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Canon 100D What to upgrade it with?




I had a thought of eventually upgrade from Canon 100D (QE: Quantum Efficiency of ~43) to a newer model but:

1. is it worth it? used too

2. will I get a better deal for the money in getting ZWO / Altair etc> instead? The 183C/M is at QE of 85 but ...

I personally rather like the DSLR 'slower' and smoother approach to imaging.

Any ideas?



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You really need to provide additional information about:

  1. Your current Scope and other Optics (and whether your Mount is near Capacity)
  2. Your current Experiences and Issues with AP Imaging using your 100D (what do you want to "Solve" or "Do Different")
  3. Your current favorite Targets

If you wish to stay with a Canon DSLR, the 7DmkII is currently getting Rave Reviews for it's Sensor.  So is the 6DmkII (for being a great "low-cost" Full-Frame DSLR).  Else if you need a smaller form factor, look to the ###D series, as most of the Mirrorless Canon's purposefully lack the Remote Control and the SDK Support needed for AP Imaging.

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If you are thinking of buying a full frame camera, you need to be sure that it is well-matched to your telescope. The focuser opening needs to be wider than 2" to fully illuminate the larger sensor.

Also,  you are not likely to notice a few percent improvement in QE, so it needs to be larger to gain anything.

You will definitely see a difference with a cooled, low noise monochrome camera compared to an uncooled DSLR, however I have heard that newer DSLRs are doing more in-camera processing, even for RAW images, to try to remove thermal noise.

Also, if your budget supports it, you may not need to choose DSLR or cooled mono camera. There may be room in your inventory for both.

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I am a poor astronomer and I do have [at present] Skywatcher 72ED [TS60 as guider] - skywatcher 250px [not used almost any more] with low-level focuser for DSLR with extension for other imagers, old LX200 R Classic 10" - re-coated [no F/6.3] with a screwed on 10:1 focuser - all 2"
I might reply tomorrow.

Thanks guys

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14 minutes ago, Oright said:

I am a poor astronomer and I do have [at present] Skywatcher 72ED [TS60 as guider] - skywatcher 250px [not used almost any more] with low-level focuser for DSLR with extension for other imagers, old LX200 R Classic 10" - re-coated [no F/6.3] with a screwed on 10:1 focuser - all 2"

OK, so you have a 2540mm Focal Length, meaning that you'll want decently large Pixels in order to not waste anything on Oversampling (compared to average 1.5-3.0 arcsec Seeing Conditions).  So, if you are looking to Add-On with a CCD/CMOS AP Camera, I'd suggest that you look at something like the ZWO ASI 174MC-Cool.  It is a TEC-Cooled (important for low-noise long-exposures with a CMOS AP Camera) Medium-sized Color CMOS Sensor with "large-ish" Pixels that will get you a 0.46arcsec/pixel Resolution.  It is "Discontinued", so you'll need to shop the Used Market, where they should be around $600-750 (which really shows the Budget Value of a DSLR).

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Apologies, I never replied to this last reply.

I have not done much imaging in the last 2 months and was concentrating the small time I have to try and fix/adjust/tune all little problems I have/had.

Thank you to all for your invaluable input - appreciated.

My inclination, having seen what's around, is keep going with 100D and still see what happens, then either get a 6D MKII or go 183M and filter wheel, or simply stay RGB only 183C or similar.
I have to say I do prefer the 'slower' DSLR approach also easier to handle over-exposing etc.
I have got my 250PX out of the cupboard, cleaned the mirror - still in perfect conditions [it is the 1st edition 250PX!], fitted with a low-level 10:1 focuser [nice] with extension for CCD if/when needed.

I am slowly inclined to go back to Newtonian.

Possibly in the future - as I am getting older I might get a 254mm Quattro the lighter one and still use a DSLR - I am not convinced with the mirror-less and their price!

The 100D is smashing inexpensive camera - I did a few test shots [then I got the Japanese Flue and rested at home for 9 days [ never happened in my life, I rarely get any cold at al and when I get it lasts 1-3 max].

Here is one shot of IC1590 - only 8x 45s at ISO 3200
I just got Skywatcher 0.9x Coma corrector which is perfect for this particular Newtonian and looking forward to play with is as soon as my health is better than today - nearly there!

I wish I had more time and better weather!

Happy hunting guys!

Let's see what 2019 brings ...


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