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30 day Trial?



I signed on for a 30 day tria for BYN . I received a key last week, I do believe it was July 24. Tonight I tried hooking up  my camera ansd an error code came up (key provided has been deactivated expired etc)

Can I get some help on this.


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You can confirm the date of your trial by looking in the My Purchases area of your profile on this site.

Also, you must be using the latest release of BYN and you must have a working internet connection while using the Trial license. An internet connection is not required with a paid license.

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Thank you for your quick reply back

. I see it is July 24 on  the My purchases.

My internet connection was Active and I downloaded the software last week.

I did try another Nikon, Myy first attempt was with a D80 and tonight I tried hooking up a d5300 and then got licensing error.

Really was eager to see it working with the d5300 live view etc



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If BYN thinks that there is a problem with the license, it is unlikely that it would work for one camera but fail for another. It could be that the file where the license info is stored is somehow corrupted.

It may be too late tonight for Guylain to contact you today. Please be patient. I am not sure what is going on, but he can help you get past it.

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Sorry about the delayed reply back

I only tried it once with my D 80

til last night i tried it with a different Nikon the D5300 then the error code came up


Not sure but id like to see it working with live view etc

thanks for the reply back







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I am confused what error you are getting and whether you are having a licensing issue with your trial license or a different issue when attempting to connect BYN with your D5300. Let's forget about the D80 for now.

Can you describe what steps you perform and how BYN reacts. A screenshot of the error would also help.


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9 hours ago, admin said:

The trial key under this account is still active.

When you used BYN, did you have to 'enter' your activation key each time?  Or just the first time you started BYN?

Please answer this question, it makes a difference on the next step to resolve your issue.

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Ok I hope we can get this issue of mine straightened out, so I can become a BYN user/supporter.

I have enclosed a .jpg of my error code  showing up on my Laptop Screen.

I have a question ,,,

Can I install the Trial on my spare laptop?

Or  Remove BYN from my Laptop her, then reinstall......

Thanks Robert



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Ok, please answer the question above... this is my 3rd time asking.  I can't help if you don't answer this simple question because the next step depend on the answer.

For the 3rd time.... "when you used BYN initially, did you have to 'enter' your activation key each time?  Or just the first time you started BYN?"

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Just First Time.. Starting BYN     

It goes like this now

click byn to Start it

Error code shows

clik ok

then the BYN 2.09 license box appears with the license key filled out, But Identifier (User) is not

i then put in my user name or Identifier , hit Validate

and error code reappears

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Oh, this is odd then.

Okay, I canceled your trial key.  Go ahead and add a trial again in your cart and proceed to checkout.  This is will give you a second 30-day trial key.  I'm hoping this one will work.  If it does not I'll have to do a remote session and see what I can do on your computer to resolve the issue.

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That did the Trick Guylain.

I entered the new trial key and my identifier and the software started !!!!

Now my question with my D5300 I got this camera yesterday and I have not updated anything on it and it was sold as New 

I read the first part of manual on preparing camera where it says if it has the original firmware   

This Nikon is reading  C1.02

                                       L 2.017

I would pick the    Nikon 2015 driver?

Ill let you know how I fare with the connect but Thank you for correcting the  licensing issue!!!            

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I believe in miracles Had to let you know Guylain,

That I managed to connect to the BYN software with the Nikon D5300. I used the Newer drivers as I saw v 1.02 firmware was like 2017  and it connected .

Thank you

Tomorrows a rainy day where I reside and that will be good to read the  BYN Manual and watch your YouTube presentation.

Thanks for your Support!!!!



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