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Modified Nikon



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You will want to be clear on WHAT is to be Modified in each case, as there are multiple types of Modification with Differing Results.

All Ha-mods start by removing the Stock IR Filter.  But then what is done to replace it??

  1. Nothing - allows the DSLR to Image deep into the IR Spectrum (daytime and nighttime) including Ha and SII - loses ability to AutoFocus and ability to focus well for Refractors without an additional IR Filter

  2. Clear Glass - allows the DSLR to Image deep into the IR Spectrum (daytime and nighttime) including Ha and SII, and retains ability to AutoFocus - loses ability to focus well for Refractors without an additional IR Filter

  3. Wider IR Filter - allows the DSLR to Image Ha and SII, and retains ability to AutoFocus, and focuses well for both Refractors and Reflectors



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I would investigate the reputation (which is why you asked here, I'm sure) of those vendors that you are considering and would not necessarily go with the lowest cost.

That said, I have never had a DSLR modified. I just couldn't get past voiding the warranty on a new camera. I also know of a guy who had his camera modified then had to return it for service. Despite being told that it had been modified, Canon re-calibrated his sensor. When he discovered what they had done and complained Canon said that they would fix it, but he would have to pay several hundred $$$. He is no longer a Canon user or fan.

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Yes, confirm the Reputation of any would-be Modifier:

LifePixel has a few references on CloudyNights - mostly positive

Gary Honis is a Rockstar in the Canon Modification arena - providing both the Modification Service and How-Tos for the DIY Crowd.

So is Hap Griffin, although he focuses on providing the Mod Service.

CentralDS is a Mod Service which gets OK comments for their Basic Mods and Poor Reviews for their Cooler Mods

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Take any Horror Stories about Canon Service Centers and Modded Cameras with a Grain of Salt, as CloudyNights and Astronomy.net and other Forums have just as many stories of how they were able to successfully navigate these Service Centers with simple Notes about the Modded Sensors on their DSLRs.

Realize that you do NOT need to Buy an Brand-New Canon DSLR in order to see it Modded.  Gary and Hap will gladly do Mods on any Working Canon DSLR.  

And only certain aspects of a DSLR need to be Working in order for it to be a usable AP Imaging Camera:  Auto-Focus and Auto-Metering are NOT Required, nor is a working Card Slot.  Mostly it is Shutter and Sensor and USB and Battery that makes an AP Imaging DSLR.  Such "Wounded" DSLRs can be found on eBay and CraigsList and some Camera Shops "Used Equipment" Listings...

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Thanks for all the input everybody. This would be for a Nikon and I only use an SCT 11" As of now I can't get it past the wife, but Id sure love to be able to see the HA spectrum in my photos. From what I've read I should only need to tinker with the white balance if I wanted to do daylight photos, which I never do. This company does give a warranty for there work but Id still like to hear from someone who has had it done to get there input on the results. Again, thanks to all who replied, but this is just a feeling out period.  

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