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LENR staying on with BYN after it has been disabled in the camera



I got a Nikon D90 and going thru the trial. Got my LENR off in the camera. However, I am setting a plan with 13 second exposures and BYN keeps acting as if the LENR is on, meaning, double delay inbetween shots. Anything I should toogle in settings?



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BYN does not set or clear LENR in either Canon or Nikon cameras. You have to enable or disable it via the camera's menus before connecting the camera to BYN.

The delay that you are seeing is most likely the time it takes for BYN to download the captured image from the camera to the PC. The delay will be fairly constant, regardless of the exposure time since it depends on factors like the quality of the cable, other USB traffic to/from the PC, additional load on the PC, and the speed of the PC. You can test this by setting BYN to save the image to the camera's SD card, rather than download the image to the PC. This should happen much faster than downloading and would show that LENR is actually off.

You could also lengthen the exposure to 1 minute. If the time between exposures stays the same then you would have confirmation that LENR is turned off.

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thanks again, astroman, but nothing seem to work. LENR is defintely off in the camera. Manually or even my intervelometer works fine, no delays. BYN keeps reading as ON. I have already unstalled and installed again, and tested now in my desktop. NO sucess.
the delay is exactly as if the LNER were on. If I do a 30 sec exposure I get a 30sec delay.
Maybe is the USB cable or something, but unfortunately no sucess here on my trial so far.

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If the BYN installer did not reported any errors, then uninstalling and re-installing it will not fix anything. This is usually a waste of time and can only complicate your situation.

The Nikon SDK is very sensitive to USB issues, so if you are using a short, known good, USB cable and BYN is able to connect to the camera then that is unlikely to be your issue.

If you are sure that LENR is off in the camera, then your issue is not due to LENR. If you take a 1 minute exposure, do you get a 1 minute delay between exposures?

You say that "BYN keeps reading as ON". The meaning of this is not clear to me. What is reading "ON"? An annotated screenshot may be useful to help us see what you are seeing.

The D90 is a 12 MP camera, so with a good USB cable and no contention for USB bandwidth or PC resources downloading an image from the camera to the PC should take less than 5 seconds. What is the CPU speed, operating system, and memory capacity of your test PC?

It may be possible that it takes longer than expected to download an image because the image data is being tested by your anti-virus software. As a test you could temporarily disable that A/V software. If the delay mostly goes away then you would need to find a way to whitelist BYN with your A/V software so that the download image files are not tested.

I hope this helps.

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