time but I am happy to go for a Canon. There seem to be many cameras in both the Nikon and Canon ranges. I am looking for suggestions as to a good model of Nikon or Canon to buy.

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Ok, for those of us who can't keep buying cameras here is my question: I have a Nikon D80. The compatibility section states," 

D80 no yes
(serial/ir) no XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10
(32 and 64 bits) yes

." My camera is not being recognized. I am using Windows 10 and set the program to the recommended compatibility mode. still no dice.

I also have a D3100, and I see that it is not compatible but will you be changing that any time soon?   

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No, the D3### are not supported and never will.  Nikon does not and will not provide an SDK for this series.


As for the D80 is should work, I remember at least one user last year using a D80.


Make sure you sure the Nikon2015 for that model.



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According to the Supported Cameras list the D80 is supported, but with some limitations. These limitations are due to the capabilities of the camera and the support that Nikon provides. They are not due to any decisions that were made by Guylain and Chris.


Here are the limitations:


1) no LiveView - I am not a Nikon owner, but I would guess that this is just not a feature of this model of camera. In order to focus you will need to take short Snap images from the Frame and Focus screen.


2) BULB exposures require a second cable, in addition to the regular USB control cable, just to control the shutter. This cable can be either a special serial (DSUSB) cable or the infrared variant. Even Shoestring Astronomy does not recommend the IR version of their shutter control cable. While you do not need the DSUSB cable for exposures that are timed by the camera, you do need it for exposures that are longer than 30 seconds. So typically you will be running 2 cables in parallel between the camera and the PC, but since you can do your initial testing by shooting short exposures you will NOT need to purchase the DSUSB cable until you are sure that BYN works well enough that you want to continue to use it..


3) According to the support info you MUST run BYN in Vista SP2 compatibliity mode.


Your statement is that your D80 "is not being recognized". What exactly does this mean? Is it recognized by Windows, but BYN will not connect?


Would you please tell us what steps you are taking and what error(s) you are seeing?

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Yes, changing the setting works on the D80 some what. Also, I am wondering, there is a free ware program that works with the D3100 with the exception of live view and bulb from digi cam. How did they get it to work? And if I have to get a Canon, what is the best moderately priced camera that works with all the features of the program?  

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I read this forum almost every day, and from my readings my opinion is that the Canon seems to have less problems right now.

I don't know if this is because BYN is a relatively new program or if the Nikon SDK is a problem.


when I bought my Canon T3i (no longer available) I was planning on having it modified anyway.

so I bought a refurbished camera from Canon at a very reasonable price and have not had any problem with the camera so far.


I would check the camera support grid on both Canon and Nikon to see what is needed for which model.

the less wires equals less trouble. example is just one USB cable VS a USB and a Serial (and the list of combinations goes on).


Take your time check all the options.


I am not a camera guru so I don't know all the technical stuff about the cameras.

I sure some one will chime in with the technical differences.

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I agree with Jim about Canon cameras being more troublefree to use with BYE than Nikon cameras are with BYN.  This is not at all due to Guylain's software, but to limitations that are imposed by the apparently immature Nikon SDK.


That said, which camera you get depends on your budget, as well as where and how you intend to use it.  Factoring in things like typical sky quality, your telescope's optics, and the pixel size of the camera's sensor all weigh into the camera selection. This is true regardless of the brand of camera you choose.  If you don't understand how they interact then you may have some homework to do.

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