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BYE 3.1 won't connect Rebel T5



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Sorry about that, Guylain. It's 3.1.16, downloaded yesterday. Here's my update:

My Win10 Home (with WMP/PTP) is not recognizing my camera when connected via any USB cable in any of Lenovo laptop's ports, USB 2.0 or 3.0. I have downloaded, installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled EOS Utility (without the CD as my laptop has no CD drive - thus creating new registry keys for Canon and EOS Utility pre-install). My Device Manager lists no Portable Devices in the default list until I change the View settings to include hidden devices. (Only then do phantom devices and drives appear, such as my iphone and unconnected external HDD, for instance. But still no Canon Rebel T5. Come to think, I've never before had to connect this camera to this computer; I've never before used EOS Utility with/between these machines, opting instead for transferring photos via SD card.)

I've been wracking my brain for possible fixes, and trawling Microsoft and Canon forums for help with my Win10-T5 connetion - no luck. No matter what I do, this computer will not recognize this camera. Do y'all have any thoughts? I'm stumped and disappointed so far. Sorry for the lack of details up to this point!

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No need to install any drivers on Win10, everything in included in the OS.

If Windows does not see the camera is can only be few things.

  1. Faulty cable or cable not properly seated, make sure the connection is tight.
  2. Faulty USB port on the camera, it could be de-soldered from the main board.

Keep us posted.

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On 1/25/2018 at 12:19 PM, admin said:

Oh, did you try with a different USB cable?

Different USB port on the computer?

Yes, both 2.0s and a 3.0, with two different cables. No dice yet. I'm wondering if they're poor quality cables though, as one is definitely not the original Canon OEM cable. But the fact that it's an outmoded USB-to-Mini-USB isn't making matters better, but I'm working on tracking one down from friends. Fingers crossed. I have a lunar eclipse shoot I'd like to try BYE out with - it's in a few days. 

Also, I've done a fresh reinstall of Win10, just because. I found a single line in official Canon Support documentation that suggests connecting a Canon camera to a computer without first having installed EOS Utility can result in the software never working and the two devices never pairing. Thus my reinstall. I've started everything afresh, but still no luck with the only two cables I have at the current moment. Guylain, I'd like to download the trial again to my freshly installed desktop, but I don't want to run afoul of BYE's user rights or your license key policies. Is this okay? Can I use the same trial license key from just the other day? And other than trying more and other cables until a pairing is made, do you or y'all have any other advice? I'm stumped, and disappointed because I was so hoping to try BYE on this eclipse shoot. Thank you!

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Trial?  I think you already have a purchase key :)

Have you tried on a different computer all together?

Which Canon drivers are you choosing in BYE when attempting to connect you camera?  Canon, Canon210, or Canon215?


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You do not download a trial version of BYE. You are not understanding how it is licensed. '3.1.16' is the version. 'Trial' is a license type that activates features for a particular time window. You can install the software onto a 2nd PC and apply whatever active license you already have (Trial, Classic, Premium).

Actually, you do not even need to download the software again. You can simply transfer the software installation kit from one PC to another via thumb drive or shared network drive. Or you could log onto the web site, and download the BYE 3.1.16 version. Then you apply your already-purchased license key to the software. The BYE end-user license agreement permits installation with a single license key on multiple computers, as long as you use only one copy at a time.

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