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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Extremely Irritated now.......



I used a trial version without issue 3.1.8


Then purchased the Premium Version today


I copied and pasted the Key and printed in big letters to make sure of no mistakes


because the versions are listed seperately, I uninstalled the trial version and downloaded the new purchased version


Installed New version...typen in new key, checked carefully...typed in log in name....


Getting a error for login in name or key........so now  I just spent $50.00 and I cannot use this software, I understand from reading elswhere I can have this on more than one computer but cannot have all running.  So now I am expected to pour over tons of input from lots of people with different opinions on getting things to work....verry irritating that we cannot speak to anyone regarding an issue like this. And I know the log in name is correct because I logged in here to leave this note.....Since I have very little quality time to deal with things like this, I will have to start searching through all these areas and hoping to find some kind of answer.  When I read NO PHONE CALLS excepted that sent up red flags to me that the company lets everyone else answer for problems.  I will have to come back in a couple days and search for a solution, but if I cannot get this resolved soon I will ask for my $$$ back and just go to Nebulosity 4 and be done with it.  I like the layout of Backyard EOS but I will not fight with software or take weeks to resolve.  I double checked all info, log-in name is correct, code sent with purchase is correct, I have no clue what is going on. And my bank has already sent the $50 out. I can't get back in here I don't think for 48 hrs.....sorry to be so harsh but this should work without the customer having to fight with these issues.

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If you get a key or identifier error it means the error is on your side!!!  


If you are getting another error then you did not specify it and not much I can do if you do not supply the actual error message and code.


Don't type it, cut&paste it and be done with it.  Your key is valid and activated!


Your identifier (as instructed) is case sensitive so make sure you respect that too.  Yours is "rick_c" all lower case.



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You did not need to download and install a new version of BYE when you went from the Trial version to a permanent version. All you had to do was to replace the Trial license key with the new permanent license key. The same software can be used.


For the vast, vast majority if people re-licensing from Trial to Premium is no issue whatsoever. In very rare cases, there is an issue with the permanent license key, and Guylain has already verified yours. The only issue beyond this is pilot error which is typically mis-typing the license key or using your e-mail address rather than your login ID for the Identifier


All you should need to do is copy the license key from your My Purchases screen on this web site to the Windows Clipboard and paste it into the License Key field of the BYE license validation dialog box. Then type in your O'Telescope.com login name (rick_c - all lowercase) into the Identifier box. Click OK and you are done.

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Thank you Guylain, and Rick for responding to my frustration.  I had mentioned that I did know to put in my login name and assumed it to be case sensitive, also, my note came after several attempts to get this validated, carefully re-checking all I had done. I have been entering software and computer numbers for over 40 years and understand that they are very specific. What I did do which I told you was to keep typing in the key by hand, so assuming the O or 0 was actually the numeral zero, normally a default if not specified. So by copying and pasting the number in it did validate, I looked at the numbers again and all were exactly the same as my print out,so have no idea what is different, however that validated the software.  I wanted to use the Backyard EOS after watching the videos that Forrest Tanaka had put up.


So thank yopu again for getting me through this, I need to get it installed on my other laptop as well so i use either one seperatly, and yes I understand that I can only have the software running on one computer only, which is why I purchased the premium should I get to a point I can have two cameras running.


Best Regards,


Rick Cotton

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