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BackyardEOS as a "server"



I am using virtualhere.com to connect to my sloooooooooow laptop near my scope.  I use a faster computer inside to run AstroTortilla, EQMOD, Carte De Ciel and PHD.  All of these work "as if I am right at the computer"


VirtualHere makes the USB ports on the remote computer act as if there are native to my fast indoor computer.


AstroTortilla can command the remote BYE fine by changing the IP address in AstroTortilla. (i.e. API works just fine over network)


Here is my question.....    virtualhere does not see my Canon t2i.   Would it be possible to add a feature to BYE by allowing a remote instance of BYE to connect to it like a server?  Kind of like making one instance of BYE like a client connecting to a remote instance like a server.


Edit:  Added->  Windows 10 both computers

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I have been using VNC to connect like you said.  The remote computer is just too slow.  I might just have to pry open my wallet for a newer box.   


Since the API works with AstroTortilla and also Dithering is talking back to my main computer PHD just fine, I thought it would be a nice feature and would still retain the "stand alone" function of the laptop.


Telescope is set up permanent on my deck on top a concrete pier.  I rarely take it on the road.  


Not sure how to move this post to the other subforum.  If I add there, there would be two threads.


Edit:  I will mark this solved because I see a similar thread on the suggestion subforum.  I will link it.


DON'T REPLY TO THIS THREAD, see the one on suggestion subforum.

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Why not run an app like RemoteDesktop or TeamViewer. It would allow you to run all your apps locally AND control them from an indoor PC.  That way everything would work locally for when you may take your gear on the road. That may mean that the computer at the gear would be the fast computer and the indoor computer could be the slower/smaller of the 2.


If you feel strongly about the advantages of your approach you should create a post in the Feature Suggestion Box forum.  That is why it is there.

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The dual camera feature in BYE Premium may work by using 1 instance with a "simulator" camera instead of a physical camera


Start BYE with the /sim command line parameter on one laptop (your master instance).  Start BYE normally on the other laptop (your slave instance); you connect the camera to this instance.


Configure the dual camera setup as per the user guide instructions.


However, the license agreement requires that you purchase a second copy if you run 2 copies of the software at the same time.



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