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Which temperhum



Hi, I have been watching the video on YouTube that lasts for over two hours and it is mentioned the use of a Temperhum. Well I have been searching for one but there are myriad of them out there, I know I need either a 1 or 2 but which one? I have a Toughbook laptop that does not have the cd facility and some of them come with a cd, basically useless for me, so what information is there on the cd and can I get, whatever there is, off the internet, if I need it? Please advise as otherwise I'm sure I'll get the wrong one. There are no astronomy shops here in Leicester UK but matters such as this, this is the place I have the best chance I will get the correct answer.

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Your question about the TemPerHum is a good one.  There are several and they are not compatible.  The older ones are no longer supported and they are unable to provide documentation or software on how to use them.


I'm not sure what CD you are talking about, but lack of a built-in CD/DVD drive should not be an issue.  You can get software onto the ToughBook via download or thumb drive. You can also purchase a USB 2 or 3-based external DVD drive.  I saw some USB 2.0 external DVD/CD drives for under $25US.

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TEMPerHUM are hit and miss.  It seems like they are changing their API with every release they do.  I have seen 4 different APIs in the past 5 years for what I would call a simple device, yet they keep changing the API and it makes if hard for people like us who try to support/incorporate there devices; it's a nightmare to keep up.


I have 1 blue v1 TEMPerHUM and 2 silver TEMPerHUM.  They all have different API and the latest BYE 3.1.5 supports all 3... but given their -need- to change the API every other year it's is unclear if I will continue to support this device.



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Thanks for your replies, it seems that getting a Temperhum may be not the thing to do. I just wanted some information in the weather centre on the upper right of the screen. I am going to an outreach session with a University and instead of taking a telescope I felt it would be nice to show folk another side of astronomy so that it may raise their interest.

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