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Compatible with Windows 11?



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It should work as-is.  This real issue is will all the device drivers work properly.... Canon SDK and ASCOM for example.  But for BackyardEOS software, provided W11 is up-to-date with all .Net libraries, it should word.

This said, I've just started upgrading one of my computer, and in time I will be able to do my own testing.

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It is very unlikely that Microsoft would make operating system changes to Windows 11 that will break the thousands of pre-existing applications. I still run some tools that were designed for XP.

The biggest vulnerability is security which is continually undergoing changes to make PCs safer and more immune to hacks, viruses, and malware. Some of those changes can affect registry and folder access which can affect applications.

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Sorry, what to you mean by "Mine is not working on Windows 11"? Mine what?

What are you trying to do? Install BYE or BYN? Launch BYE or BYN? Connect BYE or BYN to your camera? Connect your camera to Windows 11?

What version of BYE, like 3.2.2, are you trying to use? What is your camera's make and model?

Others are using BYE and BYN with Windows 11, as long as the other prerequisites are met.

Also, the product name is "Backyard EOS", not "eos Backyard".

This support forum is where the O'Telescope developers and experienced users, like myself, answer questions about BYE and BYN.

BYE is Windows only software and does not recognize iMac anything.

Please provide more complete information about what you are trying to do, what you expect to see, and what you do see.




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3 hours ago, 997866455 said:

Mine is not working on Windows 11. Eos Backyard recognizes it as if it were an iMac, or other unsupported system. Unfortunately, Otelescope has not yet commented on this issue.

What do you mean has not commented, ADMIN is O'Telescope, and I have a reply in this thread already.... which is a 1 year old thread BTW.

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