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  1. Hi Guys I have been looking at the Icron Ranger USB2 over Cat6 and the Icron Raven USB3 over Cat6a/7. is the difference worth the price. or can I get away with the USB2 speed/Capacity. Jim
  2. jimwc6491

    sensor distance

    Rick its for my canon T3i. Now that I know what to look for I can measure it. Thanks Jim
  3. jimwc6491

    sensor distance

    Does anyone know the distance of the sensor from the front of the lense mount. I kneed to know this distance so I can properly set the back focus on my focal reducer.
  4. Rick, Guylain, tjensen7817 The changes that were made in v.3.1.17rc2. worked to give an indication that the program is booted. thank you Guylain.
  5. Guylain Thanks for the prompt reply. and yes it does help. It never occurred to me that I could connect my existing laptop wirelessly. It would shure be nice to get rid of the cables running to the laptop and possible trip and snag hazards involved. thanks again.
  6. Guylain I was reading the Nikon forum and saw that you use the "ZOTAC ZBOX-PI331-P-U" as a Astro. computer. I also read several reviews of this computer, and several mentioned heat as a problem. My question: is the heat excessive? and how did you connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to it. I can visualize having to add a USB Hub to one of the USB ports.
  7. Thanks Rick and Guylain I'm glad I'm not the only one launching more than one copy of BYE thinking something went wrong. I think the configurable plan rows would be nice. possibly with some documentation warning that the more rows = longer boot up. Thanks for your comments and a possible cure in the near future.
  8. Guylan running BYE Ver. 3.1.16 would it be possible to put something on the screen before BYE is fully booted. It seems to take forever after I click on the short cut for something to come up on the screen. I know you did some changes awhile back to the boot up, now it seems to take forever before anything comes up on the screen. I end up wondering if BYE is actually running. even just a logo would work. Thanks Jim
  9. Rick I believe this is if the mount is less than a year old. I believe they changed the connector around the first of 2017. I just bought a new CGX mount (haven't had first light yet) and it had the new hand controller.
  10. Rick FYI if the AVX is "Brand New" and uses the Nextstar+ hand control it has a mini USB plug in the bottom of the hand control. all he needs is a standard mini USB to a standard USB connector. Jim
  11. Guylain what upgrade will this be in. 3.1.9 or 3.1.10 ? thanks
  12. mktmgrirm I miss spoke the ASCOM driver is for the focuser not the mount sorry.
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