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D800E and Mirror-up



I see from the camera grid that mirror lock is not supported is there any plan to support this function at some date?

I sometimes shoot the moon ( :o ) but the short exposure times show faint double imaging. Currently using an ND filter to lengthen the exposures to negate the vibration but the atmospheric turbulence has its go at softening images....

Great piece of software :)

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Update: Linking the D800E to PC via a Shoestring DSUSB (to the ten pin socket on the D800E) and a USB cable camera to PC with the camera set to Mup and bulb then like the D7000 link above I can operate the mirror up for a normal capture.

I can set the exposure time to any desired length (I've tried 40s to take it past the normal 30s limit) hit 'Start Capture' the mirror flips up, there's about a 3-4 second delay (display reads 'Anti-Vibration') before the shutter activates.

However this just cycles round mirror up, exposure, mirror up exposure... I hit 'Abort' to terminate the cycle.

So this will be good for my lunar efforts as I can set a short exposure and let it cycle round for however many frames I think I might need. Longer DSO exposures won't relay be effected so Mup option not needed.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks Both. The D7000 routine I will try but controls are different to the D800E.

However: reading the manual (horror) I see that with Mup set then whatever exposure is set upto 30 secs and fractional seconds when the shutter button is fired just once the camera will automatically fire the shutter after 30s giving the set exposure time.

I've tried this untethered and it works fine. AF and metering are not functional during this operation.

Off to have a play and see if there's a similar work-round for the D800E


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If I understand it correctly, the lack of support for Mirror Lock is a Nikon issue and not something that BYN can implement without Nikon first making it possible.

I have had good luck using Planetary mode to shoot hi-res lunar images. With my Canon I shoot about 800 frames of a portion of interest and let RegiStax stack the best 10% of them.  If I want the entire visible disk, I repeat that as necessary and then assemble the mosaic with RegiStar.  I am just describing this because it may be a way around to your issue.

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