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D5100 issue



I'm pretty sure it's not a software issue but I might be wrong.  I may try and reinstall the D5100 drivers.  I'm pretty sure my connection problem is either cable or camera.


Basically I installed the new 1.04 and the first time I ran it the computer and BYN connected fine but it timed out on even a 1 second exposure.  I closed the program and after that every try would not connect to the camera.  The computer itself is not recognizing the camera itself even though it did before.


I tried to plug the camera in on my old Vista laptop running 1.03 and it would again not recognize the camera at all without BYN running.  I tried two USB plugs on the older laptop and three on the newer.  I only have two camera to computer cables and both do not connect.


Odd that this had to happen just as I installed the new 1.04 on my newer computer.  It did install and ran fine.


This camera might be going bad.  The dial knob no longer works preventing any manual use except by BYN, DSLR or Camera Control Pro.  Unfortunately with the computer not connecting it's all mute.


Like I said I'm pretty sure this is a cable or camera issue.  Unfortunately there is no local dealer for Nikon cables.

So it will be awhile before I can get a replacement.


I'll post updates when the issue is solved one way or the other.  Log text attached.



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The log file says that BYN cannot find the camera, which you already knew since Windows does not see it.


I can think of 3 things to try:


Remove the battery from the camera and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Make sure that the camera's memory card is empty or removed before you connect the camera to the PC.

Reboot the PC before trying to re-connect the camera.

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Tried on different days, several reboots, two computer systems.  Both my Vista and Win8.1 do not recognize the camera at all.  They did before.  I used two different batteries as well and made sure they were fully charged.  Also with and without the memory card.  I'm pretty sure it's a cable or camera issue.


Walmart, Target, or Best Buy do NOT have cables to fit.  Looked.  The cable is a USB and the computer end but a 8 pin Nikon plug at the other.  A generic USB to mini WON'T work.


It will be next week before I get replacements.  We don't have a camera store here anymore. :(

At least the new cables will work with the D5500 which is the next camera I will buy when I can afford it.



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It looks like a camera issue.  :(  Got a new Nikon cable and both computers don't recognize the camera at all.

Now I have a D5100 that can't be adjusted manually or by computer in shutter or f stop.  :(

I did have the last setting as bulb so at least I can use a manual release and stop watch under manual.

Fully Automatic mode works but not A or S.  :(

I'm also stuck with a DSUB that I can't use.  :(


I can't afford repair, replacement or upgrade right now being out of work.  :(


Thanks for the replies to help.



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