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A suggestion



Hello my friends,


Long time no talk :-)))


As a few may know I'm an avid supporter of BYE and have convinced a few friends in Portugal and in other countries to purchase this wonderful software. Without BYE, I'd probably have given up imaging by now.


However, and although this new forum is very atractive I miss something that I believe could be very interesting: a topic section where we could show or publish links to our imaging work. BYE is and imaging SW and I believe the BYE fans would like to see results and share experiences.


For instance, I've now finished my 1st photo of my 2nd year of imaging (with very unique and specially modified 450d canons - monochromatic and TEC Peltier cooled - and working with BYE) and I'm posting on the few groups I care about, being BYE one...but I can't post here.


...just my two cents...


warm regards

Paulo Mesquita


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Hi Paul,


Good idea.  I have to be careful however.  Hosted disk space is not cheap.  I'm willing to create a gallery section on the forum for people to post pictures... but I have to enforce the use of AstroBin (or other) to limit forum disk space use.





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I'm going to Disagree...  (Not about the cost of Hosting Disk Space - rather the utility of having a large amount of image sharing activity within the Forum.Oteloscope site.)


To date, this site has been very concise and topical - BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON software Features / Development / Debugging / Support.


There have been sojourns into PHD and AstroTortilla and Drift Alignment and such, but almost always kept to "How to Setup BYE/BYN to interface to..." topics.

There have also been topics on Flats and Darks, but again focused on BYE/BYN usage... Or Feature Suggestions...  Or...


There have been a couple of "Out of the Blue" postings of Images into this Forum, and unfortunately I've seen the exact same Images posted on numerous other Astronomical Forums and Mailing Lists with the same Copy/Paste description.  I even found one that was posted to BOTH the BYE Forum and SBIG Yahoo Groups - obviously one of these is a mismatch.  Overall, these postings simply looked to be a "Look at Me" or "Look at my AP Skills", which is perfectly appropriate for an AP Image Sharing Site, but doesn't add much to a Technical Support Forum such as BYE.


At the same time, everyone participating on this Forum knows that Guylain reads (and usually responds) to every request for help posted.  It would be a real shame if he were to become drowned in non-BYE/BYN threads, or if he started to filter/ignore certain Forum Sections due to floods of off-topic postings.


There are a whole lot of AP Image Sharing Forums, and an almost equal number of AP Image Processing support sites, so I'd personally prefer to see this Forum remain focused on BYE/BYN.



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It's a good point, I hadn't think of that in your perspective. However don't you think that having work published on the this forum increased the BYE software prestige through the results the users obtain? Maybe it would be a good marketing asset for the BYW SW sales to future imagers to adhere to this wonderful software.


I don't know, maybe you're right and there's no point in placing images here... I guess it's up to Guylain to decide :-)


...as I said before....just my two cents...




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