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FX mode or DX mode shooting option.



My D810a can shoot in  FX or DX mode as I choose on the in-camera menu (or other ratios).

I like to shoot in DX mode in astrophotography when using certain optics/telescopes.

I am wondering why when I set the mode to DX in the camera menu, but BYN is saving full FX images.

Does BYN recognize this setting?

Am I missing an option somewhere in BYN?




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Sounds like a Canon owner reply :)

What it means is if I want to shoot using just part of the full Nikon sensor, I can.  Especially when the optics demand it.

I do that by choosing what part of the sensor in the menu of the camera. This is a feature of Nikon cameras. You can shoot a full frame Nikon body camera in many cropped sensor modes.

They are: FX, 1.2X, DX, 5:4

In Nikon speak FX is full frame, DX is cropped.

In this case I set my camera to DX format in the menu, and expected an image output of 4800x 3200 pixels.

I got a full frame 7360 x 4912 image instead. I assumed that BYN switched it because it wasn't aware of the feature. Hoping you would confirm and help.

I would like to be able to choose from them when using BYN.

I dont MIND working with the FX image if I have to given all the benefits of BYN, but it would be really nice to work with smaller images when necessary.

Here are the formats as per the Nikon website.  http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d810a/spec.htm


  • FX format (36x24): 7360 x 4912 (L), 5520 x 3680 (M), 3680 x 2456 (S)
  • 1.2x (30x20): 6144 x 4080 (L), 4608 x 3056 (M), 3072 x 2040 (S)
  • DX format (24x16): 4800 x 3200 (L), 3600 x 2400 (M), 2400 x 1600 (S)
  • 5:4 (30x24): 6144 x 4912 (L), 4608 x 3680 (M), 3072 x 2456 (S)
  • FX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 6720 x 3776 (L), 5040 x 2832 (M), 3360 x 1888 (S)
  • DX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 4800 x 2704 (L), 3600 x 2024 (M), 2400 x 1352 (S)
    Note: Photographs taken in movie live view have an aspect ratio of 16:9; A DX-based format is used for photographs taken using the DX (24x16) 1.5x image area; an FX-based format is used for all other photographs

***ALSO the option to switch between RAW size small or large*** Does that already work? thx




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DX is a crop mode that I believe converts the full-framed D810a into an APS-C sized camera by providing data from a selected part of the image.

BYN can only provide this functionality if the SDK supports it. It seems like it does, if the in-camera setting is reverting to FX when BYN starts a capture plan.

So I would imagine that using a full frame camera on a scope with a 2" focuser opening would suffer from pretty bad vignetting that is eliminated if you crop off the outer portion if the image (DX mode). Is that why you want to shoot DX?

That said, can't you crop the full frame images yourself during post processing?

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yes, and as I said... "I dont MIND working with the FX image if I have to given all the benefits of BYN, but it would be really nice to work with smaller images when desired."

Have you ever tried to work with full frame 36mp RAW images?

They are 72mb each.

Add lights, flats, darks and bias and how long do you think it takes to process this data?

As I say...again...happy to do it. I do it all the time. But I don't always want full frame files depending on the optics I'm using or the field of view that I want.




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1 hour ago, malcol@outlook.com said:

Sounds like a Canon owner reply :)

Yep, best answer ever :)

I was not even aware of DX versus FX... so the short answer is nope, not currently supported.

I still the D850 from Nikon for another few days, I'll see if I can make it work if I can spare a few hours, but no promises.

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7 minutes ago, malcol@outlook.com said:

I'm leaving for Chile in two weeks and I'm also taking a D850 with me..no pressure! hehe




Well, you know what you have to do, right?  Hint... I can find a way to hide in the luggage compartment :)

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12 minutes ago, malcol@outlook.com said:

I have to apologize. I just retested it, and BYN was not responsible for changing the RAW size.

It was either another piece of software or my stupidity.



No problem, thank you for the update.

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