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5DMkIV connectivity and BYE downloading JPG but not RAW when set in RAW+JPG mode


Caveat: I'm in Day 2 into using BYE and obviously still learning

Day 1 USB connectivity issues were resolved by switching from directly connecting to the USB 2.0 port on my laptop to using the USB 3.0 port via my card reader/hub (not sure if this is common or just masking some other issue I had with my USB 2.0).  Many thanks to Admin and Astroman133 for the guidance yesterday!

Day 2 following along with Guylain in the YouTube and successfully adjusting focus and taking test images, however when I set up the download for RAW + JPG it is only downloading the JPG (no RAW files).  If I change the settings to RAW (only) it definitely saves the .CR2 files in the BackyardEOS folder. I've attempted to find similar problem description in the forum and I've seen where many have reported exactly the opposite (they only get the RAW when attempting to download both RAW + JPG).  I also tried putting a 4 second pause between frames just in case it was a timing issue. To a large extent I dont really care about the JPG's since its the RAW that are what we want to process - this is more of a setup curiosity to determine if I'm doing something wrong or if it is a limitation within the Canon 5DMkIV SDK that limits the downloading to only one or the other but not both?  Log History and Log Files attached.


09:02:00  Licensed to photographybywam@gmail.com
09:02:09  Attempting to connect camera...
09:02:09  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
09:02:11  5D-MkIV CONNECTED!
09:03:03  Imaging session started.
09:03:12  BYE TEST 2_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h03m05s444ms.JPG
09:03:23  Imaging session completed successfully
09:03:23  BYE TEST 2_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h03m16s531ms.JPG
09:04:26  Imaging session started.
09:04:31  BYE TEST 3_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h04m28s268ms.CR2
09:04:39  Imaging session completed successfully
09:04:39  BYE TEST 3_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h04m36s987ms.CR2
09:06:38  Imaging session started.
09:06:46  BYE TEST 4_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h06m40s189ms.JPG
09:06:58  Imaging session completed successfully
09:06:58  BYE TEST 4_LIGHT_Tv1200s_1600iso_f9_+28c_20191108-09h06m51s662ms.JPG


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Please download the latest 3.1.18 pre-release in the download pre-release section and try it.  I had to make a change for a similar issue with the EOS-R and it may work.


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I seem to remember a limitation where your symptoms would happen with certain memory card configurations. If you have RAW and JPG configured to go to different memory cards, your symptoms may improve if you have both image qualities going to card 1 and only switch to card 2 when card 1 is full. This is discussed in Setting the Image-Recording Quality on page 169 of the 5D Mk IV Instruction Manual.

Let us know how this works for you.

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