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no connection



I recently wrote asking for help with my camera not connecting

It is a really weird situation.

I have a canon 40D and a canon XSI

they where both working one night and the next thet weren't

When I plug in the cameras they get message 'camera not found'

I have tried different cables- different pc's different cameras.

I am at my wits end as to what I should do now.

I thought it might be a virus but henrys camera shop say that its impossible for a virus to get in the camera.

I have the last log that worked and I am going to include it with the hope that some kind soul might take a look

at it and maybe see the problem. thank you for any help rendered, bob black

not sure if the log was attached. If not would someone advise me.

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Well, according to the Canon web site, both of your cameras are supported in 32-bit Vista without the need to install a driver.


You have not said, so I will put it out there...Both of your cameras are old enough that in order to use the full functionality of BYE that you need to connect 2 cables between the camera and the PC.  One cable connects between a USB port on the computer and the remote shutter jack on the camera.  This cable allows BYE to take BULB exposures.  There is a second cable that connects the USB port on the camera to a USB port on the PC.  It supports all the other functions like connecting to the camera, downloading images setting ISO, etc. 


Some people have misinterpreted the cabling requirements for their camera on have tried to connect their camera to the PC with only the shutter control (DSUSB) cable.  They would get the same "camera not found" error that you are seeing.


If you are using both cables and believe that they are functioning correctly, then the fact that Windows does not react when you connect a camera and power the camera on tends to point to a problem with Windows, the USB cable or the camera.


If you have tried multiple cameras and multiple USB cables that are known good on other PCs and you still have the issue, would tend to suggest a problem with Windows Vista. Have you tried shutting the computer down and restarting it?

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Thanks Rick, Both of these cameras have been operating just fine for 5 years using one cable (usb to camera)The puzzling thing Rick is that I also have two pc's.

I have tried shutting down the pc to no effect.

I suppose that it wouldn't hurt to go to a computer doctor but I can't understand two cameras shutting down at the same time.

I was hoping the error message I posted might be the problem

thanks again, bob

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Just got computer back from pc doctor and he confirms nothing wrong with it so it must be camera related.

  Both cameras work just fine except they won't connect to bye nor  sky 6

I guess I'll be looking for another camera:-) thanks for all the suggestions, regards, bob

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