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Please extend BYE trial period an additional 30 days.



Hi, I downloaded BYE and wanted the 30 day free trial, however, it is set to expire in 4 days and I've barely had a chance to use it due to all the cloudy nights. I saw that you often extend the trial period by another 30 days, which would give me a better opportunity to try BYE out. If you could extend it for me I would be grateful.

Thanks, Kris Hellenthal (banjo-n) 


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Hi, I've done the same as banjo and only had one clear night and my trial period has expired. I did do a short desktop trial before that night but would really like to have more time at night before I buy. It all looks good to me but as a newbie even on a clear nights I am fighting other aspects of my set up at the same time. I obviously would like to spend more desk and dark time if I could. Thanks in anticipation. Jeff

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16 hours ago, jeffrsharpe said:

I was hoping to extend my trial licence as it's expired without me getting more than one initial desk review and one limited night effort. I didn't realise that time had passed so quickly and would like to desk trial it again. Any chance?


Done, please add it again in your cat and proceed to checkout for your 2nd trial key.


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You can and should make use of the trial period to bench test BYE so your rare clear nights are productive.

Almost everything that can be done with your camera attached to a telescope can be done at the kitchen table with a lens on the camera (using focus metrics or focusing with a Bahtinov mask may be the exception to this). You can test that all the pieces parts are on your PC and functioning normally. Things like cabling, ability to connect BYE to your camera (cables good, WiFi disabled in the camera, LiveView enabled in the camera, kernel-level driver installed and working, selecting the correct SDK for your camera), preferences (file names are as you want them, other settings are good). You can test that BYE can have the camera take images and that you can download those RAW or JPG images to your PC (your anti-virus is not preventing BYE from downloading images). Testing integration with PHD and AstroTortilla. All that and more can be tested and verified before the sun sets on a clear night; allowing you to become familiar with BYE's operation and to be productive from the outset.

I am giving this advice because while most new users have a trouble-free experience, some have a frustrating night trying to iron out issues that could have been addressed in advance. We don't see many posts from the vast majority for whom BYE works out of the box, but we do spend a good bit of time helping new users who had a wasted night because they did not try to get experience with BYE in advance.


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