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Upgrade 3.1.16 to latest version ?



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In general they include 1) changes to the list of supported cameras, 2) bug fixes, 3) new features, 4) performance improvements. The upgrade is free!

The following were copied and pasted from the author-created release notes for the releases of BYE newer than 3.1.16. They are also viewable from the Downloads pages elsewhere on this site.

What's New in Version 2019-02-22 (3.1.17) 

Released March 18, 2020

CHANGE: Canon SDK 3.9.10 update
CHANGE: DCRaw update
CHANGE: Splash screen performance start-up. 
CHANGE: Removed limit of 1000 loops in imaging mode.
CHANGE: Reordered the ASCOM panels to Telescope, Focuser, FilterWheel (Premium version).
CHANGE: Removed ASCOM Platform 5.5 references.
CHANGE: KMTronic and SMAKN serial cable support
CHANGE: License information moved to registry
CHANGE: Removed Canon215 drivers
NEW: Canon 200D support
NEW: Canon 4000D/T100 support
NEW FEATURE: Ability to open image file location from thumbnail (Premium version).
NEW FEATURE: Ability to filter Exif data inside the Exif viewer window.
NEW FEATURE: Ability to purge log files, default is 3 months.
BUG FIX: Selected Thumbnail visual cue.
BUG FIX: Capture plan item reset when exposure set to 0.
BUG FIX: Window resizing issue introduced in BYE 3.1.12.
BUG FIX: 6DMkII mirror lockup.


What's New in Version 2019-12-22 (3.1.18)

Released August 5, 2020

NEW FEATURE: Canon EOS-R support
NEW FEATURE: Canon EOS-RP support
NEW FEATURE: EOS-M50 support
NEW FEATURE: Canon T7 support
NEW FEATURE: Canon 90D support
NEW FEATURE: Canon 250D / SL3 support added (work in progress - live view not working yet)
NEW FEATURE: Ability to set a delay as absolute "Start At" time.  Enter 20:00:00 to start the plan at 8pm.
NEW FEATURE: Ability to add slashes in file name template for dynamic subfolder support.
NEW FEATURE: Pegasus Powerbox weather provider added.
NEW FEATURE: Added +/- button to zoom in/out image.
NEW FEATURE: Added horizontal/vertical image flip.
NEW FEATURE: CR3 image decoder
CHANGE: PREMIUM: Capture plan has 10 rows by default with the ability to add plan rows at run time.
CHANGE: CLASSIC: Capture plan has 20 rows.
CHANGE: Capture plan image type (LIGHT/DARK/etc) now part individual line item; you will be asked to cover/uncover the telescope when required.
CHANGE: Capture plan now has better scrolling, including mouse wheel.
CHANGE: Park Telescope link now right justified
CHANGE: Extra logging.
CHANGE: Dithering every x frames increased from 10 to 999
CHANGE: Image thumbnail scroll refactoring
CHANGE: Updated Canon SDK 13.11.00
CHANGE: exiftool version 11.73 upgrade
CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope DEC slew range fixed
CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope slew scale (advance settings)
CHANGE: Canon 250D live zoombox refactoring (attempt to fix live view not working)
BUG FIX: Removed weather provider com port auto-detect due to port denied issues.
BUG FIX: Minor issue displaying Tooltips
BUG FIX: Minor issue with text control.
BUG FIX: Fixed plan pull down data issue introduced in RC1
BUG FIX: Canon EOS-RP bulb dial mode is now registered properly.
PERFORMANCE: Significant performance increase at application start up.
PERFORMANCE: Moving planetary jpgs images (instead of copy/delete)

What's New in Version 2020-08-05 (3.2.0)

Released December 3, 2020

NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Default plan load at start up if plan name default.txt exist.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope SLEW to target.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope CENTER on target (PLATE SOLVING).
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) ASTAP Plate Solver integration.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from Telescopius URL.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC target name from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC from connected telescope.
NEW FEATURE: Added DARK_FLAT option in imaging session plan.
NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 850D / T8i support
NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 1D C support
CHANGE: Canon SDK 13.12.31 update
CHANGE: Serial cable test button moved closer to cable support pulldown.
CHANGE: Mirror lock field in capture plan is now hidden. See advance setting to enable it.
CHANGE: Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 update.
CHANGE: Structure Map IoC container update (attempt to fix install issues in BYE 3.1.18).
CHANGE: ASCOM dithering aggressiveness minor changes. May require that you adjust your aggressiveness setting.
CHANGE: ASCOM dither extra logging.
CHANGE: EULA update on install
CHANGE: Removed license fingerprint validation
CHANGE: ASTAP plate solve JPG priority over RAW.
CHANGE: Disabled enforceFIPSPolicy in .net config file.
BUG FIX: Save to card on some model was not working properly
BUG FIX: Abort not working when invalid plan detected
BUG FIX: Powerbox weather provider bug fix.
BUG FIX: Decimal parsing issue (attempt to fix 250D live view).
BUG FIX: RA/DEC rounding issue when = 60
BUG FIX: Parsing issue; comma vs period as decimal in some rare cases.
BUG FIX: 5x liveview zoom.
BUG FIX: Minor bug fix to address rare key not validating
BUG FIX: Canon EOS R/Ra BULB dial mode.
BUG FIX: Canon 250D / SL3 live view bug fix
BUG FIX: Canon 850D live view bug fix

What's New in Version 2020-12-03 (3.2.1)

Released Thursday at 04:17 PM

CHANGE: Support for TLS 1.2 protocol for license validation
CHANGE: Added logging for trial key validation 
CHANGE: Removed forcing trial key license validation to use the latest release only
CHANGE: Plate solve extra logging
CHANGE: Telescope coordinates updated after slew/sync 
CHANGE: Canon EOS R6 support
CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope extra logging
CHANGE: Canon EOS R5 support
CHANGE: Canon EOS M200 support
BUG FIX: Rare out of memory error when loading images

What's New in Version 2021-03-09 (3.2.2)

Released March 10

3.2.2 2021-03-09

NEW FEATURE: Support for EOS M50m2
NEW FEATURE: Added support for serial cable SMAKN LCUS-1 HEX for BULB.
CHANGE: Canon SDK 13.13.00 update
CHANGE: Added 5x live view support for EOS R/Ra
BUG FIX: 4k DPI resolution.

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