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Issues with 3.1.4



I am imaging with a 500D (T1i) camera and ran into a couple of issues with 3.1.4 last week. I had not imaged since August 2014, using 3.1.0, and had with no issues with that version at all. 


The first issue last week was that the camera information window (and the display on the back of the camera) would not update to reflect the values, ISO, shutter speed, etc input in the capture plan area. Images were taken at the initial settings. This does seem to be an issue with the SDK since once I copied the Canon folder from 3.1.3 into 3.1.4, everything worked perfectly.  Hopefully anyone else who runs into this issue will do the same until the issue is corrected. 


The second issue, which also occurs in 3.1.3 and maybe back to 3.1.1, is that my file names are set up to include the temperature. This works fine for my lights and darks, but no temperature shows in the file name when I take a flat or bias (using TV mode). There is an error message in the log below at 2015-09-23 14:07:24,911 that may or may not be associated with the issue.  No such error occurs when imaging lights.  This unfortunately prevents me from temperature matching my biases in my bias library to my lights or flats. 


Excerpt of log file:


2015-09-23 14:07:13,001 [4] INFO  - Task 'ProcessCapture' was sent to server for processing, response was 'Queued for processing at 23/09/2015 2:07:13 PM'

2015-09-23 14:07:17,338 [Main] INFO  - -----------------------------------
2015-09-23 14:07:17,338 [Main] INFO  - Application state changed: 'ImageCapture'
2015-09-23 14:07:17,369 [Main] INFO  - Imaging session completed successfully
2015-09-23 14:07:17,401 [Main] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: ImageQuality         = 'IMAGE_RAW'
2015-09-23 14:07:17,401 [Main] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: MirrorLock           = 'Off'
2015-09-23 14:07:23,491 [backgroundWorkerPolling] INFO  - C:\Users\Leslie\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\BackgroundWorker\task-acf988dd-c732-4e58-ba66-5ba701d3b50c-callback.dat
2015-09-23 14:07:24,864 [backgroundWorkerPolling] INFO  - BackgroundWorker INFO: Return task ProcessCapture(acf988dd-c732-4e58-ba66-5ba701d3b50c)
2015-09-23 14:07:24,864 [backgroundWorkerPolling] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: SensorTemperature    = ''
2015-09-23 14:07:24,864 [backgroundWorkerPolling] INFO  - FLAT_1600_Tv1-45s_00002.CR2
2015-09-23 14:07:24,911 [Main] ERROR - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
2015-09-23 14:07:24,911 [Main] ERROR -    at BinaryRivers.Common.MessageBusArgs.CameraPropertyChangedArgs.get_IsNotSupported()
   at BinaryRivers.Controls.Centers.CameraInformationCenter.Timer1Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
2015-09-23 14:07:36,096 [Main] DEBUG - ButtonPlus_MouseClick(btnConnect = 'Disconnect')
Any help or ideas to try out would be appreciated. 
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Using my T5i and BYE 3.1.4, I duplicated your issue with the temperature field missing from the file name for flats and biases, but not for the other frame times.  Wierd, but to me it seems like a bug.


As far as your issue with the SDK, I think that you have done all you can do.  Canon does not "support" the SDK and there is no mechanism for reporting problems with it.  Pretty ugly.  Not only that they appear to be behind in releasing a version of the SDK to North America that includes support for the T6i and T6s. I am guessing that the version that is supplied with BYE 3.1.4 (SDK version is from Europe/Asia. Well, a new version has been released for them (3.2.1) so perhaps it includes a fix.

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this is odd.  I did upgrade the SDK in 3.1.4 to support new models but there is no documentation that indicates some older models were dropper form the newer sdk.  However, if it works with the 3.1.3 canon folder copied in 3.1.4 to does mean something of that nature.  I'll see what I can find.


In the meantime can you please send me the entire log file, instructions here.

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Thank you both for looking into this matter.  I have forwarded the log files as requested. As far as the SDK issue is concerned, I can live with copying the Canon folder every time a new version is released. Hopefully the temperature issue is an easy problem to diagnose and fix.  If not I can make a set of biases for every imaging session so that I know the temps are close. 



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Unfortunately there is not a general agreement on the temperatures of bias frames - I have read both that the temperature does not matter and that it should be within 10 degrees C of the lights and flats. As I use bad pixel maps and biases instead of dark subtraction in calibration, I have chosen to make the temperatures of my biases close to those of my flats and lights. 



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