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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Win10 64-bit?



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1 hour ago, peterdgunn@gmail.com said:

Much to my dismay it was not until I purchased and attempted to use this product that I found out '...these cameras do not work on 64-bit OS'.

What are my options?

Wait! What?

What do you mean? BYE and BYN will work just fine on Windows 64 bits and with any supported camera... the only exceptions are older cameras generally manufactured *BEFORE* 2008 and this is because Canon does nod have 64 bit drivers for 12+ years old cameras.... everything else works just fine under 64 bits.

Perhaps it would help if you would mention your camera model, you did not say.



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I just wanted you to know that directing your disappointment at O'Telescope would be misplaced. Ultimately O'Telescope benefits the most from supporting as many camera models as possible. So when there are models that they cannot support, it is not for their lack of trying.

You have limited options as below:

1) buy a new camera that Canon has released a 64-bit driver for and that is fully supported by BYE.
2) install a 32-bit version of Windows either as the main O/S or in a Virtual Machine along with the 32-bit Canon driver from the CD that came with the camera.

I would suggest that 1) would be preferred as there may be some hidden difficulty getting 2) to work. The main difficulty with 2), as I see it, is getting the 32-bit Canon camera driver originally written for Windows XP driver installed on Windows 10.

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51 minutes ago, peterdgunn@gmail.com said:

I think you misunderstand, Sir.

I'm asking this establishment if I qualify for a refund.

I'm disappointed that I did not perform due diligence, but I have purchased a license for your product by mistake. 

So I've asked them: 'What are my options?'

I'm awaiting a reply.

This establishment is a one man shop, devoting my time nights and weekend.

We have a strict no-refund policy on software keys once a key has been issued. For this reason we have a full 30-day free trial for people to try before they buy. We also have an elaborate camera support matrix (link in page footer) listing all supported cameras and the 350D is listed as a Windows 32 bits only camera.


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