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Can i get another 30 day trial?





i 1st tried BYE in October last year.

but never used it as my computer camera combo would not comunicate.


I now have a different computer and want to see if i can get this working with my EOS 30D before purchasing the full version.

Understand if tis is not possible, just wanting to confirm if i have a working setup or if i need to source another imaging solution.





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You bet, I just canceled your first trial so you should be able to add it again in your cart for a second 30-day trial.

However, as suggested above, you should wait until you have a supported camera, the 30D is not fully supported, it has no live view, no bulb over usb meaning it can't do > 30 seconds, and it only runs on Windows 32 bits. Not ideal.

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Guylain has been very generous with providing an additional trial for those who ask for it.

The 30D is an old DIGIC II camera model that Canon has not supported for several years. BYE tries to extend its useful life by providing version 2.10 of the Canon EOS Software Development Kit, which was released by Canon when they did support DIGIC II models. However you do need to understand that there are limitations with those models. 

1) The version of Windows MUST be a 32-bit version. For example 64-bit Windows 10 Home will not support your camera. This is due to the fact that when Canon dropped support, only 32-bit low-level drivers existed. So you have to find a Windows XP driver for the camera and install it on a 32-bit version of Windows and hope that the driver will work for you. The driver will not be bundled with Windows. If your camera is recognized by your 32-bit Windows and it is listed in the Device Manager device list after you have installed this driver then you stand a chance of the camera working with BYE.

2) The 30D does not have LiveView. Since LiveView is the basis for BYE's Planetary and Drift Align functions, these will not work for you. The Frame and Focus functionality that uses LiveView will not work either. You will need to use JPG Snap images for framing and focusing.

3) The DIGIC II cameras do not support BULB exposures over the USB connection. This means that while the USB cable allows you to connect, control most of the camera functions, and download images you will need a second cable between the remote shutter jack on the camera and the PC in order to take exposures longer than 30 seconds. BYE does support a couple of USB shutter control cables, so this will be the easiest situation to resolve.

If your PC and your Windows version are 64-bit, then the least expensive solution is to replace the camera. I would suggest a DIGIC IV model or later that is in BYE's Supported Cameras List and supports BULB shooting over USB.



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What is a 450dm?  Never seen the m before. Did you mean the 450d?

Anyone of those should do, they all have live view and they can all do bulb over USB.

The 600d is obviously the later model so in order or priority I would say the 600d, then the 550d, then the 450d.


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